I’m pleased to announce another guest post by Kulak, who you may know from the gun control series. As always, the quote blocks are my own. 

NOTE: An earlier version of this story miscredited Cooper for this piece. My apologies to Kulak.

Everybody’s likely heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by now. If you haven’t, it’s a gay normie game whereby you try to tie any actor you can mention to Kevin Bacon in six or less co-starring roles—the shortest path to Kevin Bacon, if you will. It’s a reference to the claim of ‘six degrees of separation’, which posits that any two people are six or less acquaintance links apart, ironically applied to Hollywood, a small, incestuous club (run by Jews) that you aren’t allowed in.

Likewise, if you haven’t heard about the Sandinistas (aka FSLN), you’ve been living under a rock. The QRD (quick rundown) for these guys is that in 1979, a bunch of disaffected communist guerrillas in shithole Nicaragua got sick of their country’s leader, an American sycophant and plantation enthusiast named Samoza, and overthrew his ass, instituting a ‘revolutionary government’ under Daniel Ortega. This was heavily backed by Angolans, Cubans, and Soviets. US President Jimmy Carter was rather buddy-buddy with this lot of commies, to nobody’s surprise, but all that ended when Ronnie “Raygun” Reagan took office and got really pissed off that there were a bunch of fucking communists in his back yard.

Or pretended to as part of his image. Or maybe was because his (((handlers))) were being financially squeezed.

Subsequently, the CIA became narco-traffickers in large quantities of cocaine so that they had the cash to covertly arm another group of peasants, the Contras, to fight the commies. That gave rise to ‘The Cocaine Epidemic’ and the equally tragic ‘crack baby’ phenomenon in the US, and the Iran-Contra scandal featuring Colonel Oliver North and the Clintons, and ultimately to Escobar (a CIA supplier), cartels and the Drug Wars. Looking at it now, it’s so crazy you can’t make this shit up and it really gives a whole new meaning to an anti-drug slogan from the time: “This is your brain on drugs.” (part of a campaign organized by Ronnie’s wife, Nancy, no less).

A meme from YeGate.

Yet Kevin Bacon and the Sandinistas are only tangential to the story I am about to tell you. It starts in June of 2020, at the start of the BLM riots during the Covid lockdowns, which is generally remembered as a CAT3 Chimpout event, CAT4 being ‘South Africa’ and CAT5 ‘Planet of the Apes’. Anyway, in that month it came to light that a particular individual named Susan Rosenberg was sitting on the board of directors of an NGO named Thousand Currents (or 1000C) and that said NGO was supplying BLM with large amounts of cash. What activated the almonds of a select few people, is Susan’s résumé.

Susan Rosenberg

You see, Susan was a rather prolific arsonist, kidnapper, extortionist, bank robber and murderer. Apart from being a Jewess, she self-described as a lesbian-feminist-Marxist-militant (hopefully, a special Plane of Hell is reserved). Susan joined the May 19 Communist Organization (M19) in the 1970’s. M19 supplied weapons to and acted in an advisory capacity for the Black Liberation Army (BLA), the forerunner to the BLM and what is popularly known as the ‘Black Panthers’.

Apart from so-called black emancipation, it sought a revolutionary overthrow of the “White Imperialist government”, and in doing so, allegedly also received support from the Angolan communists and ANC (the ‘African National Congress’) of Nelson Mandela fame, who were fighting their own judeo-revolution against the South Africans during that time.

In a shocking twist, Nelson Mandela was yet another Hebrew Housenigger.


She was also active with the Weather Underground Organization (WUO), a communist terrorist organization with a goal “to create a revolutionary party to overthrow American imperialism”, which started a bombing campaign in 1975. Incidentally, Weather Underground now refers to a weather app, which was bought by IBM in 2016, as it’s apparently kosher to name your software company after a contemporary terrorist organization.

Susan made the FBI’s Most Wanted List by the age of 29, suspected of being an accomplice in the 1979 jailbreak of Joanne Chesimard, a BLA member who was serving a life sentence for the murder of Jersey state troopers, and who is still wanted by the FBI. Susan was also sought for her role in a Brinks robbery that claimed the lives of two police officers and a security guard. I could write a book just about Susan Rosenberg, M19, WUO, the Black Panthers and the communist pseudo-revolutionary fervor, violence and hundreds of bombings that underscored the “peaceful Cultural Revolution” of the 1960’s through 1990’s, but luckily, I don’t have to. For a primer on the subject, I’d recommend the normie-friendly but generally accurate Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence by Bryan Burrough.

