Jason “Go Pee” Kohne is a huge advocate for White People. Well maybe not White People, but he’s big on White Well Being for Westerkind. I’m not sure why it isn’t “Wester Well Being,” but I’m just a cringe non-cult member.

While Sir White While Peeing is most definitely for Westerkind, he is most assuredly against talking about puppies. And by puppies we mean hooked nosed beady eyed Globalists. And by globalists we mean financiers. And by financiers we mean Harvey Weinstein types. And by Harvey Weinstein types we mean curly haired pornographers with no foreskins. And by that we mean jews. Don’t talk about them.

The video is almost ten minutes long, and incredibly tedious. I hate summarizing, but he repeats the same few points over and over again, so I’ll just make a few excerpts from the video.

 And I thought it was an appropriate thing the bring up on the stream with Adam Green. Adam, had a predictable response, and that was to cite objectionable things by said group [jews]. And that would do what?

He’s done all of this research and all of this focus on a particular group of people, and a particular religious sect within a particular group of people. And if he’s thinking that telling the whole world about that is by that old paradigm gonna somehow work the way around to benefitting us, it’s just simply not. At all. You can tell the world the most horrific things and you could be right, you could be wrong, you could fantasize, you could make things up, and you could say crimes that are more incalculable than human imagination and that will not benefit us. It will not work down to the wellbeing of our people, it simply never does.

All of these circumstances and all of the pieces that need to be in place as people continue to operate by these old systems, they’re just not there. So that’s why – I think he seems like a pretty bright guy. So that’s why I think he’s not going – his objective is not to benefit Westernkind. His objective is to tell the world about that which he is studying.

I’m starting to wonder if Jason might actually die if he says the word jew. Like perhaps he would shrivel up and blow away. That the word jew to him is like garlic to a vampire. Well, it sort of is to his YouTube channel, which is precisely why he won’t even say jew.

I’m having the opposite phenomenon. This queer refusing to say jew makes me want to say jew over and over again just to make up for this jew-appeasing goy. Kohne harps on this point of “never attack jews,” and it’s so stupid that I feel like even responding to it is somehow legitimizing what he’s saying as a rational, cogent point that a normal person should take seriously enough to respond to.

But let me make this clear, the idea that you should focus on “White Well Being,” or some other retard shit like that, as opposed to “look at this specifically anti-White shit that BLM or the (((ADL))) is doing,” is idiotic. People are far more motivated by responding to attacks than they are The Power of Positive Thinking. Beyond that, I get annoyed when Go Pee implies that White While Peeing is just on the cusp of doing some vague victory for White People.

This guy runs a YouTube channel, that doesn’t get censored in the year 2021. That’s it, that’s all he does. But every time he countersignals actual White Advocates he pretends like he’s 3 days away from this vague, unspecified, yet massive victory. And us being uppity goyim is ruining it for all White People.

I’m sorry, did I say White People, I meant “Westerkind”. And no, it still doesn’t make sense to me that he won’t say “White People,” when his channel is “No White Guilt,” and he constantly talks about “White Positive Sphere,” and “White Well Being.”

FTN has shown that at least one of the slanders of White People, that we ran the transatlantic slave trade, was actually done by jews. And jews slander Whitey by pretending that Whitey actually was the one enslaving all those negroes and then bringing them to the Americas to… replace White Working Class people with slave labour.

More people knowing this is objectively good for White People, which is precisely why you’ll get censored from YouTube for showing that stuff. Remember, the only true policy YouTube has for censorship is “are you being effective in fighting against Globo Homo Schlomo?”

Which brings us to the real explanation for Kohne’s actions. If you view him refusing to even talk about anti-White Schlomo-ran organizations, like the ADL, through the lens of White Racial Interests, it makes no sense at all. If you view it through the lens of him being a racial televangelist who just wants to keep his YouTube grift going, it makes complete sense.

And that first bit of the video that I quoted is maybe the least bizarre. He then goes on some rant about how talking about jews means some unspecified traps get sprung onto you. He then claims that people who are speaking true things about Schlomo are hoping for some “God of the Gaps,” type mystical argument with no real plan.

Keep in mind that Kohne countersignals literally every single tangible political vehicle that White People have. I understand having a disagreement with Patriot Front, and not thinking their style is effective. It’s far different to be countersignalling the NJP.

Instead, Kohne’s argument is the most bizarre, mystical, televangelist “just Pee While White for a few years and then White Positive Spheres will start floating over your heads and the anti-Whites will leave Westerchildren alone. No specific tangible plan other than this is required.”

Only at about 5:30 into the video does he get to his second main point.

So if you convince a White Person right now, that there is an omnipotent force in the world. And that this omnipotent force is all places and behind all evil, and they have this massive control. If you get the White Person to believe you, they’re definitely not going to be thinking ‘oh, I’m gonna side with you, other powerless person. I’m gonna side with the guy that lives in the studio apartment. I’m gonna side with the woman who lives in the trailer against this omnipotent force.’ No, the average White Person is going to say ‘how can I get my ass out of this.’

