I was never a huge fan of Bloodsports even back in the day. There was a time, back maybe in 2018 or so, when it was honestly pretty fun. There was censorship on YouTube, but it wasn’t the complete astroturfing that it’s devolved into these days. I barely heard Ralph himself talk, since he was just moderating the debates. 

I covered Ralph only once before, when he had the Manlet Cult General, Andrew Anglin, on to whine about TRS. Needless to say not only did I not appreciate this faggot, but I didn’t see any particular redeeming characteristics. Was Ethan Ralph funny? Did he have entertaining stories? Was there some serious talent that he had?

Today I saw more of Ralph than I had ever seen before. Through a convoluted process I was summoned to Rand’s stream, the Abo Petrol Huffing Hour. On that stream we mostly watched Ralphs stream. Or rather, we watched some random guy named Matt Jarbo’s stream, because Ralph had ragequit his own stream, and went on that guys.

Yes, he ragequit his own stream and then went on someone else’s. By the time I got on there Mister Metokur, also known as The Internet Aristocrat, had got on there. What followed was an absolute masterclass of how to talk down to someone. It helped that Ralph was obviously drunk and emotionally whining. I’ll write more about specifically what happened, but apparently Ralph was whining about his co-host Gator and then Gator said something about his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

I asked around a little bit more and this is the story I’ve been told. Ethan Ralph used to have this co-host Gator. Rand also worked with him. Gator got fired unceremoniously by Ralph, and started complaining about severance pay. Ralph sends a $1 superchat on Gator’s stream with a nasty image that was something like “Here’s your severance package, faggot.” In return, Gator sent Ralph’s pregnant ex-girlfriend, who is also a streamer, a $1 superchat that said something like “Here’s the child support that Ralph never gave you.” Then Mister Metokur gets involved somehow because, I’m not really sure. I think he laughed about this or something?

Anyway, Ralph then absolutely loses his shit, starts drinking on stream and whines about Jim/Mister Metokur to come on his stream. Why did he want Metokur to be on the stream?

Well apparently he was roasting him on twatter. Ralph kept whining over and over about Metokur not coming on Ralph’s stream. Needless to say Jim continued roasting him on twatter.

In fact he was so butthurt that Jim wouldn’t come on his stream that he ragequit his own stream and went on that random guys stream where Jim was. So now that you’ve been caught up, just understand that Ralph proceeded to get absolutely destroyed on this stream. And I do mean 100% destroyed, to the point where I had to ask the other people on the stream why we needed to hate Ethan Ralph because it was getting sad. I mean “I’m watching a guys last public appearance before he hates himself,” sad. 

Is he really so awful that we can laugh at him in this time of struggle?

After talking to everyone, the answer is not just yes but “fuck yes.” I’ll try to blitz through the lowlights of this LOLcow soon, but needless to say it’s bad, but also funny.

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  1. [quote]After talking to everyone, the answer is not just yes but “fuck yes.” [/qoute]

    The correct answer is “Hell yeah, brother!” Say hi to RandBot.

  2. Always found it weird that these genetic throwbacks with no redeeming qualities, experiences, or backgrounds have popular streams.

  3. That nigga drinking Coke Zero, or the regular full corn syrup kind?

    He was only relevant because moike striker and others were deplatformed and he provided a place for them to have debates that were sometimes interesting.

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