Two days ago I was forwarded this reddit thread by a regular reader. It went into detail as to why people should never expect housing prices to come down. It was a great read, but I say that in past tense because when I went to write this piece all I found was this.

No racial slurs were used, but the tiniest exposure to reality was enough to cause the mods to cope, seethe, and dilate the original post out of existence. Luckily, the comments remain up.

Economic downtown doesn’t matter anymore.

Our politicians are dead-set on importing as many people as possible and that means there is no shortage of rich foreigners that will continue to invest and prop prices up.

Prices will never go down again.

User Trendiggity chimes in further down.

Immigration =/= foreign investment

I deliver mail. There are entire neighbourhoods of (generally middle class) subdivisions I deliver to that are now entirely Indian and Chinese names on the mail. And 75% of those mailboxes are overflowing because no one lives in these houses. I clean the mailbox out every couple of months, and then fill it back up again with bills, government letters, and financial mail coming from the US and abroad.

The grass is 4 feet high and the windows are covered. These properties (and many, many more in my city) were bought up in a frenzy when we announced the (sort of) ban on foreign owners because we gave them months upon months before the deadline to do so. And now they sit empty while there are people scrambling to find housing.

(And even now that “ban” has mostly been, and very quietly I might add, rescinded)

The butthole-left made a big deal out of a tepid ban on foreign speculation in real estate. They passed a “ban,” on them owning Canadian property, that does not appear to be enforced, and probably contained about a billion loopholes anyway. While the trannisarries deleted the original post, OP responds later on in the thread.

I don’t post here often because people hate reality. People also don’t pay attention to the economy or economic indicators in this country. Canada is currently on track to be a poorer country than Italy by 2065.

There is no economy and no money is invested in anything useful or job creating. Everyone trading a scarce number of houses isn’t an economy.

Immigrants will also stop coming when things start falling apart. A huge portiom of the population have a second citizenship and can abandon Canada when things fall apart. None of the political parties have any sort of solid economic plan, so you can’t even point fingers at the other guy and blame them.

Protectionism from foreign companies as well has created the oligopoly situation resulting in sky high prices. Poor government incentives for people to actually invest in productive businesses that create jobs, combines with easy access to cheap immigrant labour (at no fault to the immigrants) leads to poor paying jobs. It’s a perfect economic shit storm and in the future Canada will be used as a textbook example of how not to run an economy.

I don’t like to overly bold comments, but it’s just so eye opening to see common sense shine through on Reddit of all places. Yes, the cult of GDP is nonsense, and people speculating on ever rising housing prices produces nothing for the long term health of a society. Canada is a fake country, with a fake economy and a fake “nationality.”

Well, my wife and I moved here 12 years ago and it’s been a good run, so far. We are doing well financially speaking even though the latest rate hikes are killing us. But we also understand we are now getting the worst of both North America (low vacation time, no decent infrastructure, no proper healthcare and education systems) and Europe (shitty security, low wages, high taxes, decaying investment opportunities).

10 years ago this country was the freaking El Dorado for us, coming from a western European country. Now? We are cheap labour for US companies, we pay a truck load of taxes for no services in return and my wife is now, for the first time in 10 years, afraid to go on the subway alone. Plus everything is expensive and bad quality.

So yeah, looking at going back to Europe or to find a job in the US. At least tech workers are getting paid a decent amount in the south.

Once again we see normal people, even reddit posters, complaining that their number one public transit wish would be for it to be less dangerous. It’s weird, because the traffic trannies have assured me that this isn’t real.

User Reyhne chimes in,

Casually removing part of the sentence to fit the narrative. You missed the “for no services”.

Paying taxes is not the problem. I’d be more than happy paying Swedish or Norwegian rates if I got something in return. All I get in QC is no access to see a doctor when I need to, dilapilated municipal infrastructure and a hobo that moved on my street and openly does drugs.

Well enough of this whining. Let’s see what the experts have as a proposed solution to the housing problem!

The Globe And Mail:

There is a new fashion among the commentariat of –

You know what? No. I’m not even going to entertain this nonsense long enough to debunk it. The reason why you can’t afford a house is because the Justin Trudeau’s of the world think that it’s hilarious for you to be poorer than your parents. Remove the malicious Government, say hello to a home.

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  1. All modern western governments are illegitimate and need to go. Politics that aren’t about how and why we need to outright dismantle Jewish ruled institution are wastes of time.

    1. >A huge portiom of the population have a second citizenship and can abandon Canada when things fall apart.
      I would die of laughter if the ending is they get abandoned by their dime store mercenaries and butchered by their own starving urban bugmen.

