In part 1, which you can read here, I reprinted the comment from WhiteNoize, because I feel he and I had a similar story when it came to leaving the DS. I promised that I would dive into the Weinstein Defense, but I’ve realized that needs to come after this. First, let me explain how I got banned from the DailyStormer forum, the now defunct “The Goyim Know”.

I can’t really remember when I joined TGK. Probably sometime around 2016, but I didn’t post much. That all changed in late 2019, when the “Groyper Wars,” were hot and heavy. This was when a bunch of college kids asked Ben Shapiro about the USS Liberty 40 times, and got absolutely BTFO’d.

That’s a bit unfair. TPUSA had been doing their Youth Outreach Campus Tour, or whatever it was called, and they would go ask the students some questions. The first event that was crashed actually went very well. The guy above was quite the Chad, and asked a clever question that got the crowd to google “Dancing Israelis.”

Not everyone who asked questions was a college student. I remember one guy asking Kirk right to his face “how does anal sex help us win the culture war?” Not quite the phrasing I would use, but a very valid question to ask Kirk when he’s up on stage with “Culture War,” written on the backdrop.

Initially I enjoyed it. I’ve always hated livestreams, and even the first few events were a touch painful to watch, since many of the college kids didn’t ask questions particularly well, but Kirk, Shapiro, Michael Knowles, and a few other cuckservative targets here or there were so unprepared to answer questions from anything other than retarded college shitlibs that they did quite poorly.

Sadly, and ever so predictably, the kids started taking L’s more and more often, and harder and harder. There was a short but decent initial felting session, that wasn’t quite as good as the DS, Fuentes, and other grifters pretended it was, but was still a positive. Soon thereafter Benny Shapiro’s Buttgoy Backup Dancers collected themselves, did some research, figured out the types of questions that they were going to be asked and came up with some talking points against them. They also controlled the microphones better at these events, but that was unavoidable.

At this point I was going extremely hard on the forum, with plenty of effort posts trying to explain all the mistakes the kids were making. I gave essentially three kinds of advice. First was general rhetorical advice, with the types of questions that should be asked. Second was me simply writing out word for word a specific question that you should ask. Third was advice for how to ask questions in the moment, and how to respond to Kirk or Shapiro when they inevitably say “Can I ask you a question?”

When it came to general rhetorical advice, it’s easier to start with an example of a very common and bad question that got asked to the cucks. The question would be something like this:

Charlie, how are Republicans going to win elections in a less White America?

This is a terrible question for two reasons. The most obvious, but actually less important reason is that there is nothing new about this question. Boomers have been angrily asking Republicucks this question for decades now, and far more honestly. Unlike the “secret” White Nationalists, those Boomers have been hoodwinked into believing that they are actually getting something from Conservatism/Republicans, and aren’t just trying to “trick” the Republicans into White Nationalism.

In any case, since this is not a new question, Republicans have ready made responses to this, all of which were uttered by the Shapiro/Kirk/Knowles crowd. Those go something like this.

Democrats do racial politics, we’re for everyone. We have to do more for hardworking conservative value black people. How do you explain some of the Whitest states, like Vermont, voting reliably Democrat? Hispanics have conservative family values.

It goes on and on. Ultimately, if you could really nail them down, their real answer is just.

We don’t care.

Which is ultimately true. They don’t care. Their donors tell them to do things, and they do them. Or in Benny Shapiro’s case, it serves his racial interest as a jew.

Which leads us to the second, and major reason why the question is so terrible. The framing of the question is “hey, I’m trying to help you/Republicans.” What the framing of all the questions should have been is “Fuck you, you evil piece of shit. Explain what you’re doing for me or I won’t support you anymore.” 

The Republican Party exists to get out in front of White People’s response to the anti-White BLM terrorist attack in Waukesha and make absolutely sure that Whitey doesn’t get too Uppity about that. It also exists to get out in front of normal people’s response to Drag Queen Story Hour, and make sure that nothing comes of that. The Republican Party needs to be destroyed.

I don’t mean to rag on the kids themselves. I wouldn’t have done any better with no guidance at 19.

Which brings me to the second category of advice I gave, explicitly writing out questions for the students to ask. All of the actual posts I made are gone now, and I wrote out quite a few questions. It’s actually not that important. Since I was writing for nervous students to ask these questions, I kept them as short as possible, and the rhetorical notes they hit are easy to remember because they’re not “gotcha” type questions.

