First, some backstory.

Michigan Live:

An associate of white nationalist Richard Spencer is the 11th person arraigned on criminal charges following violent protests that erupted at Michigan State University over Spencer’s appearance on campus March 5.

Gregory Conte, 29, was arraigned Monday on a charge of resisting and obstructing police, a felony that carries up to a two-year prison sentence, according to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office.

That was back in 2017, and was part of Richard Spencer’s College Tour. They had the TWP guys out there and it was basically a disaster. It’s where we get this picture of Matt “wifefucker” Heimbach and his low IQ crew.

Greg Conte is on the right side of the picture above. Back in the pre-NJP days there were no pro-White organizations except some extremely sketchy ones like the TWP. Conte was more affiliated with Spencer, but I don’t blame anyone for being involved with either at that time. In retrospect Heimbach was an anti-social loser who’s now doing “Life After Hate,” type anti-White bullshit, and Spencer is a complete ponce.

Ah, the heady days of big tent Republican Party Outsiderism. Back before we all learned to be more careful who we associate with.

In any case, you all know what happened even before being told. Antifa showed up, the police instigated a confrontation, and Conte was charged with resisting and obstructing police. It’s very similar to the Charlottesville case.

It’s also similar in how NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich and Greg Conte approached the legal fight. Which is to say, they viewed it as an actual fight, and showed up. Shocking stuff I know, but I’ll let Greg explain in his own words from his telegram account.

Gregory Conte:

I am officially done with my Michigan case after nearly 4 years. I just deposited a check for $5,000 in bail money that was returned to me.

I had to plead to crossing the street against a signal and pay a $45 fine. This is still frankly outrageous, as it was the cops who should have been punished for their cowardice and bad-faith. They allowed Antifa to riot, and they denied me and the other attendees any reasonable means of approaching our event at Michigan State on March 5th, 2018.

Outrageous of course. But obviously they wanted a White Man’s scalp, not a $45 jaywalking fine.

The turning point, I think, was my September motion to dismiss hearing. I made several arguments that effectively told the court “I’m not going to let you get away with this. This trial will be a political circus. You don’t want to deal with me.” First, I argued that the prosecutor was trying to trick me into missing court because he was scheduling hearings on short notice and not telling me about them. Second I argued that the case was political, and that I wouldn’t be facing the charge if I were black. I brought up the blatantly political public statements of the Ingham County prosecutor, Carol Siemon.

Carol Sieman, Ingham County Prosecutor

I can’t be sure exactly what statements of hers he was going to reference, but something like what I found below is probably what he had in mind.


“I was raised here in Lansing, in a diverse community,” Siemon said. “I’ve always had an interest in civil rights, all aspects of civil rights. As a woman, I’ve been a feminist all my life. LGBTQ Rights, racial disproportionality, immigrants rights. So, when I was elected as prosecutor, my goal was to try and create a more criminal and equitable legal system.”

Anyway, back to Conte.

The hearing was really heated. Most of the argument was between me and the judge while the prosecutor just watched. The prosecutor tried to say that I had caused the delay of 3.5 years because I’d had to change lawyers. He also argued that I was trying to force him to reveal his trial “strategy.” When I started tearing his arguments apart, the judge–intentionally it seemed–misinterpreted things I was saying, and then threatened me with 90 days for “interrupting” her when she had stopped talking (see transcript below). The whole thing was really too absurd to analyze and explain briefly.

I think I beat the prosecution fair and square on the arguments. The case should have been dismissed with prejudice at that hearing. My sixth amendment right to a speedy trial was violated, and the charge should have been dismissed for that alone. And the charge itself was absurd. I did not “assault/resist/obstruct/wound/batter” an officer in the performance of his duties. No officer was doing his duty that day. If anyone was obstructed, it was me, because the cops prevented me, an officer of the organization with whom their institution had a contract, from carrying out MY DUTY to distribute event tickets and guide the attendees to the event.

Unfortunately we can’t show you the hearing transcript, just because I don’t know how to embed a PDF in WordPress. You’ll have to click the link I gave and go to his telegram channel. I might post the transcript in a different article.

But overall, this is a huge win. Michigan really wanted to blame me for something. When I was first arrested and held in jail, I was slammed with the preposterous charge of “inciting a riot”!!! After nearly 4 years, I am finally done.

I want to again thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who helped me in this fight. I am eternally grateful to everyone who sent me money to cover expenses. I also want to thank everyone who helped me with advice and encouragement.

