Apparently there was a mystery guest on the RalphRetort yesterday. I don’t watch that show, because I am not a complete loser who has 4 hours to waste on extremely low quality “entertainment,” especially during Christmas Season. However, it was explained to me that not only was this mystery guest one Andrew Anglin, but that he attacked the NJP.


Anglin: Look at this thing in Waukesha. Look how they buried that. The media doesn’t have to admit anything. They don’t have to admit anything at all. They don’t have to say anything they don’t have to say.

Ralph: You would think the Waukesha thing is a dream, at this point. Also Waukesha, I thought only one group of people could talk about Waukesha. I don’t know if you heard that argument. THEY’RE THE ONLY ONES TALKING ABOUT IT. It’s like okay well no that’s not true.

There are wake up points for people when they realize that they’ve been the victims of a political grift operation. The Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre, and the CuckNat response was definitely one of them. Imagine you have one of the most clear cut cases of anti-White murderous terrorist attacks at least in my lifetime, and your response is to make fun of the murdered White Children, and then stop talking about it?

In my Fuentes Felting articles I got a collection of quotes from around the internet, mostly Kiwifarms, and this one sums up what I’m talking about really well.

It’s truly baffling. You have a clear cut case of anti-White terrorism handed right in your lap after a righteous verdict in a self-defense trial, and what do you do? You fucking meme it and troll it. Are you kidding me? This is a huge chance to actually make a point about what’s going on in this dying country, but your juvenile mind can’t differentiate when is the time to be funny and when to be serious. Like I said in the past, nothing wrong with shitposting, but holy shit, learn situational awareness you autistic sperg.

Here’s another:

Looking on [Fuentes’] Telegram I don’t see a single mention of Waukesha. I don’t know if Nick is on drugs or being anally raped by black people or something but this is just fucking bizarre, even by his standards. His entire Telegram is Vax Watch, notices about his show, and this gay shit from Monday.

I’ll be honest, I was still in denial somewhat about America First. I’ve been an apologist. But I just don’t see these people as allies. This is transgressing into something just… weird. I really can’t even understand the attitude and mentality of the people in this. Even for an apologist, I’m just bewildered. What the fuck is going on here? Did they all just totally give into their homosexual desires and accept that it’s just a gay club now, and aren’t even bothering to do the political thing anymore? That’s what it feels like.

We also looked at Andrew “I hate White Women” Anglin’s insanely pathetic response to Waukesha, which you can read here. It’s the usual Anglin response to everything that could be used for pro-White propaganda. “Please vote republican let me explain how they’re actually based but also let’s stop talking about this focus on vaccine retardation.”

After BLM supporter Darrell Brooks intentionally rammed his car into a bunch of White Christmas Celebrators, murdering 6, and injuring at least 47 others, I spent every waking moment the next few days writing serious articles on the subject. The TRS goys, through the NJP went out and organized a last minute protest for the FBI to slap on anti-White hate crime charges. You can read about that here.

And these grifting losers are doing video game streams and talking about… some stupid vaxxx protest?

And it’s not even like vaxx protests are new. They have been going on since summer of 2020. They are allowed to happen because they’re run by grifting retards and they will never actually affect power.

Above video starts at 0:35, right after the earlier transcript ended:

Ralph: Uhm. You didn’t see their – you didn’t see their march there at the uh, outside head – where was that at outside the police department?

Anglin: Yeah it was amazing. 20 people with signs and that’s really how you’re gonna rally people. And it was really important to Randbot despite the fact that he’s got protests with hundreds of thousands of people in his own country about something you can actually rally millions of people around that he’s not involved in because TRS says the virus is real. TRS says take the vaccine.

If I didn’t have the video evidence I could see how you might think I just made up what Anglin said. But no, he really does just randomly segue inside of one sentence from “doing protests against anti-White terrorism is worthless these guys think the virus is real.”

And then he says “TRS says take the vaccine.” Even though Ralph is on his side, he can’t help himself from stupidly asking for evidence.

Ralph: Do they?

Anglin: Wha?

Ralph: Do they say that? I mean I don’t listen, they say take the vac-

Anglin: I don’t listen either.

How to own yourself in 10 seconds or less. First, make an extremely explosive and retarded claim that is going to require someone to ask for clarification and evidence. Second, immediately admit you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Anglin: But they did! I’ve seen tweets where they say the pandemic is real.

I mean we all had our twatters censored by early 2020, so no, you didn’t see any tweets from Striker or Moike claiming the pandemic is real. However, you will see them point out that the virus is real, because it is real, and claiming it isn’t is absolutely retarded.

But wait, it gets better!

