After the Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre, which you can read about here, done by BLM supporter Darrel Brooks, who you can read about here, predictably mainstream propaganda desperately tried to bury this story. Our work here at the Daily Rake, but mostly the work done at national-justice, such as this article, protests done by the NJP, such as this one, and other activism has kept the story alive.

We detailed the victims of Darrell Brooks, and BLM more broadly, here. One of the victims, injured but not killed, was 11 year old Jessalyn Torres.

Since the image got blurred, I have a transcript below.


Jessalyn had a rough day. I gave an update earlier on how our morning was. She has not eaten anything since yesterday at 4am before her surgery. I ordered her lunch and she nibbled a piece of fruit and ended up puking. Which then caused more pain issues with her broken ribs and her incision sites. After that hurdle we still had PT, speech therapy, and OT. This girl fought through the most of it while still running a fever. She even stood up with a walker and sat in the wheelchair for a bit today.

Her fevers have been off and on throughout the day. She still has no appetite, but has been able to drink plenty of water. She was able to enjoy watching the dance fundraise today by using FaceTime. I could tell a part of her was upset that she wasn’t able to be there.

My heart breaks for her. That man took away the one thing my daughter truly enjoyed in her life, Dance. I have high hopes that we will be able to get back to dance again, but it will be a long time from now and she will have to work hard just to get back to the basic moves.

Well now that my anger was released… my positive for the day: this girls STOOD UP the next morning after her long surgery yesterday. She fought through all the pain, fever, and upset. That is my girl! I hope everyone enjoyed the dance fundraise and so much love for all the dance team girls from this hospital room! Thank you to everyone who is praying for my girl!

Poor Jessalyn. You can see the fatigue and pain etched into her face. Think of Jessalyn whenever you hear some propagandist talk about Waukesha.

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  1. Hoping this young lady can get back to the dance she once did with no struggle, and for her to get justice from a Darrell Brooks hate crime charge/conviction.

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