Another guest piece by Cooper, this one being more of an editorial. As always, the quote indents are my own commentary, and you can follow Cooper’s telegram here.

The two papers, National Post and Globe and Mail, have long constituted a Yin and Yang of Canadian normie newsprint. As such, you can often find them trading jabs in their respective editorial sections, with housing and immigration being the topic du jour (that is, does immigration help or harm housing supply?). Observant readers will have witnessed pro-immigration, Globe and Mail libtards being BTFO by National Postalists. Being that’s the case and being that economic criticisms of immigration are still palatable in Conservative circles, I wanted to give some different takes today.

A prefatory note: what is tolerable among right-wing voters is something divorced from their leaders’ talking points. You won’t even get the aforementioned, economic arguments out of Pierre and his cronies; this was made clear in the 2022 Conservative leadership debates. Check out this clip, for example. The moderator asks: “Last year Canada took in more immigrants than at any other time in our history, doubling the usual number of about 200 – 250 thousand and we’re planning to increase that number even more. So, looking at the latest numbers of around just over 400 thousand, is 400 thousand or a little bit more, the right number to be bringing in every year into Canada?”

Each Conservative leadership candidate had their opportunity to trip over each other affirming how great immigration is, but let’s focus on a couple responses.

Poilievre: “We need the workforce, frankly, but when we bring immigrants here we need to make sure they have the freedom to own a home by getting rid of the gatekeepers that prevent housing construction and the freedom to work in their field by getting rid of the gatekeepers that prevent them from getting licenses in their professions and trades”. This is no shock, as Poilievre, to this day, goes against his political base in terms of being favourable to population displacement. Since the 2022 debates, he has still NOT ANSWERED whether the Liberals’ immigration targets are too high. I mean, this is the guy who goes to brown people’s back yards for press conferences and says “there are no doctors to see us, but then we have thousands of medical graduates who are banned from working simply because they are immigrants”. I will come back to this.

Pierre Poilievre

Poilievre is a fraud who is barely even pretending at this point. He also, as Cooper mentions, never pretended not to want to destroy the nation through immigration. He literally said that it’s a problem that we demand these migrants learn how to speak English.

Later in the leadership segment on immigration, Patrick Brown said something that made me lose my mind: “You could change the education system, but that takes 10 years in terms of creating a new stream of workers in the skilled trades. We need that immigration we need that talent right now. There are jobs – we can’t build – houses we can’t build – bridges we can’t build because [of] the lack of labour”. Ten years, Patrick? How long has the birth rate been a problem in this country? How obvious was the coming labour shortage? Conservatives have been sitting on their hands for at least 50 years and now they talk about needing a decade to implement solutions. You had a whole half-century!

I’d like to use the above responses as a template for what we discuss today. Poilievre and Brown take a position that immigrants (who are primarily non-White) are competent, well-meaning, and needed in a Canada whose original population cannot possibly support itself.

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is a creepy sexpest, and the CPC leadership election was entirely rigged, with plenty of more populist candidates being shut out of the race. These people don’t “take” positions, they get positions given to them, although I’m sure Cooper would agree.

For us, demography is destiny. Our priority is countering White replacement, which requires that the Canadian people achieve autarky. If this is impossible, then every policy prescription is useless, and the conversation is not worth having. We know from our past that population expansion can come from sources other than immigration. From 1815 to 1851 the population of Lower Canada blossomed from 330K to 890K. Quebec’s population reached almost 4 million by 1950. The baby boom from 1941 to 1962 brought Canada’s total population from 11.5 million to 18.5 million. These increases were mostly a result of high fertility rates (Duchesne, Canada in Decay, p. 18-19). It is true that, were an extreme pro-natal policy promulgated by the government, a transition period may still require foreign labour. I would turn to Enoch Powell’s thoughts on the matter. In his 1969 Firing Line interview Powell admitted that a sudden repatriation of non-Whites whether by mutual agreement or by force would be untenable. Such a move would need to be managed to avoid system shock. Powell was dealing more in his time with the notion of foreign dependence on remittances than a dwindling labour pool, but our answer in principle could be similar.

Enoch: “it would be reasonable to arrange for a certain quota of labourer – a kind of revolving quota to be maintained almost indefinitely. This would present little or no problem and should, I think, be one of the – one of the provisions –

Buckley: “You mean five- and ten-year work permit kind of –

Enoch: “That sort of thing, accompanying a program of repatriation”.

I would suggest you watch the whole interview. It will greatly help you deflect pro-immigration rhetoric in the day-to-day.

