PF Demo in Washington, DC

And it’s glorious.

Since the term “optics,” has been destroyed by homosexual catboi enthusiasts and meth’d up manlets, I’ll say that I’ve always loved Patriot Front’s aesthetics. Beyond that, although we didn’t cover it here, PF founder and leader, Thomas Rousseau, apparently handled himself extremely well when he was deposed in the Charlottesville Sines vs. Kessler trial. 

Thomas Rousseau, PF Founder

Patriot Front has done quite a few demonstrations. They typically get in, do a march, and get out. I have to say, I like their work quite a bit.

From what I can see, I am not alone in my enjoyment of PF videos. I posted these to our channel, and by the time I had refreshed the page after publishing I already had these comments.

Often our videos don’t get any comments at all, so it’s great to see this immediate outpouring of support for PF. I can’t speak for the long term goals, but I think PF gives me a great vibe for a sort of TWP style activism, but much higher quality in the future. 

Sadly, we did not appear to appease the homosexual catboi enthusiast crowd. 

“As a normal person.”

Of course not. Remember everyone, what working class Americans really want is constantly online Mexican TradHomos to do streams where they look lovingly into the eyes of Australian catboys.

Now THAT’S peak optics.

Now, what do whiny, effeminate conservatives, but I do repeat myself, have to say about this demonstration? Well a bunch of White Men actually went out there and did something, so of course they think they’re feds. They also think they’re all the same height, despite them not all being even remotely the same height.

Our boy oak_tree_upheaval has the correct take.

For more on this demonstration, please visit the Media 2 Rise homepage, located here.

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  1. The shills and conservitards are out in force over this demonstration. I refuse to believe even half of these comments are legitimate organic posters. Most are Israeli intelligence or members of intelligence network of some kind. Some might say “well, aren’t you just NO U’ing in response”. Yes, because people like us and groups like Patriot Front have an actual politicla goal, with simple truth principles. We don’t drop breadcrumbs and and initiate scavenger hunts for information. We don’t horde some ‘secret knowledge’ and bemoan people for not knowing what we know. Look at this galaxy brain take from this shill:
    @BaronPaquan: “what’s the endgame?
    @Christo_Gnarus: “Delegitimize calls for scrutiny of our Intelligence and Law Enforcement. Look at how little give a shit most people have for the J6 because they have been portrayed as Qnut, racists. People are willing to accept a loss of due process if the people it is happening to “deserved it””
    So, if PF didn’t exist, then the J6 protestors wouldn’t be tortured by the state and forced into solitary confinement without trial or representation? The very existence of PF prevents scrutiny of these 70 year old corrupt organizations? How the hell is PF responsible for what happens to the people at J6? How do their highly aesthetic organized and brave demonstrations hurt the pecerption of people at J6? It’s bullshit. When asked to deliver a justification as to why PF are ‘feds’, these people come up with ridiculous optics takes. It always comes down to arguments of ‘white advoacy is a bad look’. It’s just demoralized low moral confidence. They promote this idea that White Advoacy is immoral, and any affilitation to it hurts others, which is not true. Even if this were the case, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter what the toxic totalitarian anti-White system and its inorganic culture claims; we are the moral center. We are the ethical and legitimate representatives, and it doesn’t matter if we’re in the minority (which we are not) because our moral duty is to remain steadfast to our superior principles and worldview because WE ARE RIGHT and EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG. It’s the revolutionary spirit, and the driver of change and progress. PF represents that spirit, making a political statemnet regardless of the odds and risks, and even at the cost of having eggs and trash thrown at them by the retarded online conservitard spectators.

    These demoralizing shills – and they most certainly are shills of one form of another – have no argument, case or evidence for any of their extremely toxic claims. They dare claim PF are the ‘dividers’ when they are the ones dividing people through fear and snarky ironic pseudo moral superiority, while condemning any advocacy for White peoples. And yet they will eagerly advocate for black issues. If these people were legitimate organic posters, they would just ignore this demonstration. They can stay in their lane of irrelevance, but they all come out of the woodwork to condemn a legal moral aesthetic protest, and for what? To appease a system that hates them?

    Here we have a BASED BLack Conservative condemning PF and calling them feds:
    @McKaylaRoseJ, 2k likes on this tweet
    “I’m in alot of Political circles and I’ve NEVER heard of this “Patriot Front” event, wanna know why? Because this isn’t our event, this is a FBI, Antifa orchestrated red flag event to create a distraction. Be vigilant, stay focused”
    The responses are all shills and shitlibs. But lets have a look at what this totally organic BASED black conservative has to say about Israel:
    “Israel is America’s ally. I hate this administration….”
    “Obama has to be clenching his teeth watching this Peace Treaty. That man hated Israel so much and broght a curse on this country.”
    “Biden just had a rare moment of clarity and said Israel has a right to defend themselves… I guess he decided to go off script with that one and his puppet masters are gonna be pissed”
    “Now that the media’s anti-semitic rhetoric has caused very serious hate crimes against Jews. They wanna spin it and blame right wingers as if we weren’t defending Israel and Jews this whole time”
    “I’ll go with the man that brought peace in Israel WHICH IS SOMETHING THE LORD TOLD US TO DO.”
    Is this even a real person, or just a few images saved from someones facebook? Who the hell knows, but it’s not legitimate. It’s a fake astroturfed hollow politic. Why would this person care about Israel? Could they even find it on a map? She also has alot to say about ‘White Liberals’. 7 months of attacking’ White Liberals’ who are the ‘true racists.

    @mamabear222222 seems very committed to attacking PF. They’re also committed to Israel. When one were to analyze their avatar image, one would see a very strange distorted image of a blonde woman. This could just be a filter, but it looks very much like one of those AI-created images. She loves Israel, but doesn’t mention Waukesha once in her tweets. Speaks volumes.

    Fmr Writer/Assoc. Producer at Fox News, Kyle Becker, says “Interview these people. I want real names. Verified. If they are who they say the are, they will have no problem with that.” And what would be the purpose of this Kyle? Look at people like him and others feign incredulity as to white political dissidents would hide their faces, after 5 years of anti-White institutions CRUSHING people. Becker wants names so he and the networks he is a part of can ruin their lives or worse.

    PF’s demonstrations clearly irritate the right people. Whether this boomer Qtard wine aunt opposition is real, or not, the opposition is either stupid or malicous. Absolutely none of these people have any good intentions for the nation or our people. They are wrong, and we are right.

    1. They want to cry about feds yet J6 had a ton of them which is why it went the way it did. No one was arrested at Patriot Fronts demonstrations and they have more people with them than any of these shitty cuckservative conferences. They are basically right-wing antifa by attacking Patriot Front for wearing masks.

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