Here’s one example below:

Charlie Kirk. You’ve said “we don’t do racial politics unlike the left.” Yet you have a Black Students Union, and a Hispanic Students Union. So you do racial politics, just not for White People. Why should White People AS White People support the anti-White organization that is TPUSA?

There are a few reasons why this is such a great question. It catches them being hypocritically anti-White, and then ends by putting the onus on them to explain in explicit racial terms what they’re doing for White People.

This is so important, because a huge part of cuckservative propaganda is dogwhistles. They insert terms such as “culture war,” and hope that people think it means “finally we’re doing something about BLM/Child Trannies.” They want to be seen by White People as implicitly advocating for them, while releasing black crack dealers from jail. One of the most damaging things to cuckservatives is explaining to people that the dogwhistle is in fact, complete horseshit.

These types of questions should be viewed entirely in contrast to “clever gotcha” type questions like “Hey Charlie, did you know that the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel?” Yes, he did know that, and he has prepared tons of talking points around that issue FFS.

I had another similar one to ask to Ben Shapiro, bringing up him advocating for Palestinians to be racially cleansed while whining about “White Identity Politics,” having “gone too far.” There were anti-war questions, and non-retarded anti-Israel questions. However, I think one example was enough, especially because general rhetoric and even specific questions was far less important than this One Weird Trick To Not Get Owned By Charlie Kirk.

Part of the reason that Kirk especially was so floored at the first few events, is he hadn’t used a very common rhetorical trick. Initially he would he just immediately answer the question that was asked. Sometimes he could do it, sometimes he couldn’t. After just a few events, when asked a question that he wasn’t absolutely sure he could nail the answer to, he started to say:

Can I ask you a question?

Inevitably the teenager holding the mic, who was almost invariably extremely nervous, sweating, and unprepared to do anything other than nervously stammer out their own question would say.


What Kirk/Shapiro/Knowles are doing with this rhetorical trick is shifting the focus away from them, and onto you. Beyond that, they can subtly, or even crudely shift the topic of conversation from an issue that they are weak on, to an issue where they are strong. I wrote out for people all the various ways which you can refuse to answer his questions. I told them to say “No, I want you to answer the question,” “I’d prefer you to answer my question,” “No,” “let’s not get sidetracked,” “I don’t want to talk about that,” “I’m not here to answer questions.” I wrote out a myriad of things they could say that would fit their personality that would get them to stop answering his questions for the love of god.

This point, while shortest, was by far the most important. It also showed what complete and utter assclowns the Fuentes/Anglin crowd were when it came to basic political competence. You have 18 year old kids who are almost ready to piss themselves with nerves, up in front of a huge section of their school. They’re asking questions to Charlie Kirk, a late 20’s man with tons of public speaking experience, along with plenty of well prepared talking points and rhetorical gotchas he can use to trip them up. And what is the advice that they give to them?

Just make sure to ask really good optical questions.

Even at the time I remember being blown away at how shittily run the “Groyper Wars,” were. That such basic advice as “don’t let him ask you questions,” was never given was incredibly frustrating to me at the time. In retrospect it’s almost hard to believe how utterly incompetent these clowns really were.

I had already gotten very frustrated with the lowering quality of the Stormer. Anglin had been slowly descending into Manlet Rage for years at this point. I could never stand to watch Fuentes speak, because he was so annoying and uncharismatic. But “stop letting Kirk/Shapiro own you by putting you on the spot with their own questions,” was such a basic point I’m still bewildered that these fucking retarded faggots never caught on.

Hell, I could barely even watch the livestreams, since the kids started taking L after L from the Kirk/Shapiro crowd and it was getting hard to watch. These retards sat through literally all of them, and never noticed that it was maybe a bad idea to let the trained propagandists put the teenagers on the spot with gotcha questions?

Then again, I’m just a bad optics heterosexual, so what do I know?

This all came to a nadir when I was watching a DLive stream done by Anglin and Azzmador. Some kid got up and asked Kirk a question, and managed to break every single piece of advice that I wrote about earlier. If it seems like I’m attacking this kid trust me I am not, I am purely attacking the incompetent leadership that led to this disaster.

