It was heartening to see the NJP protests of the anti-White BLM terrorist attack in Waukesha. You can read our piece on that here, and find all of our Waukesha coverage here

In an attempt to not give NJP credit, they were referred to by the Schlomo Owned Wisconsin Senators, one Democrat, one Republican, as “outside actors trying to politicize this tragedy,” when they staged a protest outside the Waukesha Courthouse. You can read about that here

Thanks to TRS, and the TRS forums it has been brought to my attention that Schlomo has a new cuckold team rearing and ready to go. The latest attempt to get out in front of White Advocacy comes in the form of the American Patriot Union, or APU. Yes, they go by APU. 

And here are some pictures from what appears to be their one and only public event, done July 23rd of this year.

That last one is John Doyle. He’s the Radical, Hip, Maybe Even Heterosexual new boy leader of Cuckservatism. I could write an effort post on how much of a fag he is, and I will at some point, but for now just take a look at this.

Yeah it’s as bad as you think it is. He’s Cuckservatism’s Fuentes Replacement as Designated Young White Man Coraller. I’ll admit to having a small chuckle when I look at his face because I can feel The Mixed-Race Mexican American Patriot Child Savior of the White Race seething all the way from here.

We talked about him earlier, and he’s funny for now, but once Fuentes has been farmed for the last smug, gloating chuckle, we should move on to someone actually relevant, like this queer. 

APUs YouTube channel, pictured above, gets around 3k views per video, and their Odysee channel, pictured below, averages less than a single view per video. Yes, you read that correctly, the majority of videos they have created get zero views on Odysee. Zero.

To put that into perspective, below are pictures of our channels, first YouTube, then Odysee. 


And our video channels are complete afterthoughts, since we only use them to supplement articles we’ve written. 

American Populist Union has a twitter account, and it’s nice to see just how lame it truly is. 

They’re going super hard on the cuckservative narrative that the problem with the anti-White BLM terrorist was just that he shouldn’t have gotten $1,000 bail. Of course he shouldn’t have, but if you don’t mention him as a BLM activist who openly talked about doing violence to White People than STFU. 

For reference, our article on him can be seen here. And our video on him is below. 

We’ve also got an actual serious article on the scum who are trying to get him out on bail once again. EDIT: Actually that isn’t on this site.

They’re also attacking Ilhan Omar, who has said things like “America won’t be a country for White Men anymore,” not as anti-White, but as being a meanie little jew basher terrorist sympathizer. And they’re doing this to support Lauren Boebert. The above tweet is ambiguous until you see Boebert’s video, but they’re supporting this bimbo.

Eric Striker had an excellent article on the Conservative Casting Couch, which you can read here. To make a long story short, Lauren Boebert is basically a wannabe porn star who went into politics.

Really serious guys these APUs.

I saw a tiny smidgeon of “anti-white,” in their feed. They don’t capitalize the White of course, and they don’t call Ilhan Omar anti-White. Nor do they call the BLM terrorist who talked about “hitting TF outta white ppl,” online. 

Before continuing, I want to point out that this isn’t just fake and designed to go nowhere, and therefore anti-White, this rhetoric is harmful to White People in and of itself. Saying things like “the justice system is anti-conservative and anti-White,” is worse than simply an attempt to keep white people on the (((conservative plantation))). 

The justice system is anti-White, but when you couple that with absolutely refusing to bring up examples of anti-White discrimination in the justice system, like the no hate crime charges, or even terrorism charges, for the Waukesha BLM terrorist, you make White Advocacy look pathetic, weak, and stupid, which is precisely their goal.

Contrary to a theme you will hear from grifting manlets like Andrew Anglin, or Nicky “Catboi Cock Forever” Fuentes, Cuckservatives mentioning White People is not “based,” or necessarily a sign things are getting better. It does not mean that little Mexican Cucklets who don’t have platforms anymore are somehow pushing the John Doyle’s and Charlie Kirk’s in pro-White directions with their “based” video game streams.

This is a tried and true attempt to get out in front of Whitey’s anger at anti-Whiteness and make sure that goes absolutely nowhere, and that you get nothing. It’s the same for when Kosher-Leftists start talking about something something capitalism. They’re trying to keep people’s anger at billionaires channeled into giving money to them, while going nowhere.

And to the extent anyone “pushed,” Cuckservatives into this, it’s actual heterosexual advocacy, like the NJP demanding hate crime charges for the anti-White attack. 

Having said that, I think I may have been taking these retards way too seriously. After all, the TRS forum goys shoved me in the direction of “APU Chads,” a substack. Below are the pictures of these “Chads”.

I’ve read both their substack articles. Trust me, it’s so much funnier than you even know, but I’m saving that for a second article.

We might have a nice LOLcow to milk after we’ve used up the AIDS ridden CatNat movement.

