Always interesting to see the finklethink coming from a different perspective.


Former President Donald Trump already faces a future filled with legal battles in multiple federal, state and local jurisdictions from Georgia to the District of Columbia to New York state and Manhattan. And, now, a British court decision against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could resurrect the two seminal questions from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation: Did Trump obstruct justice, and did his campaign collude with Russia? Assange, an Australian citizen sitting in Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh in southeast London, may hold the key that reopens the prosecutive possibilities.

When dealing with Finklethink, you sort of have to let the words wash over you. Don’t bother getting worked up about “muh russia collusion,” or any shit like that. Just look at this from a metaperspective. What is the goal of this propaganda?

On Friday, a U.K. court ruled that Assange can be extradited to the U.S. to face espionage charges stemming from his 2010 publication of State Department and Defense Department files provided by Chelsea Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst. As explained in The New York Times, the federal case on Assange asserts that he:

“… participated in a criminal hacking conspiracy, both by offering to help Ms. Manning mask her tracks on a secure computer network and by engaging in a broader effort to encourage hackers to obtain secret material and send it to WikiLeaks. The other is that his solicitation and publication of information the government deemed secret violated the Espionage Act.”

Assange’s lawyers will appeal the extradition decision to the U.K.’s Supreme Court but, as The New York Times reported, “The ruling was a victory, at least for now, for the Biden administration, which has pursued an effort to prosecute Mr. Assange begun under the Trump administration.”

Now, it doesn’t make any sense that Trump should be afraid of Assange being persecuted. After all, this process started under him, as the propagandist admits. But they’re trying to get the childless catlady demographic who hang on their every word to support what is one of the most legitimacy stripping operations ever undertaken by the US Federal Government, the prosecution of Assad. 

Pretending that this somehow hurts Blormph is classic Finklethink. Although they did sort of fuck up by admitting how idiotic that premise is. The article continues, but you’ve got the gist of it. This is the narrative they’re going with.

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