I can see what angle the kid had gone for. Earlier that week, and really all throughout the “Groyper War” Kirk had been making the false claim that White Nationalism is opposed to American Values. This kid thought he had an opportunity to go for the attack on this front with a “gotcha” type question about the US Founding Fathers. In fairness to him, I had read numerous articles on the DS with this same line of attack.

There sort of was an opportunity, except that such attacks need to be framed extremely carefully. If you wanted to ask a question with that line of attack, this is what it should have looked like.

Charlie, you said earlier that “White Nationalism is an unAmerican value.” Yet I’m reading here from the 1790 naturalization act, signed by many founding fathers such as George Washington, that US Citizenship is reserved for “White People of good character.” Beyond that, you’re friends with Ben Shapiro, a jew nationalist who has made explicit calls for what he laughably refers to as peaceful “population transfers,” really racial cleansings of Palestinian goyim.

You’ve made it very clear on numerous occasions that jew nationalism and the jew state is extremely important to you, yet you are so adamant in denying White People the very same right to self-determination that you vociferously and angrily demand we support for jews that you are willing to outright lie about the Founding Fathers of this great country who quite simply were White Nationalists, and created the greatest country the world has ever known. Why is that Charlie, and why should White People support you?

This is a decent question for someone like me to ask, but far too long for a college student, especially if they’re trying to read it off their phone. And it needs to be long, because you need to talk about jew nationalism, and Shapiro advocating for ethnic cleansing. If you don’t he’ll just answer by calling you big meanies. That’s also the reason why I threw in the patriotic stuff, because it destroys an appeal to the “we are all Americans,” bullshit he’s going to do in response. Of course, anticipating enemy counterpoints and rhetoric was so far beyond the retarded Fuentes/Anglin crowd that it almost wasn’t worth giving advice for when these retards couldn’t even figure out to not let Kirk/Shapiro ask them questions.

So how did the nervous teenager do? His question was something along the lines of “well you claim that White Nationalism isn’t American, and yet the founding fathers of America were all White Nationalists, so blah blah.” It wasn’t well sourced, and it didn’t even prove they were White Nationalists, let alone get out in front of Kirk’s inevitable counterpoints.

Charlie Kirk actually interrupted his question and asked:

Where in the Declaration of Independence does it say America is only for White People?

This is what I mean when I say they use questions to subtly shift the conversation. When Kirk asks that question, he knows damn well about the 1790 naturalization act. He knows the US Founding Fathers were White Nationalists. He knows he’s full of shit. But he’s got some well prepared tricks to trip up the student. All of those tricks could have been avoided if the kid had said something like:

Charlie I’d like to finish asking my question.

But instead he stammered out a response. Having thrown the kid off, Kirk then let him stammer for a bit to embarrass him. Finally Kirk interrupted him again and said.

What do you think it means to be an American?

At this point it was obvious to me what was coming next. Once again, he could have not answered, but the kid stumbled and stammered out some response that was not said particularly well. It amounted to “well I mean I think you have to be White,” at which point Kirk responded with:

Okay why don’t you tell the black students here in this room that they’re not really Americans then.

Needless to say, the room turned hard against this kid. Kirk then proceeded to blabber on and on after having taken the moral high ground and made the kid look like an idiot.

What was Anglin’s and Azzmador’s response to this kid? “Fucking amateur.” “That guy sucked.” “Get him off the stage.” 

This was maybe two weeks into the “Groyper War.” It had been obvious to me what the problems were right from the get go. But apparently Anglin and Azzmador thought that this teenager not doing an absolutely perfect job asking an extremely difficult line of questioning meant he was worthy of criticism. Not simply criticism, piling on disdain and contempt.

Azzmador, the good optics convicted felon retard.

Not Nicky Fuentes for being a fucking idiot. Not Anglin and Azz for not organizing some decent questions. No, the problem was that they didn’t get a 19 year old with absolutely on point rhetoric and tight debate skills to spawn in from heaven and masterfully deal with Kirk’s well-prepared gotcha questions.

Predictably, with leadership this incompetent, the “Groyper Army,” started taking L’s more and more often, and harder and harder each time. I kept posting questions, rhetorical strategies, and basic advice, and this was extremely well received by the members of the forum. Frustratingly, no matter how many likes or supportive comments I got, none of this came out of the mouth of the “Groyper Leaders,” but we can only do what we can do.

Then one day, just maybe a week after that, and with the Groyper War still ongoing, I wrote the following on yet another article where the angry manlet was idiotically bashing TRS as feds because they… didn’t support the King of Israel.