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  1. Part 1
    It exposes the major impact of TRS and NJP has on the system and its narratives. This ‘APU’ is promoting much of what TRS has been talking about for years, but does so in the form of contradicting platitutdes. As much as APU wants to pretend it is a new flavor of conservatism, it really isn’t any different from the old outside of a slightly spicier rhetoric on Twitter, just like Trump. On the one hand, their twitter complains about the GOP calling healthcare reform ‘communism’, and in the same breath claim ‘attacks on the family’ are a Marxist plot, ignoring the anti-White and deeply zionist supremacist motives. Same old misdirection. They call Illhan Omar ‘anti-white’ and ‘anti-semetic’ which is Laura Loomer-tier rhetoric, proving their main goal is subversion. They complain of Reaganism, but they continue to defend capitalism.

  2. Part 2
    Quote example
    “Countries with the strongest economies are where married couples are remaining childless. Economics isn’t the problem, culture is.”
    Bullshit. It’s both. It’s everything. It’s the entire system and economics are a heavy part of that. Just because Big Line goes up, doesn’t mean the average everyday person sees or feels any of that wealth that they create, especially Whites who are the most productive on every metric. White people put in the most, and recieve the least. Yet again, they say economics isn’t the problem, and also stated
    “The middle class should be able to raise a family in America on a single income.”
    So which is it, APU? Is it not economics? I thought economics was not the problem, then why can’t a millenial breadwinner earn enough to buy a home and feed their family? How can we bring about a system where breadwinners can bring home a living wage? Maybe using economically socialist principles? No, they’ll tell us the government needs to get out of the way of the budding entrepeneurs and vibrant businesses. Less regulation etc. Same old, same old bullshit. It just shows how full of shit these people are. It’s ALL platitudes. Many of which are agreeable, but then later they contradict them. There’s no stable worldview, no intrinsic core goal. It’s just bland conservative empty platitudes. Their header image of them crossing their arms reminds me of Aurini attempting to remake the scene from Reservoir Dogs. These are the same people who attempt to teach us about ‘optics’.

    I’m listening to their videos on their youtube and these utter charaltans are just more limp-wristed liberals putting on the facade of something organic. Their video “Why The Taliban Hate Us” attempts to build upon narratives set by Ron Paul, but it’s bullshit. They say the Taliban doesn’t oppose America because of its values. It does. The Taliban opposes America’s actions and values. It directly states that America is a Zionist system and calls for America and Europe to overthrow Zionism. Why is this not mentioned in the video? The APU states “We Americans have been behaving like the Roman Empire”. GTFO. America doesn’t behave like Rome. It’s a Zionist Supremacist system. Of all the ’empires’ they could have used as a perjorative, they pick Rome. That’s not a coincidence. Judaic revelations prophehcy fears the rise of a ‘New Rome’. It’s their boogeyman because Rome crushed Judea, and every opposition is some fascimile of Fascism or Rome. APU declares
    “No doubt in every instance, America acted out of good and noble motives.”
    Who believes this trash? What good and noble motive justified the airstrikes on Belgrade, or the aid to ISIS? What good and noble motive was there in pressuring Europe to accept refugees, or guard heroin farms in Afghanistan? The problem isn’t ‘Empire-Building’, the problem is how this Empire serves its people. It only serves Zionist Supremacy, and its actions are one of expanding Zionist Supremacy. They say
    “The terrorists are here, because we are over there”
    No, immigration did that. Dancing Israeli’s did that. Of course these Wars for Israel played their part, but this weak libertarian approach is nothing more than platitudes with zero context to the wide-scale system we all live under.
    “Only yesterday, Arab peoples looked upon America as a beacon of hope, a champion of the oppressed, a Light unto the nations.”
    Arab governments backed the Soviet Union, moron, precisely because the US was aiding Israel, and they never viewed America as the leadership in that ‘partnership’. They always saw America as the dog of Israel. These conservatives ALWAYS re-write history and remove any context.
    “Now millions see the United States as an arrogant Empire that flaunts its power, props up corrupt dictatorships and spreads its ungodly culture among their young”
    It props up Israel. Imagine talking about the Taliban, the geo-political context of the middle east, and not once mentioning Israel. NOT ONCE.
    “This recording was an excerpt from the book ‘A Republic, Not an Empire’ by Patrick Buchanan.”
    Conservatives and other liberal pundits really love to quote people from the past. It makes them feel really smart to pull out a quote from someone, and bathe in the intellectual upcummies. Sargon loved doing. I’m not faulting the notion of ‘quotes’ since many great White peoples have said Great Things, but these charlatans attempt to use it to sound wise and legitimate. They’re not. I have never read the book they quote from. Perhaps it does mention the context of Israel, and APU deliberately excised those sections. If it doesn’t, then the book is mostly trash.

    TLDR They called it ‘APU’. Holy shit, these people have no self-awareness.

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