I was attacked by the system, but it was not a charge I could not handle. I had the time, knowledge, money and support to fight and win. Most people who get attacked by the system are not so lucky. There are still guys who are in prison unjustly for Charlottesville and other 2017-era protests. James Fields will be there for the rest of his life. Those are the guys who deserve our movement’s help and support.

Conte continues in his next post giving advice for our goys caught in political persecution.

Greg Conte:

My take-aways on how to fight a political legal battle:

A criminal case is not a gentlemanly debate, as a private-firm lawyer might like you to think. It is a vicious negotiation. You can beat the prosecutor, but only if you make it clear that he has less leverage than he thinks, and that you will make it very hard for him to get anything out of you.

1) Do NOT hire a normie, private-firm lawyer. It is a massive waste of money. They will not fight for you, they will avoid doing anything to “irritate the court,” ie, they will give away all of your leverage. Represent yourself if you can. Not everyone can or should do it, but if you are reasonably smart, it is better.

2) You have to NOT CARE about trial or prison. Or at least you need to look like you don’t care. The prosecutor’s entire strategy is based on the assumption that most people don’t want to be sent to prison saddled with convicted-felon status.

3) As a political defendant, you have one major weapon: the threat of a public trial. If you are prepared to take the case to trial and call a bunch of cops and other system-servants as witnesses, you have a big advantage.

4) Do not be a perfectionist. Writing court motions is not too difficult. If you are not a lawyer and are representing yourself, the court has to be lenient with your argumentation. They will not jump on you for small errors or lack of citations. In fact, you don’t really need citations. It is better to just fire off lots of simple and direct arguments than to struggle to write intricate masterpieces.

5) Make the prosecutor do work. This is what the antifa’s lawyers do. They ask for everything they can think of. They do this because it is free and it makes the prosecutor want to be done with your case.

6) If the prosecutor offers you a sweet deal, push for more. They are offering a deal because they don’t want to go to trial. Especially if you are a political defendant, you know that they want to prosecute a “Nazi.” It would look great on their resume. So if the prosecutor comes to you with a favorable deal, as Michigan did with me back in August, you should assume that the prosecutor knows his position is weak and attack him harder!

7) I encourage everyone to read George Lincoln Rockwell’s Legal Psychological and Political Warfare, esp. Chapter 1 “Basic Criminal Law” (chapter 1 begins on page 14). The system’s tactics are not new. They can be beaten. Learn from the master himself.

As with the court transcript, I’ll put this in a followup article.

If I had to do this again, I would have immediately filed subpoenas on everyone I could think of on day one. Every cop, communist and media outlet. I did not do so because I had the mistaken impression that my lawyer would do it, or that I could get information through the discovery process.

If this all seems obvious to you, good. You would not believe how many people told me it was nuts to fight and that I just needed to call up my normie lawyer again and trust him to act in my interests. It was shocking to me how many people, even in our movement, do not understand the fundamental principles of negotiation. “Just ask the prosecutor for a deal,” “don’t file subpoenas, it’s not necessary,” “don’t ask for documents, we won’t get them.” Worst of all was my original lawyer’s idea to file a motion against the prosecution mentioning my politics at trial. Are you insane? Of course I want to talk about my political beliefs! I’m censored pretty much everywhere, so why would I give up an opportunity that good? Talking about politics at trial could only be good, especially after how much the system discredited itself in 2020 and 2021. I know the prosecutor’s office does not want to have to bring in cops and have them cross-examined by someone who will question their competence and their very honor.

In the end, legal expertise is far less valuable than the basic instincts about how to fight. If you don’t know how to fight, all of your legal moves will be wrong. But if you understand leverage, you’ll have a fighting chance.

I wrote about the Charlottesville civil lawsuit here. The contrast between Jason Kessler’s “intelligent guy,” not taking the stand, trusting his normie lawyers, attacking the other defendants for being too emotional, and Greg Conte and Mike Enoch actually fighting and winning could not be larger. The legal battles that our guys have had to go through recently, while extremely tough, have definitely put us in the right place when it comes to understanding the system moving forwards. But most importantly, you have to fight.

Congratulations to Gregory Conte.

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  1. Based Conte. Very glad to hear he’s done with this bullshit illegitimate trial. I remember the TDS episode where Mike said Greg showed up to court to find it empty, and the court wouldn’t even register his appearance. They had nothing on Conte. It shows how full of shit Liberal ideals are. What do you do if the court simply doesn’t respond to you or your complaints? It’s a digsusting illegitimate evil anti-White zionist supremacist system.