“Jews want Trump to win so they can pretend to be fighting against the system, because they prefer to not be seen as being in charge.” – Andrew Anglin

“The TRS guys are feds, they don’t want Trump to win.” – Also Andrew Anglin

I was immediately banned by Weev himself. The reason given was “shilling for feds.”

At first I thought it was a joke. After all, I was a well respected member of the forum. I had helped, or at least tried to help during the “Groyper War.” While I hadn’t posted constantly, I had a post history that dated back years. But nope, banned.

I bring this all up, because one extremely tired and annoying refrain I occasionally see is that I shouldn’t be attacking “fellow pro-Whites,” or some retarded shit like that. These people aren’t pro-White. They’re just grifters who thought they had a more lucrative niche doing fake pro-White politics.

I said the above at the time, and my goodness have I ever been proven right. The Cucknat crowd barely even pretends to do pro-White politics anymore, and so it’s a lot rarer to see people make the “No InFIGhtInG” demand, which they weirdly never made of the DS, but whatever. In case anyone ever tries to pull that shit, know that the Angry Manlet Team will immediately ban well respected forum members for tepidly defending TRS by pointing out how retarded and contradictory their attacks on them truly are.

The absolutely incompetent leadership through the “Groyper War,” shows precisely why Fuentes was censored three full years after we all were. It didn’t take a genius to realize he was an incompetent loser utterly incapable of giving even basic advice to his followers like “hey please stop answering Shapiro’s questions after you’ve asked your question.” That Anglin decided to hitch his horse to the AIDS ridden America Fist movement won’t be brought up much through the rest of this series, but boy is it damning.

All the energy, all the momentum that once existed in pro-White politics. Sucked completely dry by these grifting, incompetent losers. What could have been if someone like me was in charge.

For a long time after getting censored by the DS, I listened to TRS on and off, and mostly got out of politics. I tried to make a site that failed, mostly for technical reasons, worked on the Site That Must Not Be Named, and spun that off to the Daily Rake. 

It feels like we’ve got something more than simply a news site. It feels for the first time like our political destiny is in our hands. Where we don’t need to hope that Anglin stops with the counterproductive articles unironically talking about beating women. And with the NJP, where we don’t have to hope that some new Republican politician is secretly based. Whether we succeed or fail, it’s up to us, and that’s a great feeling even if the road ahead of us is long and hard.

One day soon we’ll be writing pieces exposing the dirt on NJP rival politicians. Soon the Anglin’s will be in the rearview mirror. Until then we’ve got to break out the bamboo stick. It’s a job I personally enjoy.

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  1. Anglin and Co. squandered so many opportunities and talent, its little wonder the site is the farce that is today. I think its a combination of ego and hubris that lil Andy gets from being the CEO as it were of the DS. Not only does he lack leadership skills but combine that with his underlying “small man syndrome” and its a recipe for a shit show. I remember how he “purged” all of his writers and started doing all the articles himself. Then gripped about how hard it was to write so many articles daily. He would lament and rage about how TRS was raking in donations compared to the meager support he received. He would cope with accusing TRS of being shills and grifters overlooking the obvious possibility that it might be due to TRS being serious actors and him being an ineffectual clown. Andy is the embodiment of the Republican party always looking for that “L” and knee capping his support base. The forum community would try to help him raise funds which would elicit tepid if any gratitude from lil Andy, he doesn’t want help, he wants to pout [and you to listen to it]. People would suggest that he implement the TRS paywall strategy of funding, but he wouldn’t hear it, for two reasons I think. One – nobody’s going to pay money for his content, and Two – he prefers to beg and guilt-trip his audience to donate directly to his personal crypto wallet, no doubt so he can access the funds globally and hassle free to pay for his shameful sexpat lifestyle in [according to him] Lagos, Nigeria, guess Nigerian prostitutes is the best his meager support can afford. Smdh poor Andy. But it was a decision he made, on one hand, have a successful platform with a menagerie of content creators appealing to wide swaths of tastes and concerns with a proven method of funding OR bitter manlet cult of personality begging for donations. As the good Dr. N Shekelstein suggested in his previous article maybe Andy was off point from the get-go, and it was the sheer force of the tidal wave of engagement, optimism and idealism of 2016 that swept his mediocre and misguided blog to the heights that its been falling from for the past 3-4 years. Anglin is whats holding Andy back, so I don’t feel sorry for him.

