Remember just a few days ago when news broke that Musk’s censorious twatter was artificially promoting the most retarded e-voices in America? Musk shadowboosted himself, as well as the worthless ditz Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Benny Shapiro, LeBron James, and a whole host of e-retards headlined by none other than some fag named Cat turd. Sorry, catturd2.

What has catturd2 gotten up to in recent days? Ffedjacketing Patriot Front, because of course.

The commentary in that thread from the cuckservatives took about six years off my life. I am actually not intelligent enough to formulate a response to the top comment above. His claim is that since he personally has never said “life, liberty, victory,” anyone who does is a fed. Quick, Goyim, @ChrizDDv3 has figured out the feds secret weakness. Their inability to say “muh freedom,” marks them out as DEMONrat enjoyers. 

Note the sunglasses. Jake 2.0 also has sunglasses in his avatar.

Someone on BANG argued that these people are probably AIs. I’m positively sure that some of them certainly are. That’s why so many of them have avatars, or sunglasses. It hides the eyes. 

Hell, Patriot Front themselves used an AI created image of a pretty lady pretending to be a journalist, in order to fuck with a whole bunch of propagandists and make them look stupid. This was back in 2021 when they did their December demonstration through Washington, DC. 

You know who’s really interested in making propagandists look really dumb? It’s definitely the FBI.

“Real Republicans don’t hide our faces or names,” – anonymous twatter account with cartoon avatar. 

WTF even is the top meme?

Some of these people must be real, but I don’t think it’s even questionable that some of them, possibly the majority, are machines that got run through some machine learning algorithms in order to regurgitate whatever Schlomo told them to say. I refuse to believe that humanity is this dumb.

Boy do I ever feel enlightened.

Although it’s funnier to imaging this genius exchange happened between two real people. Frankly, it’s better for the narrative for this to be real. For there to be some servatives who are so obedient and cowed that they are – after Jan 6th no less – arguing that No Tvue Cuckservative would ever cover their face while protesting.

That’s probably true, because these people, deep down inside, don’t view themselves as real dissidents, or even real political actors. They’re just sportsball enjoyers who are playacting at doing real politics, so the idea that the FBI could ever collect their scalp doesn’t really occur to them. After all, that’s only supposed to happen to the people who want to do real politics, and enact real political change, right?

Bottom guy with the >70 IQ take.

Consubversatism is a social club for faggot weirdos, cowards, and literal bots. And for the record, Patriot Front got mass arrested at Coeur D’Alene, then demasked by the cops, who then doxxed them all by releasing all their information. These same consubversatives called them feds then… and they’re still calling them feds now. 

Remember that? I wrote about ten pieces on the subject, and it’s always good to revisit if you feel the need to identify as “conservative.” These people are cowards and grifters who are ever eager to stab the knife into your back. 

While in that thread I saw the following trending.

I’m sure this will be high quality stuff that will totally inform me.

I’ve had enough of this. I don’t think I can take any more.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the day of the litterbox.

  2. It’s truly a sign we’re living in Weimerica when “they’re not a bunch of fat retards like me!” is considered a serious argument against a group of activists.

    You know who else had fit, young men, matching with military precision at their demonstrations? The NSDAP. But they clearly weren’t serious political actors…

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