This piece was originally published on October 9th, 2023.

Back in May of 2021, the Jew Ethnostate decided that they were going to steal the land of the Palestinian Goyim in East Jerusalem. In the end, they murdered 232 of them, with 64 of them being children. That act preceeded the creation of this site, and I always wanted to do a retrospective on it. With the recent uprising by Hamas militants in Gaza, I figured now was as good a time as any.

Jerusalem Post (June 2020):

The US-Israel mapping committee is still working on outlining all settlements and the Jordan Valley, making up 30% of the West Bank, which would be part of sovereign Israel according to US President Donald Trump’s peace plan.

“Peace plan” simply means the Goyim are having even more land stolen from them, just without a fight.

The source denied media reports that Israel has moved to a phased annexation plan and proposed to only annex Ma’ale Adumim, Ariel and Gush Etzion in the short term.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu originally planned a different kind of phased annexation, immediately after Trump presented his plan in the White House on January 28. Netanyahu’s political spokesman tweeted that there would be a cabinet vote on settlement annexation within days, and sources close to the prime minister briefed journalists that the vote would only be on the settlements, with a later vote on the exact 30% of the West Bank on a later date.

“Phased annexation” is the plan not just for the theft of East Jerusalem, but for the entirety of the Greater Israel project. Rather than steal all the land all at once, they steal one chunk at a time. A little racial cleansing here, a little racial cleansing there, and suddenly you’re looking at some real acreage. 

Also, it’s not “annexation,” it’s land theft. The Jews in Israel were planning to blatantly and openly steal the land of the Goyim. The butthole-left then puts up some tepid, subversive, designed to fail resistance where they accept this absurd jewphemism for racial cleansing while impotently whining about it.

Gantz spoke with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell on Thursday.

The alternate prime minister told Borrell he is “committed to promoting the peace process,” and emphasized that he wants an “open dialogue with the European community and regional partners.” He also said he “will do all it takes to protect Israel’s security.”

Borrell has repeatedly criticized Israel for considering extending its laws to parts of the West Bank, despite a lack of unanimity among EU member states in approval of the statements he has released.

In the statements, Borrell has said that annexation goes against international law and the EU will not let it stand without a response.

While the EU has not made specific threats to Israel, there are a number of areas in which EU-Israel ties can be weakened if the government proceeds with annexation, such as the multi-billion euro Horizon program for scientific cooperation, which is up for renewal next year.

However, formal sanctions are not on the table, because they require unanimity and some member states have ruled them out.

They make vague threats to Israel for stealing the Goyim’s land and murdering hundreds to do so. They send billions to ZOGkraine. Talk is the cheapest thing in the world.

CBS News (May 18th, 2021):

Tel Aviv — One of the factors that led to the current violence in Israel and Gaza is the possible eviction of 13 Palestinian families from the Skeikh Jarrah neighborhood in the disputed territory of east Jerusalem. Here’s an explanation of what has been happening there, and why it has helped to inflame tension in the region.

Below we see the actual explanation.

There is something maddeningly obnoxious about evil people desperately trying to complicate the simple. Israel’s policy is a slow motion genocide of the Palestinian Goyim. Every once in a while they give themselves the right to steal more of their land, and murder more of their children. This isn’t complicated, they just need to pretend it is because they are so nakedly evil.

The United Nations Commission for Human Rights has called the forced removal of Palestinian families a potential war crime. Israeli officials have called it a “real-estate dispute between private parties.”

“The mass murderers doing a racial cleansing with the force of the Jew racial state are calling it a real estate dispute between private parties.”

Since Israel was founded in 1948, wars and Israeli settlement construction have led to the displacement of some 5 millions Palestinians, according to U.N. estimates. The situation over the Jewish settlers’ bid to expand into more areas by pushing Palestinians out cuts right to the heart of the wider conflict: Who has the right to what piece of land.

No, the heart of the conflict is “do Jews have a right to mass murder the Goyim and steal their land?” That is the actual heart of this “conflict.” There is nothing else going on here. Those people did absolutely nothing to Jews, and lived there for thousands of years. Then Jews came, murdered them in mass, stole their land, and even outright stole their individual houses. They continue this process while whining as if they’re victims to this day, because the Jew cries out in pain as it missile strikes you.

Yahoo News Canada (May 18th, 2021):

Thousands of people gathered in cities across Canada this past weekend for peaceful protests in support of the Palestinian solidarity movement, including rallies in Vancouver, Saint John, Ottawa and Toronto. As of today, at least 212 Palestinians, including 61 children, have been killed by the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. In Israel, officials say 12 people, including two children have been killed since the fighting started over a week ago.

The government’s official statements have made little mention of the Israeli raids and airstrikes on these illegally occupied territories. Despite Palestinian deaths numbering in the hundreds and over 30,000 residents of Gaza displaced from their homes by the air raids, the statements only extend as far as condemning general violence in the region.

