This is like, a fed op, you could say that about literally anything. There are informants everywhere. I’m an informant. Why do you think I did antifa work back in Santa Monica, you know. Uh yeah, I was ratting out names. Absolutely, we’ve all been informants here.

Imagine my level of shock that the fake anti-capitalist pedo revolutionaires for Israel who say “All Cops are Bad,” and whatever are big believers in ratting out peasants to the police? I mean, this is so opposite to their ideology that they all truly believe very deeply in. 

Then again, they also made it their mission from 2017-2019 to rat out our goyim for violating Mark Zuckerberg’s Corporate HR driven terms of service. Because apparently censorship by trillion dollar multinational conglomerates isn’t “systems of capitalist oppression,” or something.

So, you know, maybe you shouldn’t take them seriously as anything other than anti-White pedophiles. 

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  1. Not only does he admit to being an informant, he suggests that the nature of antifa activism is working with the FBI.

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