Well Ian “Vaush” Kocinski is at it again goyim. I’ve only written about this fat pedo twice before, once when he defended the CIA (no really), and again highlighting the absurdity of him not facing immediate capitalist censorship. Apparently he also advocates for starvation inducing embargoes of Russians. This was from a debate with some guy named Transcript below.

Vaush: Actual geopolitical threats will change anything. I feel like the only thing we can do at this point is starve Russia out. Uh, we’re wealthier then them by metrics. I mean, uh, ally with all the countries in their uh, periphery. Sanction, you know, sanction their leaders. Cripple their economy. Wait for them to bleed out. And then when ready to play ball as a nice compliant country.

Unnamed Guy: Jeeze. I mean, but there’s a lot of civilians who get hurt in that scenario.

Vaush: And Eastern Ukraine as as well. But –

Unnamed Guy: I mean the sanctions on Russia. That would hurt a lot of civilians.

Vaush: Not as much as their missile strikes would hurt Eastern Ukrainians right? Again, keep in mind this isn’t out of spite.

This is evil and retarded on so many different levels. Okay, first of all, fuck the United States foreign policy agenda. Good thing we have these anti-imperalist guys out there to – oh wait my bad, they all enthusiastically support whatever bullshit CIA propaganda is being churned out. Below is him debating some guy named Jackson Hinks, where Vaush is pretending that Bashar Al’ Assad gassed a bunch of wahmens and babies for absolutely no reason.

If it was 2003, Vaush would be calling everyone fact-checking the “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq,” lie as “nazi conspiracy theorists.” 

But I said that his comments were evil and retarded on multiple levels, because how the fuck are you going to “starve out,” Russia? It’s not a food importer you absolute clown.

That’s the thing, I feel a bit silly even explaining what’s wrong with his geopolitical analysis, because it’s too vague in the first place. For actual analysis on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, please read this. TL:DR, NATO has fuck all it can do militarily to Russia. Economic sanctions have been done to Russia, and they don’t matter. If they felt like invading Ukraine, they would invade.

Frankly I wonder if the whole shot is that Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine, and this is ZOG sabre rattling, so when Russia doesn’t invade, they can LARP like they were too afraid of the utterly decayed US Military.

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  1. That picture of the Air Force tech sergeant furry makes me want to fedpost.

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