New York Post:

The lawyer for a Manhattan hospital worker accused of taking a Citi Bike from a young black man — who claimed that he paid for the two-wheeler — provided receipts that he says show she was the one who purchased the ride at the center of the viral incident.

For those of you who don’t know the backstory, a pregnant White Woman was accused of going up to a bunch of Black Yoofs and stealing their bike, all while pretending that she was being mugged. 

I know that’s retarded, I’m just passing on the claim. These are the people who still unironically believe that Jussie Smollett got holocausted by KKK member in MAGA hats in downtown Chicago who put a noose over his neck and sprinkled a little bleach on him.

These are the same people who, like BLM Toronto founder Yusra Khogali, claim that their skin of blackness downloads knowledge directly from the sun. 

As one of many videos claiming the same thing, here’s this one from “FinestTrends.” 

Search for “Sarah Jane Comrie,” on YouTube, and almost all of the top results are still anti-White slanders of her.

That even includes this one from New York Post, although they at least put the “allegedly” part in there. 

What the video shows, to anyone with functioning eyes and brain, is a terrified White Woman breaking down and crying as she is assaulted by a gang of blacks who are trying to steal her bike, pointing cameras in her face and flexing their black privilege on her. It was obvious that a pregnant White Woman did not end her shift at a hospital, only to spot a gang of Yoofs of Colour, who mysteriously only had one E-bike between the lot of them, and decide to steal it from them. That is too preposterous of a claim to take seriously, and it has now been debunked because, of course, she has proof that she bought the bike. 

This hasn’t stopped the antifas and BLMers from trying to get her fired, and while they haven’t quite accomplished that, her hospital has put her on a leave of absence. I can’t find any confirmation that it’s unpaid leave, but whatever the case it’s punishment for her being the victim of not just assault, but then slander afterwards.

As for what Blax Twitter was saying, user Ichyths curated a long list of the anti-White vitriol. All credit for these screencaps goes to him.

It reminds me of the gloating that they did after Darrell Brooks murdered six White People in Waukesha.

This one bitch in particular, Monique Judge, will come up again later.

Always remember. Elon Musk censors us on twatter, but let’s these people openly say things like “man I hate HyWhyte Peeeepol.” 

And of course they’re trying to get her fired. Truly, this is how oppressed people behave. 

I don’t think I need to provide any more commentary. The content speaks for itself. 

As for Monique Judge, she was one of the leading anti-White slanderers coming out of the gates.

And of course, she’s doubling down.


Nearly a week after the video of her dispute with several Black young men over a Citi Bike went viral, people have not stopped talking about Sarah Jane Comrie. 

The situation with “Citi Bike Karen,” as she has come to be known, has been endlessly debated across social media, and there are opinions on both sides of the issue. 

While many are rightfully calling out her hysterical, antagonistic, and demonstrably racist behavior, a very loud and vocal contingent is spewing racist hatred while contorting themselves to try and frame her as the victim in the situation. 

She was literally the victim of robbery, assault, slander, and has suffered employment consequences for all of this. But to even respond is to privilege this anti-White hate propaganda. Again, these are the types who still pretend that Jussie Smollett really did get lynched. 

People like Monique Judge are just non-uniformed enemy combatants. The only truth they care about is that they have been given opportunities to harm White People.

Sarah Jane Comrie should pull a Rittenhouse/Sandman and sue all of the propaganda rags who slandered her. There are no shades of grey here. There are evil anti-White people with delusional beliefs, and a pregnant White Woman who was victimized by them.

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  1. Betcha the talented Ms. Comrie starts driving to work.

    1. Traffic trannies would do anything but admit that shit like this prevents people from riding bikes. How’s that for enforcing car dependency?

    2. It’s NYC — she works at Bellevue — there is no free parking, and parking rates in NYC are generally high — on one trip years ago, I paid just as much to leave my rental car in a nearby garage ($80/day) as I did for my small hotel room (the room was cheap because it was small, not that nice, and without its own bathroom) — driving in NYC is simply not a reasonable alternative for most people.

      She may use a rental bike to avoid the subway — another recent story out of NYC clearly shows why people would want to avoid the subway, especially a pregnant white woman.

    3. Niggers are evil and malicious beyond words – but my issue is with ALL the sick, vile, deranged Whites ready and willing to stab her in the back. They are WORSE.

    4. She and her husband are probably going to have to LEAVE Jew York Shitty. They’ll be driving OUT.

  2. No surprises here.

  3. What has happened to her is awful, but I am compelled to say that any White person living in New York at this stage has to have some sort of mental disorder.
    You’re living in a jewish playground surrounded by shitskin infested ghettos. Get the fuck out.

  4. When they say this shit, when they lie, they do not know they are lying as they do not understand what truth is, they do not have that capability,they keep lying after the truth has been shown, because they have no idea what truth is, only what is useful for them and what is not(in their own subhuman minds). Of course what they think is good for their position is usually, notwithstanding jewish tricks, very bad for them, as people that have a functioning brain and know what truth is see this and it shows them how stupid and evil they are.

    In this case as there are electronic records that will confirm she was right, they will just have to forget this for a few years until a new generation of retarded subhuman liars rediscovers it and starts pretending their narrative is true again. Just like the negro that got lynched after trying to rape a white women, wait a while and then start claiming ‘he wuz a gud boi, he dindunuffin’ many years later(and with the help of jewish power) .

    These tricks will not go on forever, i’m so very happy that this is going to end and possibly within my lifetime. 110 and never again except it will be ‘never again’ because they are gone, wiped from existence.

    1. >when they lie

      More like jumping to conclusions and being exceptionally credulous due to their open malice — these people are stupid scum, but attentive enough to have absorbed the established narrative about all Whites being racist and enjoying ‘privilege’ via an ‘institutionally racist’ system, so they are ready, willing, and able to believe the worst about individual Whites, no matter the circumstances.

      That said, some will continue to push or believe the (initial) lie no matter what — after Rittenhouse was acquitted, I saw several interviews with people who believed he was on trial for shooting black protesters — where did they get that idea? — from the way the media framed and lied by omission about what happened.

      It was always absurd that a pregnant white woman would, alone, attempt to take a bike from young black males — does that make any sense at all? — I mean what the fuck, it is ridiculous beyond belief.

      But these malevolent cretins who are piling on this woman believed it because they want, even need, to believe the worst about Whites — especially Blacks need to be able to scapegoat Whites for the obvious problems within their own ethnic group.

      This incident reminded me of the kid from the catholic HS in Covington and the way the media treated him.

      Where is the evidence of good will toward Whites coming from non-whites? — ask any white racial fence-sitters this question, and remind them Whites in the US are set to become a minority in about 20 years — then what?

      Hopefully white men are paying close attention to all of this.

      1. Occasionally lawyers can be useful:
        [I created this account so individuals can tag me as to defamatory statements/videos made against Ms. Comrie. I’m looking for comments labeling Ms. Comrie a: 1) Karen; 2) racist; and/or 3) thief. Also, videos referencing a third party doing the foregoing is also actionable.]

        Lots of people helping him out in the replies — and by including ‘Karen’, he seems to acknowledge that this is racial epithet aimed at white women (which it is of course).

        But I will be surprised if anything comes of this.

        1. Very glad that a lawyer is actually going after this and not self sabotaging . Its even better than i expected. Sure this is not gonna be that huge, the media is gonna run away from this now, but maybe just maybe , they will fuck up again and keep covering it. small victory anyway.

          also i said there was electronic evidence proving her right before i heard about the existence of that evidence, based entirely on logic.

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