    1. Man I really wish you’d put more paragraph breaks in your comments, because they are otherwise very high quality.

      Anglin whining about not getting donations is pretty rich. This guy got over $150k for his “legal defense,” in the Tanya Gersh case. I put legal defense in quotes, because he lost that case by… literally not even bothering to show up. But he did initially contract Mark Randazza, a high priced first amendment lawyer.

      So he raised $150k from an audience that’s far from wealthy. Wastes at least some of it, and pockets the rest. Then he doesn’t bother showing up for the legal fight, ensuring that he loses.

      This was back in late 2016-2017, so he still had a lot of goodwill amongst the audience. Having said that, I think even his biggest supporters at the time were put off on giving him more money. And imagine giving him money today?

      1. Sorry about the paragraph breaks, 4chan and atrophy destroyed my writing standards.

        But yeah, I remember that. He was pumping himself up as the champion of Richard Spencer and was going to take the fight to this yenta. It all was so promising with the hot shot lawyer, media spot light, rumored KKK and mujahideen parade, frenzied anticipation on left and right for the showdown and…….mom’s spaghetti, and it just evaporates. Alot of parallels with his hero Donald Trump, create a spectacle, over promise and get zero results. He used it to burnish his personal brand nonetheless.

        I think he gave some sorry cope about how “he’s a wanted man, their out to get him, got to go into hiding”. So he can’t risk being a public advocate (AFTER receiving the money). I’m skeptical of him being in significant danger to the point of hiding or being an expat. I think it’s a tactic to do a kill stream with Ralph where he’s sitting down and nobody can accurately gauge his height, and also to get softballed by Ralph and still blow it. Glad you did a write up because I didn’t bother watching it.

        So after failing being a public advocate himself he outsources it to a Mexican twink like a trve republican.

    2. No, he actually doesn’t do the payroll and only uses crypto because he is banned from payment processors, as is Nick Fuentes, and every other pro-white activist thats not associated with TRS. TRS-associated individuals are mysteriously allowed to use payment processors and Twitter.

      1. I again left this comment because it shows the sheer reality-denying bad faith attacks these incels do on us. TRS had their payment processor taken away well over a year ago now. They have to use crypto as payment to get behind the paywall. There is no reason Anglin couldn’t do similar, he just won’t because nobody would pay for his content.

      2. I came back to this piece again randomly and noticed this comment. As of time of writing Andrew Anglin has a twatter account, and the TRS guys do not. No, don’t ever expect an apology by these losers. They’re a cult of freaks online and Anglin is their king. If he isn’t censored then that means he’s a serious little guy and something something optics.

  2. Also wish the Godcast would do a critique of Andy’s new found religiosity and the many “Anglin prophecies”, alot of meat on that bone and its inside their wheelhouse.

  3. I know the accusation of “grifter” gets thrown around alot, but I can’t shake the notion that he has setup the site to be a “turn-key” grifting operation. He bangs out some articles at the Internet cafe across the street from the brothel in Eastern Europe, Nigeria, or Vietnam, begs for gibs, and thats his days labor. Like a pop machine it collects revenue and he checks up on it every so often. But narrative control and his personal status as an E-celeb is also a key factor to his operation, otherwise he wouldn’t’ve fired his entire staff and removed the outside links. So idk. He wrote a hilarious “so its come to this” article about how because donations had dipped so low he was forced to get a real job. I think it was at that point I stopped laughing with him and started laughing at him. Poor Andy, getting callouses on his dainty pink hands!

  4. I came from the opposite end of the spectrum. I was a vigorous forum critter on the many iterations of the 504um, up until BANG. Id used the DS forum now and then as a safe harbor in between the periodic total wipes of the 504um. I caught a few bans now and then for not slavishly praising enough to quote the current forum a few times when I pointed out some shit that went really wrong and why. So its not like there is no sin on any one side with regard to purging and controlling your fan base access.

    That aside, 4chan lead me to DS, and DS lead me to TRS, via linking to that first episode anglin was on. Id still surf it for years after, but yes, the quality has dropped and the community it had probably can never recover since there is so little to work with now.

  5. The groyper did become cringe, no doubt. But I do remember some posters trying to guide the groyper, and I thought Anglin was one such poster.