In 2001, Susan was enjoying her 16th year of incarceration at a federal facility after being convicted on weapons and explosives charges (the rest of the aforementioned charges being plead down) out of a 58-year sentence. When out of the blue, good ol’ Bill Clinton pardoned her along with 139 prisoners, on his last in office, no less. Because of course he did!

Conservative Daily Post:

“The list of those pardoned reads like a who’s who of movie villains. Charges that Clinton used his power to dismiss include drug trafficking, cocaine smuggling, tax fraud, tax evasion, mail fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice, bank fraud, Medicaid fraud, embezzlement, grand theft, bomb-making, sedition, and domestic terrorism.” 

Nineteen years later, and after writing a book about her exploits, Susan found herself on the board of directors at 1000C [Thousand Currents]. And 1000C was funding BLM to the tune of millions, at a time when widespread rioting was breaking out. Considering her experience with the BLA, it’s no surprise that we find Ms. Rosenberg in an advisory and governance role in support of BLM at the time. You’re not going to find any of that information now, as their site has been scrubbed clean, but fortunately, a group of autists from 4chan who were on the ball, archived all that shit, including financial statements. You can look it up yourself.

Enter Weathergate. This was the title for a run of ‘Generals’ or topic-specific threads on /pol/ that not only dove into what I was writing about above but started looking at the relationships between the people and organizations involved, because Bill Clinton pardoning a communist terrorist who advised and equipped the BLA, who then ended up advising and paying BLM, was just a little too out of the ordinary. What Weathergate evolved into was an applied Social Network Analysis (SNA) deep dive into these actors and their groups and inferring how and/or why they were related.

SNA is a rather sophisticated analytical technique, “…the art and science of extracting valuable hidden insights from vast amounts of semi-structured and unstructured social media data to enable informed and insightful decision making”. It results in visualizations of mountains of data in hub and spoke graphs. The hubs being nodes, which can be people, places, groups or things (actors), connected to other nodes through spokes or edges, which is a measure of velocity or correlation between nodes. These node-edge chains form clusters of various shapes and configurations and infer correlation between actors, a formalization of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, if you will. For instance, using some of the actors from above, simplistic 2D representations could be:

Natalie Portman–Gary Oldman–Kevin Bacon or Cartels–CIA–White House–Contras or Ronald Reagan–Oliver North–Pablo Escobar

In trying to map these relationships between actors, the Weathergate anons quickly found that much of this information that they needed to populate these SNA graphs is hard to get at best and understandably so.

Honestly I’ve tried, but I don’t think the channers are quite up to the task of sophisticated graphing and other analysis. Below is the first thing I saw when I clicked on the archived link. The text was initially legible, but I needed to make it smaller for this site.

And as for hard to get, preach. It is amazingly difficult to find information on what NGOs are important, who’s in them, etcetera. In this country, Canada, it’s next to impossible to find a picture of any judge online. 

Until they found Discover The Networks and other systems like it. Discover the Networks provides a database of actors and their relationships in a searchable format. Searching for Antifa, for instance, nets a detailed article on Antifa and 67 connections to other actors, including individuals and organizations. Some of the connections are spurious (and therefore would have a “low velocity” as an edge or spoke). For example, Colin Kaepernick condemned the Rittenhouse verdict, which was due to an incident during a BLM/Antifa riot, which connects him to Antifa, but only loosely so. Some of the connections are strong (high edge value) such as Antifa physically supporting BLM during rioting.

Most importantly, what the Weathergate crew immediately noticed is a series of NGOs being represented over and over again in the data, and with high edge values. For Antifa, The Ford Foundation comes up (relation to Henry Ford) and low an behold, we learn that Antifa had received $1.2M from the Ford Foundation while they state: “This Antifa network serves the Ford Foundation’s goal of ‘disrupting systems to advance social justice.’” What began as “why is Clinton friendly with an ex-terrorist”, also became “who’s paying for all this?”.

Henry Ford was a great man. What has been done to his foundation is disgusting, and was done intentionally by (((the usual suspects))). 

