It’s a situation many content creators are familiar with. I mean both the hideous men trying to have sex with you online but also this next part.

You start working on so many different projects that you have too many tabs for a single browser instance. So you create another, and later another. In fact, as I write this I have 10 instances of Opera open on my computer.

I periodically go through and clean out the old stuff. Often when that happens the page has gone out of memory, and refreshes itself. One of those old instances showed the forum that some assmad retard named Sneschampion had linked to. I took a glance at that, took a glance at the rest of the forum, and immediately stumbled upon the below gem, which I wrote about here.

As I re-opened that browser instance the page I was on, which was them being assmad about me and calling me a woman, automatically refreshed. Out of curiousity I scrolled down the page a little more, and was confronted with the Manlet Cult Leader himself whining about me.

Yes, trust me it’s really him. Anyway I didn’t bother reading the nested response, but his existing response is pretty typical manlet spew. It hits all the notes. I’m a woman, my jokes are in poor taste, and Anglin is a superChad incel who routinely pulls 10/10’s into his bed.

When I saw this comment it triggered something in me, and not in the way the LoserNats had intended. It was more than simply a typical response, in fact I had seen this comment before. The below comment was left on our very first Manhandling of the Manlets article.

In fact I had even responded to this comment. I had first considered just deleting the comment, but I left it up for the reasons given. It showed the ultra low quality of the IncelUprising crowd.

Well apparently it shows the ultra low quality of Anglin himself, because now we know that he left it. That’s right, he hopped over here, changed the comment to refer to himself in third person, and then laughably challenged Mike Enoch to a debate.

Oh and refers to himself as “the real alpha male.”

I had no idea at the time that the dipshit I was dismissing was Andrew Anglin himself. And it’s even better because earlier in the thread Snescuck had promised that Little Andy would “destroy us.” So what happened was he left a comment I almost put in the trash but left up because it was so idiotic that it made those guys look bad.

Andrew Anglin is now so desperate for female attention that he’s now propositioning me for sex. I guess Anglin is just showing how comfortable he is in his masculinity that everybody knows he’s okay with having sex with someone six inches taller than him, with a deeper voice and a bigger dick.

Still, I find this all very mean. I’m being bullied. Andrew Anglin should pick on someone his own size, like Weev or Danny Devito. Leave us lanklets alone Andrew!

And as for challenging Enoch to a debate, this is a guy who lost a debate to Sargon of Akkad, and had to be rescued by other people coming in like Millenial Woes and asking him if Samuel L Jackson was a White Man. Even ambiguous heterosexual Richard Spencer BTFO’d Sargon in a debate, something this retarded little guy couldn’t manage. But apparently Moike Enoch is just cowering in the corner in terror of the debating prowess of the meth’d up Manlet Cult General retard.

I can’t speak for Moikus Enochus, but I’ll happily debate Little Andy on his topic of choosing and I’ve never even been in a debate since the eighth grade. I’m pretty confident that I can ritualistically humiliate this little dweeb considering that the positions he pretends to believe in are retarded, and he has such non-existent debate skills that he lost to Sargon of Akkad.

I’d certainly like to hear him explain in public how and when Nicky Juan Fuentes is gonna become the next POTUS.

Or maybe how defending jew rapist Harvey Weinstein saves the White Race?

Let’s do it. I’m pumped. I’m about as excited to be metaphorically beating down this little dork as he was when he wrote his erotic fanfiction about bearded me sitting on his bed.

I just now realized that he probably jerked off to that when he was imagining me as some 17 year old supermodel quality virgin. So there’s about a 50-50 chance that Andrew Anglin has rubbed one out to me already.

It’s a disturbing thought no doubt, but I’ll still do that debate. Call me Andy.

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  1. Anglin is a textbook example of an egotistical tard on the internet who still thinks he’s funny. Can’t wait for him to ignore this out of spite for a week, then write a smug but catty article about it that isn’t half as funny as this site is now. Too bad no one will be reading it. Lol.

    Thanks for filling up the satyrical gap in our media landscape, Doctah.

    1. You love to see it.

  2. Monke 🙂

  3. GU are the ones raiding TRS content on chan, odysee, and kiwi farms. Fuentes also uses them to run game on his dwindling audience in order to keep them on the AF plantation.

    SNES Champion’s speal about blowing wignats the fuck out and his hatred for Striker reminds me of Beardson, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if SNES Champion and Trump Train Wreck 1488 turned out to be Andy and Weev.

  4. I didn’t know that Colin came in, to aid the manlet against Sargon. Colin is such a gentleman.

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