Enoch Powell

With an idea in our heads about a possible future, let us return to life on the ground in multicultural Canada. Pierre and friends have put forth that a non-White takeover is great fun for the common man. Is that so?

It is said that immigrants move to Canada to run small businesses. Well, I think that is unquestionable. When we have artificially created new communities full of foreigners with foreign ways, and foreign tastes, it necessitates a subsequent wave of immigrants who open up shops to fill their needs. This leads to funny ironies such as Canadian food banks being overwhelmed by non-Whites. These charities then buy from ethnic grocery stores because said immigrants won’t eat White-people food. Here is a video with nearly 300K views encouraging foreigners to use food banks, contextualizing the act not as abuse, but as simply getting “free food”. The comments are blackpilling, describing immigrants who resell food bank donations at their own shops as well as employees who save the good stuff for their relatives at the expense of disabled Canadians. Despicable.

The video has subsequently been privated. I saw it at the time, and it was every bit as bad as you would expect.

We do have much more to contend with than strange restauranteers or garment-peddlers. There exists also a class of non-White “partners” who connect Canadian business owners with members of their ethnic community. They do so in exchange for a take of the action. I personally know an Italian-Canadian home builder who has sold many houses to africans with the help of his black associate. This has resulted in some funny interactions and much exasperation on the part of the Italian guy. Incidents range from a hectic car chase to a new home filled to the ceiling with bubbles. I’ll talk about this on HNIC [Honkey Night in Canada] season two. Actually, there are entirely new industries created by immigration, one of them being “Brampton Loans”. This refers to networks of indians creating fraudulent income statements and other documents so that other indians can qualify for mortgages, jamming up the housing market. Check out this report by the CBC. You can see that the commentators, culprits, and decoys are all “south-asian”.

Even legitimate professions such as transport are being overrun. Purported Sikh ownership of trucking in Canada varies from 18 percent up to 60 percent. These figures date back to 2016-2018. I would be interested if anyone could source credible, recent numbers, but since Sikh’s are 2.6% of the population, both ends of the spectrum still speak to wild overrepresentation. Rabble’s report into wage theft in the transport industry reveals that “trucking makes up 17 per cent of federally regulated workers, but 85 per cent of claims for unpaid wages”. When you examine this article as well as the website of “Justice for Workers”, which is linked to in the piece, it is obvious that this is an Indian problem. The workers interviewed and pictured are Indian; the trucking companies certainly sound like Indian names. The grammatical errors on their websites would indicate as much. JFW’s “trucking” webpage is even written in punjabi as well as English.

As a former trucker, I can say that “South Asians” are absurdly over-represented in a few geographical areas. When I would do deliveries into the Okanagan, I would occasionally get comments from the unloaders such as “a truck driver from Surrey, and he’s White!”

There are also definitely Sikh run corporations packed full of immigrants, but there are also non-seek Indians working in trucking. The bird’s eye view and the ground view mostly agree, and it’s hard to trust official statistics or the anecdotes of one driver as God’s truth.

ESD Canada inspectors have cited numerous transport businesses for violating migrant worker laws. One such entity, 10047179 Manitoba Ltd., lists a Mohamed Bekhit as CEO. I could not find owner information for the other company that was named (Trans Empire Logistics). However, the firm is based out of Delta BC (full of indians), and its website was clearly written by a Pajeet. The other trucking companies fined by ESD are listed by city only, with all being overrepresented in terms of Indian population (Abbotsford is 30% south Asian (!)).

Naturally my main concern is that brown trucking owners hire indentured servants to replace White people, allowing them to undercut other firms, buy up more of the market, and substitute even more Whites with their racial kin. However, this swap has also led to widespread practices that are simply indecent. Talk of “shit-holes” cut into truck floors (resulting in eldritch-tier problems for unsuspecting mechanics) and poop-water-soaked trucking bathrooms (due to makeshift enemas) is ubiquitous. I’ll admit I took some of this as hearsay until I had it confirmed by Indians themselves. YUCK!

White Replacement has done wonders to destroy the hard fought labour victories of the past century. It also destroys basic hygiene standards. 

Local talent (that could be doing something productive) is also shuffled into immigration-adjacent projects aiming to resettle newcomers. I’m not just describing refugee agencies, however. Take Windmill Microlending, whose CEO, Claudia Hepburn, wrote a “special” for the Globe and Mail decrying re-accreditation standards for foreign professionals. The Globe describes her organization as a “charity that helps immigrants restart their careers, triple their incomes, and alleviate skilled labour shortages”. This is done by giving out loans at 6% interest. We have here, a usurious organization with charitable status that grifts off a broken system. According to Windmill’s website, they are “funded by the public and private sectors”. The Canadian people contributed HUGELY to Windmill’s success through the Foreign Credential Recognition Program. This was enacted by the Feds in 2010 to “improve the foreign credential recognition processes for targeted occupations or sectors”. The Government of Canada has committed $39 million in approved projects under the FCRP this year, including $8 million for Windmill Microlending.