The believe they’re gonna use the pandemic to establish some kind of communism that’s gonna do – White People can live on UBI which is that whole thing that I don’t wanna go into but they – they promote Democrat talking points, uhm, as if they’re White Nationalist talking points and then they go – they read a site called CODOH, the Centre for Open Holocaust Discov – whatever. They published a series of books. Holocaust Handbooks they’re called. And that’s all the TRS do they just read these handbooks and talk about them, in the middle of the total collapse of civilization the biggest jewish operation against humanity in – in- in in in history the coming – the actual rise of this New World Order System is happening now and these people uhm –

I had to break up this ambiguously coherent rant of his into two parts because he just seems to do stream of consciousness ranting. First, Anglin hits the “muh DEMONrats,” narrative, with bizarre fact free claims of “muh communist TRS goyim.” Then he pretends like he’s still doing White Nationalist talking points, despite supporting Latino Campus Conservative twinks like Nicky Juan Fuentes.

There’s a certain point with Anglin where the shit he says is so bizarre that I feel stupid for even engaging with it on the object level, but I just can’t get over immediately disavowing an explicitly pro-White protest for murdered White People in Waukesha, and then claiming that TRS and NJP aren’t really White Nationalists and are doing DEMONrat talking points. Oh and also supporting the ever browning AIDS ridden America Twinks First movement.

Then he pretends that TRS spends all day talking about the lampshadocaust. This is false, and a really weird critique coming from a guy who writes for a website called the DAILY STORMER. Anyone who used to read the DS back when it was popular knows that Anglin would constantly talk about the lampshadocaust, and identified it as the weakest spot of jew power.

Above video is ours, BTW.

So he doesn’t think that TRS doing a hilarious Halloween stream debunking hilariously fake lampshadocaust atrocity propaganda is productive. He also doesn’t think them spending two weeks or so something like a year ago now, with the back hour of each episode being dedicated to more serious lampshadocaust debunking is in any way a justifiable use of their time. However, trust me goyim, Anglin is super concerned about the “new jew world order.”

“See goyim, you have to oppose jew power in retarded ways by pretending that Bill Gates is putting microchips in vaccines and 5G is stealing oxygen from your blood and also that the virus isn’t real. You can’t just say that the virus is overblown and the government response isn’t justified noooooo that doesn’t count. You have to make up the retarded claim that there literally isn’t any virus.

Noooo, you can’t do a Halloween episode making fun of ridiculous lampshadocaust stories NOOOOOOOOOOO you have to be doing retarded vaxx genocide stuff about how the virus isn’t even real nooooooooo. Jew new world order even though it seems like through the ADL jews are the current world order noooo also Harvey Weinstein is an upstanding gentleman.”

Andrew Anglin makes Alex Jones look like the voice of reason. He ends with what may be the most laughable threat I have ever heard.


You know what when I came out I told you it was just about Jayoh. And everybody had to open their mouth with a mothafuckin opinion. This is how we gonna do this. Fuck Mike Enoch. Fuck Randbot. Fuck TRS as a staff, as a crew, and as a mothafuckin’ cult. If you wanna be down with TRS then fuck you too.

Fuck all these people. Nick Fuentes is gonna be president.These people are gonna all be put in camps if they’re not dead of heart attacks from the vaxx first. I’m sick of this shit.

Hol’ up, did he just say Nicky Fuentes about the be president?

Everybody prepare yourself. Nicky Juan Fuentes is about to become president. And when he does he’s going to put all of us heterosexuals in camps.

For those curious, this is not the Anglin takedown, this is just something that happened recently. That’s coming soon…

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  1. What I find odd is how my name was getting thrown around with TRS.

    Very flattering AA, but I run a very tiny comedy/variety show for the same sort of people who enjoy the hyphen report.

    It couldn’t be that I’ve often talked about how AA glows from space and has lied about or even a hypocrite on everything of importance?

    A little thing like that wouldn’t stick in his mind would it?

    1. Where should people go to see your show, Randbot?

      -Hyphen Pajeet on a different device

      1. By following me on Poast

        Thank you, fren.

    2. Sheeeeeeeeit
      Calm yo monkey Azz down

  2. Jesus Christ, what the fuck did I just read? My guess is that Anglin has untreated syphilis from banging Filipino ladyboys and it’s finally started eating his brain.

  3. Since you’re going to write up an Anglin takedown, you’re going to have to cover his boyfriend weev as well. He’s still active on Anglin’s forum ( under the handle ‘Inane Retard’. Entire posting history full of ludicrous takes about everything from TRS being feds, to enslaving women, all sorts of shit.

    1. It’s me on mobile. Great find goy, will have to check it out.

  4. I’m starting to see a pattern emerging here. AA and the cucknat positive while peeing in the Republican vax sphere seem to have an overwhelming hatred for anyone who has successfully reproduced with a white woman.