Let’s take a look at that statement. I’m sure our beloved “leftist” Prime Minister is going to really shill hard for those Brown People that Totally Not Israel Shills have informed me I’m contractually obligated to not advocate for.

After all, Trudeau is a Bleeding Heart Liberal who has never seen an anti-White cause that he wouldn’t champion. The guy literally has a tribal tattoo on his shoulder, so buckle up, Goy, because it’s you’re about to witness an absolute pro-Palestinian fiesta.

CBC (May 18th, 2021):

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling for a ceasefire between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip today and is promising to work with allies to “de-escalate the situation” in the region.

“Our hearts go out to Israelis, Palestinians, for the violence that is surrounding them right now. We’ve all seen the tragic images, families, innocents, kids affected. It needs to stop. That’s why Canada is calling for a cease fire,” Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa today.

“the violence that is surrounding them right now.”

I was expecting Trudeau to really bring the heat there. It’s not like this fag is shy about picking sides in various conflicts. You’d think he would condemn Israel’s murderous racial cleansing in “the strongest possible terms,” but that’s just for Russia, Iran, and any other country that his (((handlers))) don’t like. 

Buddy even repeated the easily deboonked false claim that Iran was sentencing 15,000 insurrectionists to death. The real number was 5, if you’re curious. 

But it’s nice to see that when one side is literally a group of people Goy-cattle having their children murdered so that their land can be stolen, while the other side is the Jew child murdering racial cleansers, Trudeau denounces the vague “violence surrounding,” the situation. 

The call for a ceasefire marks a change in messaging for the Trudeau government, which issued a statement through Global Affairs Canada over the weekend “urging all parties to take steps to immediately end all violence, prevent further loss of life, protect all civilians, and de-escalate tensions.”

How about, instead of urging “all parties” to stop the violence, you demand the Jews stop murdering the Goyim with the explicit goal of stealing their land?

That statement condemned the “indiscriminate barrage of rocket attacks fired by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad into Israel” but said that “Canada supports Israel’s right to live in peace with its neighbours within secure boundaries and fully supports Israel’s right to assure its own security.”

What. The. Fuck.

The venemously anti-White butthole-left’s obsequious response to Israel is so absurdly contradictory and hypocritical that it actually makes me laugh. When you have Israel literally, apropos of nothing, doing yet another racial cleansing, the response from Justin Trudeau is “we support Israel’s right to live in peace.” 

This has crossed the clownworld Rubicon. My brain cannot properly respond to this.

Despite that support, Canada urged Israel to demonstrate restraint and to “act in accordance with international law.”

Lol. LMAO even. 

Let’s fast forward to the Hamas militants attacking their Zionist occupiers late in 2023.

Don’t think that Jagmeet Singh is any better. 

I’ve talked about Jimmy Dore syndrome before. It’s what you get when some guy actually takes seriously the pretend anti-war and pretend anti-corporate bullshit occasionally spewed from the mouths of the kosher-left. Because Dore actually wants policy, like justice for the WMD Liars, and socialist healthcare, he doesn’t put up with subversive frauds like AOC doing their own Finklethink against the “Corporate Democrats.”

Speaking of AOC…

The Canadian version of Jimmy Dore is Yves Engler, and he’s done great work exposing the complete fraudulence of the Butthole-Left on behalf of the Goyim in the Middle East.

Yves Engler:

While the House interview was appalling, Singh’s anti-Palestinian record is long-standing. In the summer he refused to endorse a pledge, supported by 70 MPs, to oppose Israel’s plan to annex the Palestinian West Bank. During the 2019 election the party leadership blocked a half-dozen candidates from running partly or entirely because of their support for Palestinian rights. A year earlier Singh explicitly rejected a call from 200 prominent individuals, labour leaders and party members — including Roger Waters, Noam Chomsky, Linda McQuaig and Maher Arar — for the NDP to withdraw from the Canada Israel Interparliamentary Group (CIIG).

At the 2018 convention Singh mobilized his family and dozens of members of his community to vote against allowing debate on the modest “Palestine Resolution: renewing the NDP’s commitment to peace and justice”, which was unanimously endorsed by the NDP youth convention, many affiliated groups and two dozen riding associations.

Jagmeet Singh appears to make it his life’s work to subvert the rank and file of the NDP on behalf of Jew nationalism.

Jagmeet with his owners.

Just like the Servative Party of Canada bars even tepid populists from running for leadership, Jagmeet Singh and the (((leadership))) of the NDP bar even tepid anti-Israeli genocide candidates from running for office. When they find some Goy who slips through the cracks, they gleefully remove them from candidacy, even, or perhaps especially, if it’s within the month before the election, and you cannot legally find a replacement for them.

National Post:

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says anti-Semitic comments by two of his party’s candidates who resigned were “completely wrong.”