Hepburn contends, much as Poilievre does, that “roadblocks” stemming from “xenophobic policies” are harming immigrants, two-thirds of whom arrive with university degrees, though “only one-third of immigrants with degrees are in jobs that require one”. It is worth stating, according to, that “there’s no ‘degree equivalency’ per se at an international level. Education systems are structured differently and curriculums vary greatly…no law mandates that a British degree is ‘valid’ for XYZ job or that a Korean bachelor’s degree must be accepted as a Canadian bachelor’s degree”. The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials further clarifies:To have your qualifications recognized in order to work in Canada, the first step is to find out which organization is responsible for assessing your qualifications and what documents are required.”

Due to the case-by-case nature of this, I can’t say whether large swaths of immigrants who arrive in Canada are unqualified for employment according to our standards. We can certainly see, though, that whatever regulations do exist are being fought by lobbyists such as Claudia Hepburn, whose business itself is paid millions by the Feds. I do have enough anecdotal evidence to envisage qualification as a big problem. A Senior Nurse I know has vented to me about foreign medical professionals who could not administer an IV drip (something very simple). An engineer friend has said much the same: there are a significant number of imported, incompetent non-Whites in this field too. These testimonies lead me to believe that many of those immigrants who are driving Ubers should probably keep doing that. If truly ill-equipped workers are breaking through regulatory barriers, imagine the skillsets of those who don’t make the cut.

The entire premise is absurd. Migrants get privileged in hiring over natives, especially White natives, and there are tons of programs to support them. Actual Canadians who are out of work need support.

That old critique of “your degree is just a piece of paper,” is true, but not in the way that LOLberts and cuckservatives mean. When the focus was on privileging those with otherwise useless degrees and the University system that doles them out, plenty of laws could be passed restricting labour in certain fields, and I know that a lot of Government bureaucratic positions make degrees, any degree, mandatory for employment.

If the focus changes to privileging these migrants, then suddenly the laws that don’t accept their credentials as valid can be changed overnight. The credentialist system will remain, they’ll just include migrants who got degrees from degree mill garbage institutions in India. The only reason they haven’t already is because Universities are a Globo Homo stronghold, so there’s a balancing act here between hurting one of their instutitions and hurting White People.

In her Globe piece, Hepburn cites university protectionism as a hurdle for reaccreditation. This will probably be less of a problem for her ilk going forward, being that our post-secondary institutions are brimming with foreigners. Rather than using their international degrees to immigrate, young third-worlders are simply getting educated here.

This article from the Hub details how:

– Canada has 800,000 foreign students living here (up 31% from the previous year).

– They are overwhelming local infrastructure (including housing).

– The lack of a cap on international students has resulted in de-facto auctioning of permanent residency by post-secondary institutions.

– This trend is so far-gone that fake, Potemkin-village style schools are opening just to take in boatloads of said students.

A simple YouTube search grants a heaping list of videos showing outlanders (mostly indians) how to get PR status as full-time students.

You can see this woman is maximizing her grifting with a multitude of discount codes in the notes section. 63K views on a niche topic for a specific group of people (she is speaking what I think is punjabi). Increasingly it is found that these students come here under false pretense, with fraud appearing most commonly in the form of bogus acceptance letters. Since 2018 the CBSA has established links between abuse of the student visa process and gang activity. A recent investigation into 300 fake letters found at least 10 “students” were involved in organized crime. The Feds’ approach is to blame this on immigration agents abroad and opt to give some of these scammers a second chance “if they demonstrate that their intention to come to Canada was genuine and that they were not complicit in fraud”. Poilievre agrees, saying students were ”defrauded by shady consultants who gave them fake admission letters”. His answer is to issue them work permits while they await approval for PR status. As the foreign student problem increases in scope, some politicians, such as Danielle Smith, are directing their bureaucrats to ease restrictions on for-profit colleges to increase enrollment.

Ah yes, Danielle Smith. Another one of these “Covid populists,” and “WEF skeptics,” who, curiously, wants to massively ramp up migration and turn your kids into trannies. I know it’s a battle in the rearview mirror at this point, but anyone who ever tells you that there is something to be gained from working with servatives needs to be slapped.