Many of the household-name “social justice” groups are indeed well funded. Antifa have received millions in funding and my back-of-the-cocktail-napkin calculations for BLM are well in excess of 100 million US dollars, but I’ve seen figures as large as $1B.

The typical number cited is actually $2 billion. 

What Weathergate amply demonstrated is that there is nothing “organic” or “grassroots” about any of these organizations. In fact, if the media is describing something as “grassroots”, you can bet the opposite is true. Take Occupy Wall Street, for example. Largely assumed to be an organic movement (even by myself at one point), it was financed by the Hunt Family Foundation (among others) and it counts among its founders Leah Hunt-Hendrix, heiress of the Hunt fortune and a chum of Patrisse Cullors, the latter of BLM-founding fame. A case of a 1%’er leading a controlled opposition movement against the 1%.

Leah Hunt-Hendrix

This is where 1000C [Thousand Currents] comes in again as well as ActBlue Charities. Both of these “charities” act as a sort of clearing houses for anti-White funding. While 1000C’s balance sheet shows they only contributed a few hundred thousand to BLM directly, the bulk of their donations are flow-through money from other NGOs: NoVo Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy funneling a cool 1.7 mil though 1000C for openers. Later in October 2020, another reported $66.5M blew through 1000C directly to BLM.

ActBlue is even crazier. Apart from donating $119M to the Joe Biden for president campaign, it’s almost impossible to determine how many tens of millions went to BLM, but I’d estimate $25M to $41M as being a reasonable estimate and that figure could realistically exceed $100M. Their donors include, but aren’t limited to Apple, Disney, Nike, Amazon and the Cast of Usual Suspects as well as the public at large. Considering one of BLM’s stated aims was to “remove Trump from office”, while they were receiving funds from ActBlue, which was also funding Trump’s opposition, Biden, this story got very little airtime and zero scrutiny from financial regulators or the law, the reasons for this being obvious and All So Tiresome.

Agreeing with BLM for the wrong reasons…

Apparently, this is all legal. Furthermore, the negro-lesbian-Marxist Cullors and her ‘spouse’ (another negro-lesbian-Marxist, which I believe got shot in the head) reportedly embezzled a shitload of cash from BLM and spent it all in record time and fashion, once again proving the axiom “nigger rich”.

Patrisse Cullors “spouse” is fellow BLM lez Janaya Khan. She was never shot. However, Cullors did embezzle BLM funds and resigned in 2021. Also, Cullors has a child with a man, so who even knows what’s going on with this part time muffdiver.

I won’t bore you with tales of alleged malfeasance as you can imagine what happened to most of this cash, but whatever you can imagine won’t be nearly as bad as what actually happened to it.

You can imagine that these capitalist-globalist charities and companies that were sending all this money to BLM wanted at least some oversight of their funds, under the perfectly reasonable assumption that they didn’t want ALL of their money to disappear in a drug-fueled nigger spending spree, and that’s where I think the Rosenberg creature came into the picture. She’s listed on the 1000C board page as “Human and Prisoner Rights Advocate and Writer” and she “…has worked extensively as a strategic consultant in organizational development with a focus on human rights, international development and criminal justice reform”.

In effect, given her background, it is a safe assumption that her mission at 1000C was to school the nascent BLM in the finer points of being anti-White pseudo-revolutionaries and in doing so, provide some measure of investor confidence and oversight to the upstream funding groups. Who better than a Jewish-lesbian-Marxist-terrorist who’s buddies with all the right people to look after your Golems?

With enough digging at Discover the Networks while following the money, you will see that the data starts to dry up around the late 1960’s and 1970s or so. Not that there aren’t any examples of organizations and funding from before this time, but if I were running Discover the Networks, I’d start entering data from the present day backwards, as they did, and making entries for long forgotten social justice groups from the 1950’s isn’t worth my time.

What we can infer from this is that the process of funding this type of (((activism))) has been going on for a long time, since before the “Cultural Revolution.” It would be reasonable to assume that any ideologically aligned group, no matter how crazy, should be assumed to have received funding from these networks, until proven otherwise. Basically, if you start a group and slap ‘green’, ‘black’, ‘socialist’ or ‘justice’ in the name, these guys are like an ATM you can draw millions from, on demand. You may have to suffer the prying eyes and some lectures from a wizened Jewish “expert” in your field, but you can also steal money and spend it on whatever you want and it’s not like you’ll get in trouble or have to pay it back, or anything.