“Anti-Semitism is real,” Singh said during a campaign stop in Essex, Ont.

“We’re seeing a scary rise in anti-Semitism, and we are unequivocally opposed, and we’ll confront it.”

The party confirmed Wednesday that Dan Osborne, the candidate for the Nova Scotia riding of Cumberland-Colchester, and Sidney Coles, the candidate for Toronto-St. Paul’s, ended their campaigns and “agreed to educate themselves further about anti-Semitism.”

Singh said anti-Semitism has no place in his party and the candidates made the right decision to resign.

“In addition, they’re talking about the importance of getting training,” Singh said.

Jagmeet Singh has done this with another candidate in another federal election, although I can’t find a reference to that story right now. He throws seats, or at least the chance of winning seats, to make sure that his (((donors))) understand that he exists to serve.

This is the exact same thing that the servatives do when they find an Uppity Goy who slips through the cracks. Go look at Heather Leung for one of many examples of that. Get uppity about anti-Whiteness, or groomers and the (((Servative Party of Canada))) will make an example out of you, even if it means throwing a seat or two.

As for the Green Party, meet Noah Zatzman. He was a high ranking member of the Green Party. Below he can be seen seething that the Goyim in the Green Party are tepidly indicating that they might not fully endorse the Jews genociding the Palestinian Goyim. He is literally an antifa zionist, and openly calls himself as such.

Most antifas are zionists, and most zionists are antifas. He’s somewhat unique in that he doesn’t even bother pretending otherwise. He’s a Jew Nationalist murderous racial cleansing enjoyer and also a Fucking Decent Human Being who supports open borders for Whitey, giving himself access to toddler’s buttholes, and every other butthole-left policy that you can think of.

Yves Engler:

In a recent Jewish Insider story titled “Is the Green Party over?” Zatzman discusses attending a Jewish day school, his close family ties to Paul and anti-Palestinian activism as a university student. He boasts that he “led four Birthright trips to Israel” and pushed Ontario’s legislature to reject the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in 2016. (When I wrote about Zatzman participating in Birthright and attending a private high school that organizes “IDF Days” Canadian Press reporter Christopher Reynolds emailed, “Noah Zatzman has said that some of your posts carry antisemitic undertones, including this one noting Zatzman’s educational background. I’m wondering how you’d respond to such accusations.”)

In a recent interview with Canada Talks host Dahlia Kurtz, who participated in a CIJA-sponsored media trip to Israel, Zatzman claimed his experience with the Green Party felt like a “6-month pogrom”. Zatzman also told the SiriusXM radio program the Green Party was “over”.

Yes, you read that correctly. An antifa is bragging about pushing anti-BDS legislation, birthright trips to the Jew Ethnostate, went to a highschool that organizes “IDF days,” and compared his experience in the Green Party to a “pogrom.”

(((Noah Zatzman))), Zionist-Antifa

The guy is the physical embodiment of “antifa means solidarity with Israel.” 

Yves Engler whines a lot about the “contradiction” inherent with zionists being antifas and vice versa. The simple reality is that antifa is a Jew supremacist project, and Israel is a Jew supremacist project. There is no contradiction in supporting both, just like there is no contradiction between supporting Ukraine and condemning Palestine.

Noah Zatzman supporting x because of y principle is simply racial strategy. The same is true for the “anti-racist Jews,” who Striker discovered were funding racist gangs attacking Arabs in Israel. There are a million other examples of this behaviour. What these people believe is that they are Jews, and you are Goyim. Everything else is tactics. 

As for servatives, their response was so predictable that it’s worth mentioning only for completeness sake. 

Note the date.

And of course we had a cavalcade of “I hate both sides,” fags trying to salvage a career selling out White People in the (((GOP))).

It simply cannot be stressed enough that this is not an issue with any shades of grey. Israel openly claimed that they were going to steal land on behalf of the Jew race. They openly claimed that they were going to be literally stealing the houses of these Goyim as they racially cleansed them off land that they had lived on for thousands of years. To accomplish this, they murdered hundreds of them, including sixty four children. 

The response from servatives was “we need to reward Israel for this ethnic cleansing.” The response from “centrists” was “we denounce this vague violence thing that has no real guilty parties.” The response from the mainstream, butthole-left was “I’ll end your political career if you speak out against those racial cleansers and Jew nationalism.” The response from antifa was “LOL, we’ve always been zionists, and how fucking dare you cattle criticize Jew nationalist ethnic cleansing.” 

The hypocrisy, double standards, and malice of the (((Democracy Class))) on behalf of Jew nationalism and the Jew racial state is so absurd that to make argument against it is to privilege it as some sort of principled position that deserves critique. The simple reality is that you live under a Zionist Occupied Government. So do the Palestinians, and they are entitled to fight back in whatever way they feel is most appropriate.

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