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Canada: PM Trudeau Tells 5 Year Olds to Get Excited for New Vaccine Product

Technically he’s talking to four year olds.

Twatter accounts, and individual tweets, have a habit of getting deleted at a high rate, so I downloaded the above video, and have uploaded it to our BitChute channel, seen below.


Truth be told, I have to ask myself, WTF am I watching. Transcript of what this cuckold says below.

Uuuhm. You’re gonna be able to get your vaccine as soon as you turn five. And I know you’re excited, and I know you’re eager. Uh, in some places across the country you can even start making your appointment now, or shortly after your birthday.

The Canadian Prime Minister just told four year olds to get really excited about new vaccine product and start booking their appointments. Like, he literally told 4 year olds to book the appointment on their birthdays so they can get-

You know what? I honestly can’t finish typing out that sentence. It’s just too weird to me.

If you’re wondering the context, it’s from this video. I installed the Chrome extension that let’s you see dislikes. Of course, comments are disabled.

Canada is a weird place. But then again, the privileged class is retarded worldwide.

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