I had no idea who this guy was until someone sent me a tip that he got caught with a Rape Mod installed in his Fallout 4 game. This apparently popped up while he was streaming.

Hmmm. Well let’s take a look at this Jason Unruhe. 


I mean I don’t personally know anyone in my life who is this much of a Visible Loser, but let’s give Unruhe a chance here. Apparently he’s got this YouTube channel called Maoist Rebel News. The tagline is as follows.

This is the home of the Maoist Rebel News, the first and only source of Marxist perspective news. A reliable source of anti-capitalist opinion for the last 13 years. Here international politics, domestic politics, war and economics are primarily covered.

Maoist Rebel News started in 2010, and averages less than 1k views per video, although he did have some that went viral. 

Antifa-starter pack videos included. There’s seething about Rittenhouse correctly getting a not guilty verdict. There’s bizarre claims that the Canadian Government is Funding Neo-Nazis (where the fuck’s my cheque Trudeau?), there’s “Anti-Fascist Action Now!”, a video from two weeks ago with less than 1k views. There’s even one where he whines about YouTube demonetizing his channel.

Keep in mind this is YouTube. In 2021. When we all got completely censored in 2017. And this guy, who literally talks about being “a reliable source of anti-capitalist opinion,” is whining in his mom’s basement about how the trillion dollar multinational is being a big meanie for not letting him profit off ad revenue while they let his channel stay up.

I actually watched the first part of that video. He put it to be the video that plays when you click on his channel. I stopped after about 10 seconds because I had already gotten the screencap I wanted.

Yes that’s right goyim. The brave Chad antifa supersoldier fighting against the abstract forces of capitalism is whining on his Google Allowed Platform about how him not being allowed to make ad revenue on his shitty videos is some grave injustice.

Although apparently I was wrong about him living in his Mom’s basement.

I’m starting to think Jason Unruhe may not be the most serious guy. 

Can’t quite put my finger on why though.

Anyway, the Obese Revolutionary Maoist Warrior was recently streaming himself playing Fallout 4. Yes, I know I just did this joke, but he’s also not banned from twitch, despite that being a capitalist institution with massive censorship. 


Yeah I know, but this is just the prelude to the actual story. Because it turns out the Chubsters For Communism Leader Jason Unruhe had installed a Rape Mod for his Fallout 4 game. Yes, you heard that correctly. He had installed a Rape Mod. During one of his livestreams, there was a surprise rape. You can see that below.

He kills some women and then rapes them. In the game I mean. Maybe in real life as well, but we don’t have that part on camera. Yet.

If you think to yourself, “well what’s wrong with having a rape mod on your Fallout 4 game, everybody does that,” then you’re probably a Groyper, and you should maybe consider killing yourself.

I’m starting to think there’s a sort of weirdly true horseshoe theory where the “extreme left” and “extreme right,” are actually basically the same people. Only because everybody who’s normal gets censored. It’s like this weird thing where uncensored politics is so unbelievably fake and ghey, that to be invested in this LARPy garbage necessarily makes you a broken person with weird sexual fetishes.

Because the only other types of people I can see installing a rape mod on their Fallout 4 game are Alt-Republican types. The difference being that Jason Unruhe is a straight man who wishes he was ghey, while Nick Fuentes is a gay man who wishes he was straight. 

Anyway, it’s theoretically possible you might have been inclined to give the Balding Obese Manchild Super Soldier of the Maoist Revolutionary Guard the benefit of the doubt when it comes to doing something perverted and enacting his rape fantasies. I mean, to be clear, I don’t know why you would, but just in case you were about to, here’s a video of Jason Unruhe explaining that in our capitalist system all heterosexual sex is rape.

You don’t need to watch that to know that all sex, with Jason Unruhe, is indeed rape.

Dear ladies, imagine trying to get aroused for this guy. Imagine him saying some “sexy” things to you. “Oh yeah baby take it off slowwwwwly for daddy,” as he unbuttons his shirt, his fat spilling out around his still done up belt.

“Oh yeaaaah. You’re a naaaaaughty girl. Who’s my filthy little slut? Who’s my little cum dumpster?”

But there you have it. The Revolutionary Maoist Anti-Capitalist Gun Play Enthusiast who believes that all consensual sex is rape is also a content creator who spends all his days streaming video games and finds Rape Mods on dark corners of the internet to install and play.

Still more heterosexual than America First.

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  1. I remember when Richard Spencer and Eric Striker debated this guy and embarrassed him.

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