Meanwhile, if you have a right-aligned cause, like fighting the communists that have taken over your nation, you’re shit out of luck, pal. You’d better hope you can convince the CIA to start a drug epidemic so that they can launder funds to buy you guns and ammo. You’ll also have to deal with not-fun and altogether too serious CIA advisors and special ops types, who will tell you what to do and how to spend the money. And if you dare steal any of it, they’ll hunt you down and kill your family. An altogether different experience than the progressives have. That brings up an interesting point. Who was the CIA funding when they started the opioid epidemic with the invasion of Afghanistan in the 2000s?

To the extent that there were ever any “right-wing” paramilitaries funded by Ronald “I’m an Actor LOL” Reagan, they weren’t pro-White, pro-Family types, but rather “we’ll let you exploit the natural resources of this economic zone” types, as Cooper alludes to with Samoza.

I should also note that I don’t call myself right wing, nor these people left wing. Just like I covered recently with IGN, you’ll find that the most “left-wing” organizations all seem to support the genocide of those Palestinian Goyim. Weird.

Lastly, the same names kept coming up over and over again. The Clintons and their various foundations have their fingers in everything and everyone, to no one’s surprise. They are a few degrees separated from anything you care to look up, as are the Obamas. George Soros is also a fan fave at Discover the Networks as is his Open Societies Foundation. They’re big spenders too. Ford, Kellogg, Tides and some big international unions and ‘worldwide socialist organizations’ round out the top 10.

Oddly enough, another one that kept appearing as a connection to almost anything, deserves mention: Nicaragua Network (or NN). “Describing itself as ‘a U.S. national network of 200 local sister city, solidarity, fair trade, and environmental justice groups,” the Nicaragua Network (NN) — originally known as the as the National Network in Solidarity with the People of Nicaragua – is a lobbying organization that was established in February 1979…NN’s mission is to advocate for “sound U.S. foreign policies that respect human rights and international law,” and to “provid[e] information and organizing tools to solidarity, sister city, and peace and justice activists’ across the U.S. and worldwide”. Sound familiar?

What I found in 2 seconds of googling. You can find the Discover the Networks page on them here.

That’s because with few wording changes, that’s nearly the same mission statement as Antifa’s and BLM’s. Further, I’d estimate that NN is between 2 degrees and 5 degrees separated from any modern group on Discover the Networks, taking into account that I haven’t mapped out the entire dataset. Guess who else NN is affiliated with? Their mission statement continues: “…to support the efforts of the [Marxist] Sandinista Revolution”. This makes any modern or historical person or organization in that network, Six Degrees of Sandinistas.

Another great piece by Kulak, although I’ll add that I’m sure that every serious (((right-wing))) group is also just six degrees of separation from the Sandinistas. That’s the thing with the kosher sandwich. You can have extremist anti-White pedo movements, and they’ll be extremely well funded. If you want the (((Democracy Class))) to consider giving you some money, then you need to promise to do all the same shit, but also let international finance come in to rape the people. Although we’re seeing “left-wing” groups just be overt pro-war corporate whores these days, so I think even that fake option isn’t on the table.

But seriously, it is amazing how much money these NGO’s and “charities” have access to. 

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  1. Great article, and provides much food for thought. It is almost like government provides a cover for these NGOs and their activities. Government blablabla is designed to distract and confuse the gullible goyim.

    The reality is that one must pull back the government curtain to see how things actually work in this society!

    And lastly, that Rosenberg – wow, what a boss. No wonder the tribe runs everything.

    1. The government? The enemy might have subverted the government but that is only a part of the problem.

  2. Fantastic article, just a small potential issue, the image under the funding amounts that BLM reads says they the riots caused $2 billion worth of damage not that they were funded to $2 billion which is what the text under the image seems to imply, just wanted to bring this to your attention.

    1. Ah, good catch.

  3. I for one, would like to see rosenburg facially skinned Sinaloa cartel style, alot of these people need face skinned. Usually takes them awhile to die from it too.

  4. Pretty good rundown. Just one thing, the opioid epidemic started years before Afghanistan was invaded by ZOG. The Sacklers and other pharma kikes already had millions hooked on OxyContin by the early 00s.

  5. Great article.

  6. I would have sided with the Sandinistas since they are against JOG.

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