Let’s say the increase of foreign students is about solving labour shortages in Canada, rather than a replacement scheme hidden under the less insidious (but also problematic) practice of for-profit education. You’d imagine, then, that government would also be selecting Canadians to fill these positions and paying for their education. Funding does exist for university students, but much of it is racial in nature. Take for example, the Ecosystem Fund. This is a $100 million public investment into black entrepreneurship, offering training through post-secondary institutions as well as other services.

Heck, just check out the Government of Canada’s “scholarships” webpage. You’ll find race-specific (non-White) funding throughout. The largest disbursement, certainly, is the government’s Post-Secondary Student Support Program for natives. This program has a current commitment of $320 million over 5 years, which began in 2019. It has an initial cap of $53K per year per student, but this can be raised to $90K “on an extraordinary and justified basis”. CBC published an entire article coping about native education in 2016. The best criticism they could come up with is that there existed a limit to funding at all! This means that not EVERYTHING is covered, and not EVERYONE in the reserve gets to go to college.

These programs are allowed to exist under servative Governments, or even brought in by them to “own da libs.” As I’ve mentioned, we have an enormous unemployment rate that is simply hidden by not counting those out of work for over a year as “permanently discouraged,” and taking them off the books. 

Any rational and non-malicious Government would first look for ways to train and employ our own populace, but the purpose of immigration is to destroy the nation. That this causes further economic precarity and impoverishment is a feature, not a bug.

The CBC’s complaint is in line with Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action #11: “We call upon the federal government to provide adequate funding to end the backlog of First Nations students seeking a post-secondary education”. It seems the Trudeau administration is hard at work correcting the issue. In fact, there exists a whole webpage detailing their complicity to native demands. Under “11” we can see post-secondary funding for Inuit and Metis people totaling $519 million over 10 years. This seems to be up and above the $320 million figure cited earlier, which I believe applies to status Indians (as opposed to their northern and hybrid counterparts). Funnily enough, despite these egregious handouts, some universities are now waiving tuition for the indigenous.

Even more than a decade ago, I dated a girl who had a (very trashy) Abo female friend. Her friend got paid to attend University. Yes, you read that correctly. She made money by attending uni, and no, she wasn’t particularly bright or hardworking.

Fast-tracking Canadian students into much-needed professions is certainly an option for solving labour crises. Queen’s University’s prestigious School of Medicine has a program, QuARMS, which seems to do exactly that. This track offers an “accelerated route” to Medical School, with only two years of Undergraduate study, and no requirement to take an MCAT test. The goal of QuARMS as stated by Queen’s seems noble: “The school of Medicine intends to reduce barriers to entry in medical school, and to reach individuals who may not otherwise have considered attending Queen’s or medical school”. The actual desired outcomes becomes clear enough when one notes QuARMS is explicitly limited to black and native students. Queen’s is not trying to get you a family doctor; the university is simply lowering standards for the Low-IQ-aquois (stole that from Nick Mullen).

I was thinking about the travesty of misspending in education, and it caused me to reflect back on Mein Kampf.

From time to time, our illustrated papers publish, for the edification of the German slacker, news that somewhere, for the first time, a Negro has become a lawyer, teacher, pastor, even a grand opera tenor or some such thing. While the pathetic bourgeois stares with amazement at the marvelous achievements of our modern educational technique, the clever Jew sees in this fact new evidence for the theory that he wants to infect the public with, namely that all men are equal.

It doesn’t dawn on the murky bourgeois world that this published fact is a sin against reason itself; that it’s an act of criminal insanity to train someone who is born half-ape to become a lawyer while, on the other hand, millions from the most civilized races have to remain in positions unworthy of their cultural standing; that it’s a sin against the will of the eternal Creator to allow hundreds of thousands of the most gifted people to remain floundering in the proletarian swamp while Hottentots and Zulus are trained for the intellectual professions. Here we have the product only of a scientific ‘training’, just like a poodle. If the same amount of effort and care were applied to the intelligent races, each individual would become a thousand times more capable.

This state of affairs would become intolerable if a day came when such cases were no longer exceptional, but it’s already intolerable where talent and natural gifts are not decisive factors in qualifying for a higher education. Indeed, it’s intolerable to think that, year after year, hundreds of thousands of talentless people are deemed worthy of a higher education, while other hundreds of thousands of more talented ones go without any sort of higher schooling at all…Here to is another educational task awaiting the folkish State. Its task won’t be to assure a dominant influence to an existing social class, but to select the most competent heads from the mass of the nation and promote them to place and honor. The duty of the State isn’t only to give the average child a certain definite education in public school, but also to put talent on the right track. Above all, it must open the doors of higher State education to talent of every sort, no matter from what social class it may come”.