    Much more important for me in my departure was what came from TGK amidst the 2020 Floyd riots. Everyone wanted to laugh at the situation, to make fun of the Boogaloo boys and call them fed. I thought we had a golden opportunity, as the antagonism of the left had exploded, and it’s most extreme classroom-imparted sentiments were manifesting themselves. I said we should do our best to get them to rage against the most sacred of normie Americana symbolism at a too-fast-for-mainstream-to-handle pace. This meant, for example, renaming DC. The only person who got it thought it was for lolz or troll, because that’s how they operate. No. The purpose was to push the script off the rails as we rally around that symbolism ourselves and pick up support from anyone and anything remotely patriotic.

    In a way, it’s part of the same controlled opposition script always run against us, only they usually call for direct illegal action, a sort of entrapment that either puts people behind bars or gets the public to associate the part that was pushed to act with the whole. Obviously we don’t have the power to entrap and do so with impunity; explicit call for illegal action pinned to us would do nothing to help us and lead to charges against us as well.

    The response showed how dumb we are. “They are already pushing almost that far, why would we help them?” was a common answer, not understanding that the hive was likely conditioned to be going as far as what was conceived to be the majority in the hive.

    “Why mask yourself as Antifa and create chaos that can be blamed on us” was another response clearly not getting it or what was being suggested. They would exaggerate what was going on when protests broke out over a controversially demeaning Lincoln statue and interpret it to be that Lincoln was being cancelled then and there, or that that would happen without an outpouring of sentiment to that extent. They did not see the logic of grabbing ahold of the opposition and demanding every aspect of America be wiped away now, including the Fourth of July. Not on a gradual timeline, as people warm up to the idea, but instantly.

    Nobody seemed to understand the logic. It made more sense to go on Charlie Kirk and say ya know our ancestors created America as a blah blah and then get BTFO as a troll with some grudge against good Lady Maga and Ben Carson.

    It seems that, while we believe that the left goes so far off the charts on its own in terms of cringe (when it is doing what the public is already partly conditioned to accept), a false assumption, an infiltrator or fed who might have had the same view about the alt-right would probably be right. We don’t need the feds to push us to cringe. We do this ourselves. Oh sure, you could cry that C-ville was a setup, but that is to is again not “get it”, to not see the obviously-doomed-from-the-start failure of rallying around figures and symbolism that could have been a rally point 60 years ago (Confederate iconography) that had since been demonized heavily everywhere but the south for the last three generations, freeing the mainstream to grab tightly to the American flag and say “that’s not who we are” and the normies to conclude that anyone but them or the left wants slaves and is lost in the past defending a loser. But sure, fed endorsement helped. That’s why it is mind boggling that one cannot understand the strategy of what should have happened amidst the 2020 riots and its successful function when, according to those same people who cannot see the function, the same basic idea of fed-pushed wignatism cringe positioning worked like a charm.

    So what was the new strategy, then? Well, like I said, do nothing. Because “it’s all fed”. And to suggest otherwise was to be a fed, gay, tranny, Jew. Anyone who got angry at this one-tracked mindset was only more clearly associated with these things in their minds. Time was spent best lolzing at catboy cammy and his woke-era new-tech version of crank calls, embraced by those who had ultra-serious user names like mechapregnantannefrank. Because that’s how you win.

