My friends, our darkets secrets have been exposed. Afrikanz be the real European Kangz and shieet. This is the real history that HuWhyte Supreemacists don’t want you to know.

When you look at Reil Europeen history. You had Magyars would belieeeeeeve that if they took da bath it was bad. They nnnt even wanna change der clodes. Dey dought dat dirty was purity.

And if only this African Scholar Genius hadn’t been born, we would have gotten away with stealing bathing from Da Blax.

When we talk about dem Moors goin into Spain, and then Europe, the stories in history, our history, told us that when we met the so-called Caucasian, he was sleeping in the barn with animals and we told him ‘no you can’t sleep in the barn with dey animals.’

You hear that, Whitey. Dem Blax Moors be tellin dem so-called Caucasian dat dem barns ain’t be for no sleeping with dem animals. Other than the fact that Moors weren’t black, and never brought civilization to anywhere, it checks out. 

Because dem blackeys be so clean they be washing dem chickenz with detergent. And dat be another thing they brought over to dem so-called Caucasians. Washin dem chickenz with dat laundry detergent.

We taught them etiquette. We daught them running wada. Now we brought that technology to Europe. We brought dat technology to Europe.

Das rite! Das rite and das factual!

Dem Europeenz never had dat runnin wada until dem Negroes carried it over to dem barn sleepers.

Now if we brought dat technology to Europe that saved Europe from the black plague, you mean to tell me that if we saved da White Race we weren’t already in America already, when we brought that technology?

This man is… absolutely correct on that. If it is indeed true that Moors were negroes who brought running water over to the Europeans, then it stands to reason that JeQueerus was already in America and also that Europeans were saved from the black plague. This is a causal chain of pure reasoning, and I see no flaws with any of this.

I for one, am ashamed of the suppression of the magical negro intellect by raceest HuWhyte Supremacists. Imagine how far along our space program would be if these intellectual titans were put in charge. Probably at least into the troposphere by now.

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  1. I honestly don’t know why they put up with us, really. They should just round us all up and put us all on a slow banana boat back to Europe.

  2. I’ve noticed that we never oppress them badly enough – with bottomless welfare and the like – that they pack their stolen luggage and leave for Africa.

  3. Interesting enough there is a battle going on on tick tock between native Americans and niggers. Apparently the Black Israelites have been traveling to Indian reservations and doing their activism. The niggers are claiming that they are the original inhabitants of the Americans and calling the natives frauds.

  4. Can’t wait to hear this guy tell us the history of Wakanda.

  5. You can tell this guy is a fraud. Moors? It’s MOOPS you stupid homo erectus. SMH…

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