Mein Kampf, Volume 2 (Dalton Translation) Pg 67-68

My review of In His Own Words here.

My father and I were both educated from primary school through post-secondary in the same Canadian city. One facet of his schooling that was utterly strange to me is the notion of “streaming” or “tracking”. This refers to separating children by academic potential and intrinsic talent. These practices are now actively shunned in the name of equity. Our current government funds worthless schooling for savages while private colleges inflate revenues with hordes of PR-shoppers. We could instead be funneling bright young minds into accelerated programs, resolving labour issues in the medical field and other critically understaffed industries. This would be a huge improvement to Canadians’ quality of life. Publicly funding such initiatives and paying these students’ tuition is a no-brainer. Perhaps for some pupils, that financial relief would not be enough of an incentive. Graver still, is the worry that we don’t have enough bodies to fill positions, even if we implemented streaming in high school or earlier.

One of the biggest victories of the actual progressive movement of the early twentieth century was standardized testing. For the first time, it didn’t matter if you were the son of a farmer, or the president, if you scored higher you got in. Streaming is another related and truly progressive advancement.

The modern butthole-left hates standardized testing and streaming with a passion. They also love credentialism. The former gets in the way of hurting Whitey, and the latter allows them to systematically privilege those who have been (((given))) our rightful spots.

These hiccups really speak to an underlying need for a patriotism based in blood and soil. Canadians need to have children, lots of them, and raise them with a sense of communitarian responsibility. That is the only way we’ll have White kids who choose to pursue a career that fulfills the needs of their kin, instead of carrying $100K of debt into a worthless, Jew corner of the social sciences. ZOG is not going to promote a cultural shift of this manner. The first step is getting involved in local groups (active clubs, etc.). The rapid growth in White fraternalism is a positive development, to be sure.

We have inherited a zeitgeist that is several steps behind the climate of the early-20th Century. However, as the public becomes increasingly disenchanted by the phenomena I’ve written about in this piece, recruiting for pro-White groups should be easier. I continue to witness personal conversions among my peers; many of these metamorphoses are long in duration and filled with struggle. This is fine, because such inner grappling results in a person who is stronger in their convictions than an unironic Turner Diaries enthusiast (relax: it’s a fun read). Canadians have been collectively catfished, with the non-Whites arriving in droves not living up to promises and causing more problems than they solve. Our response must be to return the old-stock Canadian to his rightful place in this country. I mean that both in terms of his share in our population as well as the re-development of his personal character. We will not see the Canuck Übermensch in our own time, but God-willing, he is closer than our enemy suspects. Check your side mirrors.

The education and training system is as anti-White as it is broken. This is because ZOG doesn’t actually care about having a well run country, only hurting Whitey. As long as Weimerca’s nukes still work, they’re perfectly happy running their occupied countries into the ground. And yes, it is an insult that some people toil away in jobs that are far beneath them, or in unemployment, while some privileged Blacks, Abos, and others flunk out of the already dumbed down University system on full ride scholarships. Even worse is when they get a special carvout path to becoming doctors so they can incompetently diagnose the new and improved diseases that the migrants of colour bring to a community near you.

It’s easy to hate this state of affairs, which is why servatives make sure to uniformly support it, just like they uniformly voted to label the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. The system must be totalitarian and uniform because it is so unpopular. 

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  1. Excellent article! I think that the economic rallying cry for Europid-Canadians should be “Autarky or Bust!”

    As an aside, there are now immigration Youtube channels where the main message is: “Canada? Avoid, avoid, avoid! All the easy-to-loot, low hanging fruit is gone. High prices, low wages etc.”

    Even funnier, though unstated, is that newcomers will probably end up living and working with pajeets like the ones they left at behind home – so why bother?

    Funnier still, is that they’ll end up living in a slightly nicer shithole than the one left behind, only with temperatures now dropping as low as – 40C in winter. No more warm winter monsoons for you my little pajeet friends! Meet your new friend the snow shovel.

    Last, I look forward to greedy little pajeets running up against our pampered abos. In the fight for top spot in the equality hierarchy, who will win? I hope to see a “Thunderdome”-style, winner-takes-all death match between these two groups to settle this question once and for all.

    1. Thanks very much Dane!

      1. You are welcome Cooper. I look forward to your next piece! 🙂

    2. I am very glad to hear that some indians are warning others to stay away. Appreciate the info. I think you’re right; these MF’s really do not like each other. The non-Whites that aren’t retards intrinsically know that they need Whites, but they don’t need other races! Also, the international student problem seems to be in the mainstream news now, even the CBC! Good news all around.
      – Cooper

    3. Trick question, Jews win.

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