And the first thoughts are going to be rabidly individualistic thoughts. They’re going to be ‘can I side with them? Can I be of a different race? Can I join their community somehow? Can I be a lackey for them?’ This is what the White Race has been doing now forever. Forever!

Wow. It’s almost like instead of telling people there’s a vague, omnipotent force oppressing them, you just tell them it’s jews.

Seems like a pretty easy problem to solve Jason, not sure why it’s so hard for you. Oh right, because YouTube grift.

Seriously though, you don’t even have to say “jews,” if you want to ease people in. You could say “jew nationalist,” you could say “jew supremacists,” you could say “the ADL,” and be hovering over the target. You could say “elves,” if you want to go the more humourous route.

When you get Seth Rogen and Sarah Silvermen types who basically put the yellow star on themselves before attacking the goyim, it starts to get pretty ridiculous to not name jews. However, I’m moderately fine with Jared Taylor types who don’t talk about jews. What I’m not fine with is this catty, backstabbing, whiny little bitch who keeps getting his little vagina all up in a tizzy because some people are more concerned with the actual well being of White People than the well being of his YouTube channel.


Now, he almost has a point here about telling random White People that there are powerful people oppressing them. It’s true that there are lots of people who will immediately try to look out for number 1, and engage in selfish, anti-White behaviour. And guess what, that happens whether or not you attack the very same anti-White jews who are attacking Whitey. In fact, it certainly happens more if you don’t attack them, because it allows them to get away with pretending to have principles that they do not have.

Ben and Jerry’s is a supposedly liberal, boutique ice cream parlour that participates in “left-wing” activism. More specifically, there is not one anti-social pervert issue they won’t support, and any anti-White social cause they won’t endorse.

Cuckservatives like Kohne would rather not fight on anything. But if they are going to fight, they’d rather it be done on the object level. You know, make logical arguments about how White Supremacy doesn’t exist and all that tedious Sargon-esque garbage.

Except that Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are actually jew nationalist violent racial cleansing apologists. And we don’t even need to make this theoretical in terms of how to attack them.

Because they got absolutely assmad and shut down their own twatter account. Why did they do that? Did the White Positive sphere induce so much White While Peeing that the anti-Whites quit their anti-Whitism all in a huff and left the Westerchildren alone?

Course not. What happened was a bad optics normal person pointed out that they support racial segregation and ethnic cleansing in the jew ethnostate. And after some more tweets at them asking about Israel they got so immensely butthurt that they quit twitter for months.

The way you deal with a malicious jew is not to take their arguments seriously. You use the N.A.Z.I. method.

Ask, about
Zionism and

And frankly, I’m losing patience even in Taylor types who refuse to talk about jews. But once again, Taylor doesn’t countersignal actual White People doing actual pro-White activism trying to get specific, tangible goals such as hate crime charges placed on BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks.

Oh my god NO! This doesn’t help White While Peeing at all!

This was the first time I’ve actually been angry when writing about this faggot, but this did it. Fuck this weirdo grifter.

I think I’m just about done with this guy. I’ll do one more wrapup episode, and then it’s on to our next victim, and trust me, he’s a big one. Or rather, he’s a very small one, but big in importance.

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  1. Wait, didn’t you guys have a group called fascist faggots in the old discord days? And a bunch of your mods were exposed as furries pederests? Would be nice if you addressed this. But as Mike’s wife would say, SHUT IT DOWN!
    Delete anyone questioning your cult😂

    1. Would be nice if we addressed some shit you completely made up out of nowhere? Yeah I’m sure you would enjoy me wasting my time disproving your ridiculous claims.

      And LMAO at someone from the White While Peeing Positive Sphere coming over here and accusing us of being cultists.

    2. furries? wut are u even talking about

  2. TRS wants their cult to forget their past. Like how Mike’s Jew wife would steam on TDS. Surely you know that. She was and is a tranny drag time advocate and member of birnai barith.
    Are we allowed to talk about jews here? Or flags?
    Their discord went down because their mods were grooming teen boys. And yes one was a furry.
    That’s what you get when your whole thing is being edgy . Nazi fetish cult

    1. t. Moarpheus

      1. Who is Moarpheus? Sounds like juicy lore.

    2. NWG was gay in the past and he’s still being gay RIGHT NOW tho

  3. Damn good post and damn good blog.

    So refreshing to read from someone who has a clue.

    As the genocide continues on this jew-hole economic prison planet – I will say more than jew – I will say fuck the jews until I am gone – it is the only proper response when you finally get it.

    Who am I ? Just a molecular biologist who actually worked on corona cloned a few capsid genes and the sloppy replicase. I saw this shit-circus coming yrs ago when I worked for a Major Pharm company I won’t name, where every top position down to lab director was occupied by members of the tribe that nose. Science was not their strong point and it was just an aside, nothing to do with their goals – jews think of one thing – money – and everything requiring hard work and investigation is just not worth their time.

    I saw this shit-circus of corruption coming and got out of the field started my own business

  4. You do not understand what Jason Kohne and Go Free is about. Please actually LISTEN to him. He makes sense.

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