  2. Weird how whenever the policies of the powerful fails, the solution is to always double down. It’s almost like they hate us or something.

    1. It has become glaringly obvious for some time now that the governments of White countries no longer see us as people whose needs are to be met, but rather as a problem to be solved. From the perspective of the ruling parasite class, their policies are working as intended.

  3. Pretty much everything that predditor said about Canada is equally applicable to Australia. Unrelenting waves of turd world migration putting strain on a housing sector that cannot keep up. I can’t speak as to how much foreign investment there is in housing down here, but the Chinese have been buying vast swathes of Australian farm land (which I would argue is even worse).

    1. In the USA you can just break into a house and squat in it, and if you do it for long enough it is very hard to evict you even though you broke into the house in the first place. It’s almost like you end up with rights and it takes months of court proceedings to get you out of some rich Assholes 3rd home. Happens constantly in Florida. If the nasty gooks are buying up lots of nice places, and leaving them empty as investments, I think poor Americans and Canadians could potentially consider squatting in it, maybe even trashing it before you leave with like concrete mix down the plumbing or something as a fuck you. (Maybe don’t do that last part)

  4. […] Even (P)redditors Angry that Foreigners Pricing them out of Houses […]

  5. Many turd worlders took tapped loan sharks for money to get here. Now they deliver fast food.

    They are trapped here, locked in with us. Bad if you’re trying to save what’s left of our ethno-state. An opportunity if you think the system needs to burn – see France currently.

  6. I was recently kicked out of a shitty university town bar, because I got drunk, and after the state of housing and everything was brought up by someone at the bar I said something like “all of our politicians and all of our federal agents and all of our judges, as well as every member of antifa and blm should be legally executed for treason. “

    (I think the bar owner was an antifa blm supporting self hating white cuck Reddit type)

    I wasn’t kicked out that night, apparently they were seething in silence listening to my words but to scared to say anything lol. A few days later I tried to go kick it at the same bar, and the second I walked in they acted like they’d caught me on video committing a crime, they were all like “we have you on video saying that stuff” . The shock on their face when I was like “I stand by everything I said, nothing I said was unreasonable.”

    I was just as shocked at them, these bug people in liberal American college towns are like prisoners that jump you if you talk shit on the prison warden, or guards who constantly come up with new ways to mistreat and abuse the prisoners. A lot of them are just dead weight.

    1. The psychology of the obedient soyim is fascinating.

  7. This reminds me of a ’60 Minutes’ episode from last year about hedge funds and other speculators buying huge numbers of houses in the US: oftentimes they come into an area and quickly acquire every house available because they make above market offers when prices are rising — of course word gets around and this encourages others who are able to sell as well — soon they own almost entire neighborhoods and can have outsized influence on the housing market in any community or city they target.

    Here is the episode:

    “Would-be home buyers may be forced to rent the American dream, rather than buy it”

    And here is one reason I remembered it:

    [Gary Berman: This is a home we bought. This is 3518 Shiner Drive in Jacksonville.

    Lesley Stahl: Right.

    Gary Berman: This home is 1,700 square feet.

    Lesley Stahl: How many bedrooms?

    Gary Berman: Three bedrooms. Two baths. It was built about three years ago.

    Gary Berman is CEO of Tricon Residential, a Toronto-based company that has quietly become one of the largest owners of single-family homes in the United States.

    Gary Berman: So today, we own about 30,000 single family rental homes across the U.S., largely in the Sun Belt. And we’ve got probably about 75,000 people living in our homes.]

    Note the name: Berman — *he’s a Jew* — a Canadian Jew from Toronto — his company is Tricon Residential, and they were at the time buying up huge numbers of houses in the US. Some would say stealing the ‘American Dream’ from Americans.

    I was thinking: What the fucking hell?! Now even Canadian Jew vulture capitalists are coming down to screw Americans? The US doesn’t have enough of those Jews already?

    I remember how nonchalant he was when talking about all of it. To him it’s just business. Typical Jew. No conscience or scruples. Scum.

    1. >Rent from black rock or whatever kike bought up all the houses

      >they keep telling me to act less white on the tv so I’ll take a few moves from the niggerinos

      >pay one month rent, then stop paying, make them go through the pain in the ass several months long eviction process to get me out

      >during that time I trash the place irreparably, poor concrete down the pipes, piss and shit all over the place, dry wall full of holes from wild parties used motor oil from my truck soaking the flooring ect, just nightmarish. Have fun landlords hope the security deposit covers it and have fun trying to litigate me, I don’t have any money.

      >as society continues to fuck itself, more and more do this and maybe buying up all the houses and turning everyone into renters wasn’t a good idea.

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