Michigan’s Republican party is broke. Minnesota’s was, until recently, down to $53.81 in the bank. And in Colorado, the GOP is facing eviction from its office this month because it can’t make rent.

Around the nation, state Republican party apparatuses — once bastions of competency that helped produce statehouse takeovers — have become shells of their former machines amid infighting and a lack of organization.

Current and former officials at the heart of the matter blame twin forces for it: The rise of insurgent pro-Donald Trump activists capturing party leadership posts, combined with the ever-rising influence of super PACs.

At first glance, the latter is a whole lot more relevant than the former. Donald Trump shut the door behind him on his way to utterly capitulating to the GOP (((establishment))), breaking every promise to his supporters, then twisting the knife.

However, that’s from the perspective of normal people who wanted policy. There was a second wave of Trumptards who were basically fake populist schizos, and the extent to which they got embedded into the GOP machine is the extent to which they’ve gummed up the works. They’re terrible, don’t actually do anything for us, and yet big money donors can easily find more obedient puppets.

“It shouldn’t surprise anybody that real people with real money — the big donors who have historically funded the party apparatus — don’t want to invest in these clowns who have taken over and subsumed the Republican Party,” said Jeff Timmer, the former executive director of the once-vaunted Michigan GOP and a senior adviser to the anti-Trump Lincoln Project.

The Lincoln Project? I thought they had disbanded due to being run by Kevin Spacey-tier perverts.

Their co-founder, John Weaver, had twenty one young men come forward and claim that he sexually harrassed them. Not one, not two, twenty one. And those are just the men who came forward. It’s almost as gay as America First.

There is no bigger a group of clowns than anti-Trump Republican Party Insiders. They are a bunch of literal fags, who are still mad at a guy who has long since shown his true colours time and time again. They exist on political life support purely because they do whatever (((Sheldon Adelson))) tells them.

Among some state GOP officials, the mood is grim. One Michigan Republican operative, who was granted anonymity because he wasn’t authorized by the state party to comment, said of that state party: “They’re just in as bad a place as a political party can be. They’re broke…Their chair can’t even admit she lost a race. It’s defunct.”

We’ve got a full blown tardfight on our hands.

The only winning move is to point and laugh.

The demise of the GOP state parties could have a profound impact on the 2024 election. Operatives fear that hollowed out outfits in key battlegrounds could leave the party vulnerable, especially as Democrats are focusing more on state legislative races. Traditionally, state parties perform the basic blocking and tackling of politics, from get out the vote programs to building data in municipal elections.

But not all Republicans are concerned. In fact, some argue that modern politics in the age of super PAC make state parties relics of the past.

“In this modern Super PAC era, the state parties just don’t really matter,” said a national Republican operative who works on Senate races, granted anonymity to speak about internal political dynamics. “There’s a lot of hand-wringing and bullshit about the parties being weak…. At the end of the day, the Michigan GOP being a train wreck is not going to have any real impact on whether or not we win Michigan.”

In other words, (((big money donors))) have simply cut out the middlemen, especially if they aren’t utterly obsequious yet competent, and give money to politicians directly. You don’t need the Florida Republicans to give Sheldon Adelson’s money to Ronny DeShabbos. Adelson is plenty capable of giving it himself, alongside Sam Bankman-Fried.

It’s also true that the Republicans are universally hated. What good does a ground effort do, when you have nothing to offer anyone? What exactly would a “get out the vote,” effort look like? Are they going to point out that they love migrants more? 

That they support BLM riots?

That they’re just as bad if not worse than the DEMONrats on crime?

What exactly is the sales pitch, and how would that translate to more votes? America is a third world shithole ruled over by perverts, Jews, and criminals. People aren’t interested in anything the Lincoln Project fags, or even the schizo-right has to offer.

Having said that, I’m enjoying the gongshow. 

Perhaps no state provides as great a microcosm of the current political moment as Michigan. There, the state party has been caught in infighting between Kristina Karamo, the party’s new chair and a failed 2022 secretary of state candidate, and Matt DePerno, the GOP’s 2022 attorney general candidate whom Karamo defeated for party chair.

There have been multiple physical altercations at party meetings in the state as tension boils over about the direction of the party. A proxy fight between the two sides over control of a county party has spilled out into court. The Michigan GOP appears to be flat broke as well, with a bit under $147,000 in its federal campaign coffers as of the end of June.

It’s South Africa tier. The Karamo-Americans are just straight up swinging their fists. 

“Everything has fallen off a cliff,” said Jason Watts, a one-time local party leader who was ousted from his post after criticizing Trump and party Covid protocol in 2021. He added that the state party has been reduced to “basically” a “UPS Store P.O. box and an email blast account.”

It doesn’t appear much better in Colorado.

Earlier this spring in Colorado, the state GOP didn’t pay a single employee — if it had any at all — for the first time in 20 years, according to The Colorado Sun. It had just $158,000 banked in its federal account as of last month.

In a statement to POLITICO, Colorado GOP state party Chair Dave Williams, who ran on a 2020 election denial platform, said the party “has sufficient funds to finance its current operations and will have the necessary capital for the 2024 election cycle.” He said the “establishment” had “fleeced donors by the millions and created donor fatigue with their failed strategies and historic losses in Colorado.”

“Elections are fake, that’s why you need to vote,” was one of the dumbest and most shortsighted political “strategies,” ever devised. It’s fake and gay, so normal people don’t want anything to do with it, especially after any amount of time has passed. But it’s also disruptive enough that (((oligarchs))) don’t want anything to do with it, since they want the masses sedated. Similarly, Covid “populists,” have never been popular, and certainly aren’t now three years out.

Ultimately, servative controlled opposition is a necessary part of (((Finklethink))). It’s not going away anytime soon, whatever the financial status of Republican State Parties are. It’s possible that this clusterfuck might somewhat leave open a door for something real to come in and make waves.

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  2. “You don’t need the Florida Republicans to give Sheldon Adelson’s money to Ronny DeShabbos. Adelson is plenty capable of giving it himself”

    Sheldon’s been dead for two years. I’m sure I could make a joke about phylacteries and offerings to the volcano demon, but your point still stands up to my nitpick. (((SuperPACs))) have become entrenched to the point that that they can simply remove all pretense and cut out another middle man.

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