This might be the most fucked up story I’ve ever written about, and I’ve written about an antifa guy who claimed that all penetrative sex was rape and then had his fallout 4 rape mod come up mid gaming stream.

Also that guy looked like this.

I had some vague idea who Nikocado Avocado was, because I saw him multiple times on the “gays posting their L’s online,” twatter account.

Apparently the story is even more fucked up than that. Nikocado Avocado, real name Nicholas Perry, got his moniker because he used to be a hardcore raw vegan. On a trip to Guatemala he got addicted to avocados and also gay sex.

Apparently he quit veganism because that community “was too toxic,” so he decided to get into the “mukbang,” genre. That’s not a porn term, it refers to people who binge eat on camera while talking to the audience. I didn’t know what it meant either, and could probably have gone the rest of my life without knowing.

Yes, this guy quit veganism because it was too toxic compared to the binge-eating yourself to an early grave on camera community.

Also he quit veganism and now his job is to quite literally binge consume animal flesh.


Recently Perry has turned a new leaf. His weight gain problems and leaky asshole have cause him to turn inwards and reflect upon “the Heeb Problem”, as Nikocado Avocado so eloquently puts it.

The above was captured from Perry’s livestream entitled “yes, the jew children need to die as well.” In it Nikocado Avocado explained that “we need a declaration of Total War against World Heebery,” and explained that “jews are the cancer upon all of humanity.” 

Schlomo’s absolutely seething. But did Brave Aryan Warrior Nikocado Avocado back down? Of course not. In a later stream where he consumed 40 lbs of noodles Nikocado Avocado was quoted as saying, “look if these Heebs want to fuck with me I’ll literally eat their hearts. I’ll do it. I’ll eat all 200 lbs of jewflesh in a single sitting.”


In the next stream in between consuming 85 lbs of lobster, it’s not all flesh btw most of that is shell, Nikocado Avocado was quoted as saying “our only goal is the complete and utter destruction of Israel.” He later correctly points out that jews did 911, and when the chat brought up Mel Gibson saying “jews start all wars,” Nicholas Perry nodded his head, smacked his lips together and moaned his agreement with a full mouth.

And how did Stop Antisemitism respond to Nikocado Avocado throwing the gauntlet down?

By deleting their original tweet. Total Aryan Victory.

In his latest celebratory livestream Nikocado Avocado could be seen eating the entire family of Rabbi Schlomo Feldman, children and all. Feldman was not even involved with Stop Antisemitism, and is believed to have been killed in an ambush attack by Mukbang Video Enthusiasts for no other reason other than being a dirty jew.

In between chomps of uncooked heeb childflesh Nicholas Perry had time to say some dismissive things about the National Justice Party, headed by chairman Moike Peinovich. “A protest after Waukesha? A protest? That’s it? I am an Aryan Warrior. I demand total nigger death for what they did to Jackson Sparks. What the fuck is this shit, I’m not voting for yet another cuckservative group.”

What can I say, if you’ve lost Nikocado Avocado, you’ve lost middle america. Better acquiesce to his demands before he eats the NJP leadership.

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  1. Don’t eat them, turn them into road signs like Vlad woulda done.

    We’ll stop Lordal Globing this way, think of the cooling shade produced by their voluminous beaks alone !!

    We’ll make a forest, look hard woods are best but even a nice sharp pine branch can work, there’s plenty of jootube instructional videos out there.

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