  2. Also, not sure where to post this. Found some really interesting content the Hypen and TRS might like to analyze or talk about in general. Entirely up to you.
    First video:
    “The Problem With Goblins: J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter, & Jews | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast”
    Two sycophantic pro-zionist social climbers buddying up with Stewart and kissing the ring as best as they can. Half the video could be in a Sven dropbox.
    Jurden: “I found the two Jewish people in Mississippi and I befriended them!”
    Stewart: “I think it’s a wise choice.”

    On Bar Mitzvah’s
    Jurden: “Nicki Minaj goes to them”
    Blix: “It’s a prom!”
    Stewart: “It’s more like a demonstration of Gatsbya (I think that is what he says) , it’s basically like saying “The Jews have arrived, and we are going to dazzle you… with the access”
    The access? Access to what Stewart?

    Then the black homosexual brings up Rowling and Gringotts bank. Look at the submissive body language from these two, looking for permission from Stewart and wanting to get his approval as he waffles on about the anti-semitism of Harry Potter. Feigning their offense. Stewart even whips out ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

    Stewart: “This is how you know Jews are still where they are”
    Translation: “We still have alot more work to do, and despite our enormous power and privilege, we’re still terrified of the fact these gentiles subconciously create villain tropes which are ‘canards’ of ourselves”
    *Blix’ eyes widen, likely in shock at where the direction of the conversation is headed, and then nods approvingly towards Stewart*
    My skin crawls at these two ‘comedy writers’ reactions. They’re so fake. So submissive and so determined to get approval for ‘the access’. This is what every boardroom, meeting and management session looks like from media editing, to retail regional management to FBI job interviews; sycophantic effeminate weirdo Renfeld’s kissing zionist supremacist ass for ‘the access’.

    Bliz: ” I was 11 or 12, and I remember – being in the theater and being like “This is kinda fucked up!”
    Lying little fuck.

    Stewart: “It reminded me of those horror movies, where everyones been taken over by the Thing but you haven’t so you’re looking around and everytime someone sees you they go *invasion of the body snatchers scream*.”
    The xenophobia and paranoia against gentiles on full display.

    Stewart: “I was expecting the crowd to be like “Holy shit! She did not in a wizarding world just throw Jews in there to run the fucking underground bank.””
    And yet most people were fully immersed unquestioning what they saw. Average movie goer doesn’t even think about. It just looks completely normal to them. kek.

    There are so many admissions in this small video. So much going on. The scyophantic homosexual renfeld, the pleading for approval, the admission of paths to power through Jewish social events and the neverending paranoia.

    Second video:
    “#282 – Lex Fridman | The Tim Dillon Show” 1:20:00 onwards
    It’s a conversation about Epstein’s child rape trafficking black mail operation and Tim Dillon correctly asserts it was directed by Mossad. Fridman sweats attempting to undermine this obviously reality-based narrative and pretend its something completely innocuous. His arguments are basic bitch concern trolling, and he tries to claim he’s playing devils advocate.
    Dillon: “If it’s not an intelligence blackmail operation, what would you say that it could be?”
    Fridman: “I would say it’s one charismatic person, Jeffery Epstein, that was evil… and committed… things”
    LOL LMAO, what a non-answer.

    “There’s an important disctintion to draw, Jeffery Epstein being a complete manufactured manifestation of an intelligence agency -”
    Yes, and that intelligence agency is Mossad.
    “- vs as one charismatic evil person becomes more and more successful individualistist – on an individual level, you start meeting powerful people and then intelligence starts”
    Individualist? This motherfucker.

    Fridman: “- whenever you think intelligence is running the most powerful people in the world, they’re blackmailed, everything is being controlled by certain very powerful figures, you very naturally lead to a cyncism about the future of the world that deeply troubles me. ”
    “I would argue, it’s the Nitezche gaze into the abyss, and the abyss gazes back into you. I would argue if all you study is the Jerffery Epstein case, you will see devils everywhere.”
    “When you analyze this stuff, all you see is red”
    Translation: “STOP LOOKING INTO THINGS!”

