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Ocasio-Cortez roasted after Twitter ‘sexual frustrations’ rant at Republicans: ‘Bizarrely anti-feminist’

Thank god these CCP Socialism Enjoyers are finally being called out for not being real feminists!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., got a Twitter roast to welcome in 2022 after she claimed “sexual frustrations” are why Republicans are so focused on her.

Did they roast her or did they throw up over themselves, shit their own pants, and then publicly announce this for the world to see? Something tells me they pointed out that Dems R Weal Wacists. Or the DEMONrats were the party of slavery. The Republicucks are the party of Lincoln, and therefore murdering hundreds of thousands of White People.

Here is the original tweet. AOC does a very standard “you’re sexually repressed,” bit. In fairness, this was actually started by Cuckservatives making legitimately weird comments about her boyfriends feet. And in fairness to them, they managed to make a moderately decent point, which is that these shitlibs don’t actually give a single fuck about mask mandates or fake lockdowns or whatever, they use signalling on those non-issues as class indicators.

Well he didn’t actually make that point, but what he said was somewhat fine. Since cuckservatives are not serious people, I’m predicting that they will be successfully distracted by AOC calling them perverts and not focus on the issue that she’s a complete fraud.

Given her enormous social media following, Ocasio-Cortez’s stark attack on Republicans drew attention and plenty of heat for suggesting conservative criticism was linked to being attracted to her.

Of course. A child could have done better, but children don’t get big money from donors to be retarded. And even other kosher-leftists got in on the fray because why not beat the retarded cuckservatives.

In this case the politically productive and adult response are one and the same.

Saddening to see the (kosher) left try and fail to degrade political discourse in this country. We refuse to engage with these ridiculous attacks designed to distract the issue, and would like to reiterate that AOC has repeatedly called for lockdowns, and yet can be seen happily frolicking around Florida without a mask or a care in the world.

Since this wouldn’t be retarded, rest assured that it did not happen.

“This whole thing just seems bizarrely anti- feminist. So, anytime women’s political choices are criticized we can just say it’s because people want to sleep them? Can’t we just disagree with your tax/climate/mask policies without being involved in this weird sex narrative?” former “View” co-host Meghan McCain tweeted, before deleting.

Meghan McCain

“Dems are real women enslavers.” – Nepotism lady

“When we weaponise our sexuality to defend our personhood it’s just as easy for our sexuality to immediately be weaponised against us to deny our personhood. A dicey game,” journalist Eve Barlow wrote. She also wrote on Friday, “AOC is really out here on the last day of the year pulling the people-disagree-with-me-cos-im-hot … card. Pretty much sums up 2021.”

Eve Barlow

JFC. I know that cuckservatism is bought and paid for. I know these people’s job is to lose on social issues as hard as the kosher-left loses on economic issues or anti-war issues. But even farming this stuff for content is soul destroying.

“Republican men are not interested in you. They know that dating or marrying a Communist is a recipe for misery.”

In fairness, while they give a long list of twats making the same retarded “no dems r real wahmen beaters,” some managed to make the obvious and correct response.

And of course, none of the cuckservatives will make the absolute most damning critique of AOC there is to make. We live in an era of trillion dollar multinationals conglomerates engaging in mass censorship and she still has a twatter account. Of course, they can’t make that argument, since they also have twatters.

Nor can they point out, as Jimmy Dore does, that AOC is the fakest piece of garbage on her “socialist,” causes. I wrote about that here. It’s their job to tell boomers that she’s super serious about installing soviet style socialism, so they will continue getting owned by the fraud from now until the end of time.

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