    Around this time the shift on TGK also got heavy religious. Not the worst of turns, because religion is something that can unite and keep people functioning according to a functional code and guards them from dog-eat-dog hyper individualism and the destructive power of degeneracy. It also gives people hope. And strengthens them inwardly, to believe they can overcome the worst. But let’s look at the record: you have a religion that says it cannot get better until it gets worse, to await a chosen one only after the Antichrist, mind you, (so don’t fall for the wrong one), so basically it’s Endsieg Wonderwaffen mentality. Never mind actually using your “God-given” abilities, fallible mortal, to organize a parallel society or find some secessionist pathway. We are doomed until God comes and judges you. So cheer up. Number two is that, for some reason, it is determined that the chosen are some sand people and the entire basis of this belief is the very reason we have Evangelical Zionism, Eisenhowers who call J’s angels and make themselves at mercy to trickery, the culture of feeling righteous and godly standing up screaming “anti-Semitic!” when anyone sees that trickery. Oh and the book says Israel has to exist at the time of the second coming, so that does well to explain Zionists and their instance that our country should be used to prop that other country up. So, we basically enable those who do not subscribe to our beliefs and sacrifice ourselves at their extent. Brilliant. But there’s another consequence to having a conclusion that is it is all according to plan and the plan says it has to get worse before it gets better: winning – something no rightist knows or is used to – is technically then anti-progress, whereas losing harder and harder and still having faith in a final victory outside your control is technically progress towards the destined end. Next, all the tolerance and universality language is the gateway for Investment that runs counter to the objective of national sovereignty, and directs sentiments in the opposite direction. It’s no wonder where those impulses come from. All that said, you would think at the very least this religion needs reform. But if it’s just reformed into a moral code and hope system for final victory, you are cherry picking. And you could do the same with any other belief system, or take one from a completely different source. And yet, there is a distinctly pro Catholic vibe on TGK, when in reality Papal incompetency, corruption and this goofy sectarianism is part of why we are in the position we are in in the first place and Catholicism has always come down hard on reformists. Also, these are the people who literally called your ancestors not from the sand desert “heretics” and killed them; if they fought to defend their homes and family and resisted, say, Charlemagne, they are somehow supposed to be the bad guys here? How does that make them any different from the LGBQWERTY or internationalist socialist crowd of today?

    1. “Nobody seemed to understand the logic. It made more sense to go on Charlie Kirk and say ya know our ancestors created America as a blah blah and then get BTFO as a troll with some grudge against good Lady Maga and Ben Carson.”

      That the Manlet Cult still thinks that the Groyper Wars were this amazing own of Cuckservatism is so absurd I would get secondhand embarrassment if I didn’t enjoy watching them fail. They got BTFO’d by Kirk onstage and then he went on to getting introduced by Gorland Blormph. They got BTFO’d by Shapiro, and he’s now the number 1 pundit on Facebook, YouTube, and huge on twatter. They asked Dan Crenshaw some questions, then never primaried him and he’s going to be a senator for at least 6 more years. And Nicky Juan Fuentes has been banned from everything, can’t board an airplane, and had the FBI just flat out steal half a million from him.

      Absolutely owned them Groypers. If only they’d asked Ben Shapiro about the USS Liberty just one more time the entire American Empire would have collapsed.

      “And yet, there is a distinctly pro Catholic vibe on TGK, when in reality Papal incompetency, corruption and this goofy sectarianism is part of why we are in the position we are in in the first place and Catholicism has always come down hard on reformists.”

      The whole Catholocism bit is a LARP. These faggots just use it as another D&C op. When are these faggots going to get the pedo pope to be a practicing Catholic?

      In general your comment was far too long, but I agree with you. There are very few if any serious people remaining in the Manlet Cult. It wasn’t that way from 2015-early 2017, but it’s been circling the drain for a long time now and high quality people have left one by one.

  6. […] days ago I wrote my initial felting of the manlet crowd, which you can read here. After writing my second piece, the first article apparently received this […]

  7. As much as I hate to admit it, Fuentes was the one who first brought me into White politics. I remember thinking the groyper wars was gonna get us something (lmao) but it never amounted to anything, and I got demoralized and just dropped out.

    Then, the 2020 summer of blood and guts happened, and I realized that not only am I taller than everyone in AF, but that Nic the Spic was holding me back the whole time. I had heard about TRS before, and I was impressed by Moike’s debate with DesTiny, so I finally took a peek at TRS and never left.

    Can’t say I’ve ever viewed Daily Stormer, just heard about it from time to time. Glad I never did, because Anglin’s political growth is apparently as stunted as his physical growth. I keep thinking to myself every time I remember my days supporting Nick, “Damn, if only I had put my energy towards something real, instead of wasting more time on cuckservatism.” In my defense, I never gave him money.

    I honestly wish I had found TRS sooner, and maybe if Hyphen Report was around back then, I would have. This website truly is a godsend; I’m glad that we finally have some hatchet men to chop down the copes of the Manlet-Right. These “felting” articles are not only funny, but very helpful at annihilating spergs. Sometimes, the best way to discredit someone is to just brutally mock them.

    Hail Hitler, Hail NJP, Hail Hyphen Report o/

    1. Thanks King

  8. […] censoring people who are fact-checking that because they’re “shilling for feds.” Remember, that’s what they censored me for on The Goyim Know, because I pointed out one of many […]

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