    While Dillon seems ‘based’, Dillon is constantly looking for approval from Fridman and seems very nervous about the entire conversation despite his assertions Epstein was Mossad, and later says that these intelligence agencies aren’t looking out for any particular national interest, and are just made up of people looking out for their own personal interests, with no singular nation having power over them. Absolute grifting cuck. A tense Fridman seemingly relaxes when hearing this. The layers of controlled opposition never cease to amaze me. Clearly these discussions have to take place, and while some truths are spilt, it’s rapidly covered up with increasing layers of disinformation.
    “Epstein works for mossad!”
    “No, Epstein is an individualist”
    “No, Epstein works for mossad, but Mossad doesn’t work for any particular country, just their own individual status and wealth”
    Layers upon layers of confusing messy obfuscation to stop people concluding what is the obvious truth, fundamentally deracializing the issue and removing the obvious ethno supremacism of the anti-white zionist supremacists involved.

    TL;DR Two interesting videos to watch

    1. Good comment, bit random. You really should be writing shorter comments, and if you put that many links in it’s going to get caught by the spam filter.

      You can find us on telegram at Hyphen-Report.

  3. >>”But most importantly, you have to fight.”

    I think even more than that is you have to make the other side work and work and work, which is what nobody wants to do these days. Enoch showed them he was more trouble than he was worth so they cut their losses. Probably the same thing with Conte.

    Conte has the right idea when he says he would have filed subpoena after subpoena and put the cops on the stand for cross-examination. The other side doesn’t want to do that work.

    1. Yes that’s a great point. It’s free to make them put in an order of magnitude more work or more. Make them do it.

  4. Quote: “I’m not sure if Conte was more affiliated with TWP or Spencer”

    How can you not know that Conte was Spencer’s right hand man and main security guy for several years? Haven’t you been paying attention?

    Quote: ” In retrospect Heimbach was an anti-social loser who’s now doing “Life After Hate,” type anti-White bullshit, and Spencer is a complete ponce”.

    No, Heimbach is not doing “anti-white bullshit”, these days he’s an unironic Nazbol and is far from anti-white, whatever else you might say about him. A cursory review of his Odysee channel would reveal this. Also you refer to TWP as being “idiots” or some similar insult – again, this is a pretty dumb and off-the-mark comment for anyone who knows anything about TWP back in the day. I couldn’t be bothered explaining, but again you could do some research before writing this stuff.

    If you’re going to do trashy gossip you should at least know what you’re talking about. And why are you doing a whole website full of trashy gossip anyway, what’s the point?

    PS – I have to admit your “white while peeing” articles were funny but the stuff about Anglin is too long and very boring. You seem to be a TRS guy – as far as I know they have a “no gossip, no infighting” policy, maybe you should do the same….

    1. K, so I actually wrote about Heimbach in my “Optics for heterosexuals” article. Here’s a snippet from “Light upon Light,” the anti-White hate group doing the “you used to be a filthy Whitey advocating for evil White People but blah blah,” bit.


      This month Matt Heimbach, once considered the future face of hate in the United States, approached 100 days since announcing publicly that he had left far-right extremism here at LightUponLight.Online. We’re extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to work with him now for over a year, and to mark that 100 day anniversary, Matt came to the D.C. area where he was able to meet with Daryl Davis and Jesse Morton, both interventionists with our SHIFT-Hate (Support and Help for Individuals and Families Touched by Hate) program.


      Thank you for your criticisms of my writing style. It’s so nice to hear feedback from our valued and esteemed customers. We hope that your stay at Hyphen-Report was a good one.

      1. I don’t know if the Heimbach stuff is so cut and dry, I watched a stream of him and Matt Parrot after the Charlottesville verdict and I don’t remember him saying anything anti-White. He even had words of high praise for Cantwell’s performance and criticized Kessler’s stance of not naming the jews in favor of White well peeing-tier pro-White without being anti-anyone else activism. He calls his show National Bolshevik Radio, not caring enough to delve any further into Heimbach lore I found the whole thing completely perplexing in light of this coming out long after the LightUponLight stuff.

  5. The “light upon light” thing is ancient history, he’s now doing pro-white hard-core communism. And doing it pretty well I must say. Check out his Odysee.

    1. It’s unclear to me why I should give someone a pass for trying to get a new career as an anti-White “muh extremist past,” bullshit artist, just because he failed at doing that. It is also extremely unclear to me why “hard-core communism,” is anything other than yet another anti-social LARP like his Orthodox Christianity bit.

      Nevertheless, since Heimbach does not appear to be attacking NJP/TRS/Hyphen currently I will proceed with a far more tepid criticism if I even bring him up in the future, until such things change.

  6. Cool, that sounds fair. Yes as far as I know Heimbach has never attacked NJP/TRS or anyone in that circle. Thanks for reading my comments.

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