You may remember that Waukesha is the scene of the BLM Christmas Massacre. You can read all our coverage of that here

Wisconsin Today:

A 14-year-old boy carjacked and sexually assaulted an 87-year-old female at knifepoint while she was returning books to the Waukesha Public Library located at 321 Wisconsin Ave., Waukesha, sources have told WRN.

Capt. Dan Baumann did confirm for WRN that the suspect is 14, the victim is 87, and she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint. “This incident is sad and disgusting, but I’m very mindful of the privacy issues surrounding with both victim and suspect,” he said, declining to give further details. We obtained further details from sources.

UPDATE: WRN can now report that the suspect is the nephew of Milwaukee Common Council President and Milwaukee Mayoral candidate Cavalier Johnson.

Milwaukee mayoral candidate Cavalier Johnson, uncle of the 14 year old carjacking granny rapist.

Above is a picture of Cavalier Johnson. I don’t have a picture of the suspect himself, but Johnson is more important to this story than you might think. 

We asked Waukesha County District Attorney Sue Opper whether she plans to charge the teenager as an adult, as the law allows. She responded, “I cannot comment on this case. Please contact the Juvenile Court for permission to obtain any charging documents or petitions that have been filed.”

Waukesha police have been extremely tight-lipped about the incident, saying the community doesn’t need “more bad news.”

I’d like to remind you that Waukesha Police didn’t just allow some BLM anti-White hatefest, but knelt in solidarity. And the police chief, Daniel Thompson, has spoken out in support of BLM before.

So they don’t “need any more bad news,” meaning they’re suppressing this story. Gets in the way of them kneeling to BLMers.

The suspect, who according to sources, recently moved to Waukesha from Milwaukee, WRN has learned. “He has looked up to his uncle who is in politics his whole entire life inspiring to be just like him,” the boy’s mother wrote on Facebook on Dec. 5, trying to raise money through a cash app for his defense. The boy is friends with the mayoral candidate on Facebook.

“My son came into a group of young men who he thought were his friends and talked him into doing something that he should’ve had a mind-frame strong enough to know it was a terrible decision and now the county is declared him a menace to society,” she wrote. (There is no evidence of other suspects, despite the mother’s comments.)

Huh. Sounds kind of like some anti-White gang activity. Sounds like her son was told to go and rape some White Woman, and accidentally chose an old White Lady. Thank god the BLM supporting Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson is suppressing all news of this. Might have Whitey get too uppity as a result.

Then again, this could just be some Shaniqua doing her “he dindu nuffin,” routine, and she thought making up a story about imaginary friends egging her turd of a son on would bring him leniency. 

In case you think we were exaggerating with the rape…

A person who witnessed what happened said the suspect “walked up to the book drop. As soon as she stopped at the book drop, he turned. He was at her car window for about a minute. He made her get into the passenger seat.” He was alone. People had seen him walking around the area for about a week, the source, who did not want to be identified, told WRN.

Sources tell WRN that the suspect took the woman at knifepoint from the book return area of the library on Tuesday Nov. 30, 2021, and forced her back to her car.  The suspect drove around while forcing the woman to perform sex acts on him.

Yes, that’s right. He put a knife to the throat of an 87 year old White Woman, and made her perform sexual acts on him. 

One of our sources claimed some in the system are worried about “BLM outrage” if the boy, who is black, is charged as an adult. However, we’ve also learned that Waukesha police want him charged as an adult. That decision will ultimately be made by Waukesha County District Attorney Sue Opper’s office.

I simply do not believe that the Waukesha PD really wants to try him as an adult, especially considering that they are covering up key information in this case. This sounds like classic bureaucrat gang, where they can let DA Sue Opper give him the most minimal punishment while throwing up their hands. Their job is to find excuses to not release information.

It’s just a theory, but I’ve dealt with cops before, and this is how it works.

Below is a video I made with a track from TRS personality Sven, which shows who BLM Terrorist Darrell Brooks really was. 


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  1. So let me just reconstruct the timeline to make sure I got this straight.
    Last year these cops literally got on their knees to metaphorically suck BLM’s collective dick.
    Two weeks ago these cops allowed an anti-white terrorist attack on their watch that killed many and maimed many more including innocent children and defenseless elderly whites.
    Shortly thereafter these same police got butthurt because of the NJP protest and were acting like the victims because NJP hurt their feelings.
    Then after that. After acting like they were so fucking sad and injured; after all that shit these fucking cops try to cover up for yet another black criminal who RAPED A FUCKING 87 YEAR OLD WOMAN. They did this after acting like they were oh so hurt at the suggestion that they might be derelict in their duty to protect the people of Waukesha.

    Waukesha is just a microcosm of modern America. Not only does the government fail to protect us, they actively run cover for the criminals who abuse us. This government is illegitimate. We need domestic regime change.

    1. The rape of the 87 year old White Woman actually happened just before the NJP Waukesha protest. I don’t think it helps their case either way.

      1. So they were in the process of covering it up while getting their feelings hurt? Yeah I agree that might be even worse.

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