I was positively certain I was done with Jason “White While Peeing” Kohne. And then this happens.

As a jew it’s very important for me to genocide the White Race by causing serious kidney failure through built up pee. As a result, I feel quite threatened by WesternKids Going Pee of my Meme Pathogens. I approach this game with the mindset of getting inside an erudite champion of Westerkind in Jason Kohne. You have to learn from the enemy.

Luckily, he lets us play for free. I click on the Hiking Story game and I’m greeted with this.

It’s unclear to me why I’m not allowed to immediately start roasting these two queers. Not even a snide little comment like “nice hair.” Luckily, since that would be a good thing to do, NWG makes absolutely sure that it’s not even an option. Yes, very good goyim.

I pick “Hello! It’s a beautiful day for a hike,” because that sounds like something a fag would say and I’m trying to destroy the White Race.

Needless to say it appears to be working.

For some reason I have not been presented with any non-dumb options. Saying “how about go fuck yourself,” and leaving is apparently not on the menu. Since my goal is to destroy the Aryan People from my hideout in Haifa, Israel, I go with the last option. It is clearly the dumbest.

Strangely, these rude people, who opened the conversation by smugly laughing at me, now appear to have been put on the defensive. That was certainly abrupt. I’m not sure how I read the situation so poorly, but they appear to be borderline having a mental breakdown.

Luckily, the situation appears salvageable. I am saved by the retarded second option, and loudly yell “I HAVE NO WHITE GUILT,” in the middle of the park forest, making sure that everyone for miles around me can hear.

They have been scared off by my retardation.

However, my endorphin rush at this primitive dominance display is short lived. In retrospect I realize that these two antifa members were on my side, as a fellow jew person. Since I was so loud and retarded that they became frightened, I inadvertently saved the White Race. I resolve to play the game again and pick the less stupid options so that these courageous antifa members don’t have to start worrying if the White Man that they are accosting is about to pull a gun on them and blow their brains out.

I’ve toned it down a bit, and I think this is going well thus far. My golems appear to be more comfortable. I decide to go with the second option, because that’s a retarded thing to say, and they will easily defeat these arguments.

*For the record, if this actually happened to me I would not be responding to the specific things that they said, I would be saying “you look like you smell like pee,” or the good old fashioned “go fuck yourself.” That Kohne thinks it’s a good idea to tell his followers to engage in debates with antifa types randomly in the park is really all you need to know.

It’s at this moment I’m torn. I already went with the FULL RETARD shouted second option earlier and lost, by having the White Race win. Of the other two options, my first is doing a weird variation of DR3 like “Browns R Real Racists.” That seems promisingly dumb. The last option is doing the “other people are colonizers bit.” That seems stupid as well, so I flip a coin and go with that.

Finally I am presented with the option to go Full Cuckservative and apologize to my golems. Without a second of hesitation I click the third option.

And the White Race is thusly humiliated. Mission Accomplished.

There are also two online lessons. I skip over the first lesson and jump right into the quiz section.

I am immediately presented with three retarded options and the obviously correct choice. However, my spidey sense is tingling, so I feel this must be a trick question. Additionally, I wanted to see what happened when I picked “People of Light,” so I went with that.

Turns out he says that it’s totally fine. Yes, goyim, very good. Please go and talk like this in your daily life. It would serve my purposes quite well, and most definitely not make White Advocacy seem like a thing for weirdos. Why, to do otherwise would be to allow the anti-White meme pathogens to take root in your mind!

Anyway, since I’m trying to destroy all the WesterChildren I need our expert on Westerkind to help me understand what not to do. I restart the quiz and change my answer.

Rats. Well it’s still less retarded than referring to White People as “Westernkind,” so we know what the right answer was through process of elimination.

We’ve actually reached the one part of this entire experience where I agree with Kohne. Anti-Whiteism is kind of a stupid term, but it’s a lot more effective when referring to anti-White propaganda than the others. So of course I don’t pick it.

Again, this is maybe the one thing he gets right. It would please my hebrew soul for you to refer to my racial brethrens anti-White behaviour as “racism.”

Kohne confidently explains how silly I was for thinking that the White While Peeing Community was a cult. How anyone could possibly make that mistake is beyond me.

White Noir is actually a funny term for race-mixing.

One of these terms doesn’t even abbreviate to MP, so I nearly trip over myself in my ecstatic rush to click it.

Only to be bullied by Jason.

I don’t plan on awakening the suppressed Westman inside of me anytime soon, thank you Jason. I think if there is a suppressed organism living inside you you’re either a pregnant woman or you’re about to be in a scene directed by James Cameron.

Frankly as a man I find both scenarios equally concerting.

I get given a participation trophy as if I am a six year old, and am surprised by how touched I am by this random act of kindness. However, even after being given 10 points for making it to the end, I have a negative score. Jason will not stop bullying me.

Me failing the quiz just before bed.

Luckily I have another change to redeem myself with Lesson 2. I again ignore the actual lesson, and head right to the quiz.

Surprisingly I keep picking the wrong answers for all the questions, such as the middle option above. Or the top option below.

I’m still not sure how I got that one wrong.

Anyway, Kohne now presents me with a dilemna. What if my favourite celebrity tells me that I’m must be guilty for being born White.

“Fuck Bitches. Kill Niggers.” – Emma Watson

Emma Watson has now caused me to be the “proud owner,” of White guilt. I don’t really know why I’m supposed to be proud of that, or why it’s not Westernkind guilt, but I’m the owner of it one way or another.

Damn you Emma, why did you have to betray us so?

He gets sort of metaphysical, and I get sort of bored with the joke. I have once again failed the White Race.

Anyway there are also two user games on there. I clicked through the first one and oh my goodness.

I wish this was the end. It just goes on and on, and the vast majority of the slides only have one choice. Look, if you want to write a short story, just do that. Don’t go through the work of doing a pretend choose-your-own-adventure thing and waste everybody’s time.

Mercifully, it does end. I hate being so negative to user content, but that guy made me yearn for the slick, polished content of Jason Kohne.

Okay, I think that’s it. No more Westernkind Guilt for me.

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