    1. Maybe we’d have a modicum of respect if you TRS morons weren’t such utter simps who only manage to reproduce with single mothers…
      For the record I don’t agree on much with Anglin these days but I do agree with his takes on the woman question. When he doesn’t take it too far for the lulz that is, which you white knight Xers are too retarded not to take literally. Also the fact that I agree with Anglin’s takes doesn’t mean I endorse groyper cringe in the least e.g. post Kenosha.

      1. Our ancestors were right to have stigmas against childless, unmarried men.

        Your stupid “women question” bullshit is making you a failure at creating a future for White children. You are failing at your duty as a White man to perpetuate the race. And you’re doing it because you feel sorry for yourself, boy.

  5. “Debating the holocaust? That’s pretty cringe bro. Don’t do that. The mexican child leader of the white race is going to be president by doing gaming streams and harassing 14 year olds at the mall for real so he can ??? Trust the plan bro.”

    meanwhile “”””ironically”””” encourages his readers to use amphetamines and fuck prostitutes like a boss.

  6. Ethan Ralph likes playing with poop lol

  7. how will anglin ever recover?

    1. By latching himself on to gay jignats…….since 2018….have you not been around?

  8. By all means, let these people keep ceding ground and retreating from ethnic nationalism. The sooner they back off, the better. Just admit it, Anglin: you’re chasing relevance however you can, without being tethered to any inconvenient principles. Just shut up and keep pushing your weird vax bullshit and let TRS dominate the entire ethnonationalist sphere.

  9. i gotta agree with Anglin on a few points:

    would have been nice to have at least 50 demonstrators at Waukesha to look more respectable

    also, Mike, Sven and Alex act like there is little to no difference between a biden admin and a trump admin – no fan of trump here but biden is a hell of a lot worse

    1. Trump copes.

      Opinion Descartes.

    2. Tell us the difference then.

    3. “would have been nice to have at least 50 demonstrators at Waukesha to look more respectable”

      And where were you? Where the fuck were you? Where were you that day? What the fuck were you doing? What did you do that day? Huh? Where were you, Mr. Criticizer of People Doing IRL Action? What action were you taking that was better than this you big-mouthed piece of shit? What IRL action did you take to fight for the victims and against anti-White hate? Tell me what the fuck you did that puts you in a position to criticize?

  10. Also Dingo looks like a fucking wetback who should have no business anywhere near a white movement but I’m listening to his stream on Anglin and so far I can’t find anything I disagree with.

  11. In his twilight years (Ralph is already getting hospitalized with angina—matter of time before his aorta ruptures while he is blowing a gasket due to an insufficiently asslicking superchat) Ralph has taken to attacking TRS. This shows an amazing level of introspection and foresight on his part, as he knows that he and TRS are effectively fishing in the same pool.

    The level of groveling and blind subservience both a TRS and a Ralph fan have to exhibit are equally revolting. Paypiggies have to stay quiet when the dear leader makes a factual mistake (Ralph is actually more accommodating—Enoch turns pissy immediately). Paypiggies have to surrender their money and personal details unquestioningly (only for Kiwifarms/Jayoh to get them). Paypiggies have to compliment the dear leader for his “great” sense of “humor.” Paypiggies can never bring up the dear leader’s history of child grooming (Ralph)/revenge porn releasing (Ralph)/coprophilia (Ralph)/Jew marrying (Enoch)/(Smartcheckr doxing technology peddler) Ricky Vaughn simping (Enoch)/Jayoh hiring (Enoch)/Trump cucking (Enoch).

    The type of mongoloid pond scum that would consent to pay for what effectively amounts to mental serfdom is inherently in short supply, at least among the millennial-or-older generation. Zoomers might be gayer, stupider, and more cowardly (hence the popularity of Nick Fuentes) than the preceding generations, but they also invariably consider both TRSodomy and Gunt TV to be poor entertainment (unless they are bone fide mental retards).

    1. “never allying or supporting anyone is how I show I am smarter than everyone. I do this without even a modicum of self awareness and don’t know I am literally becoming a meme”

      Cool story man. Scoffing at and denigrating every group that tries to counter the current world order is how we win

    2. u just posted cringe bro

  12. I remember when DS used to be kinda cool.
    Then it jumped the shark. And then it just kept jumping sharks at a rapidly increasing frequency. So here we are, several seasons later and the entire show is just back-to-back shark jumping. I don’t really know where they can even take it from here. It’s so insane at this point the only way they can get more silly is by going full pro-jew. I don’t mean pro-weinstein. I mean pro-allofthem. I’ll go ahead and make a small longshot clout bet on that one.

  13. I’ve been reading the DailyStormer everyday since before trump got elected. I had been following Alex Jones prior, but found out about the DailyStormer from 4chan. He was talking about jewish power and I never looked back at Alex jones. In those days DS was pretty good, and it wasn’t the weird manlet cult that it is today. He had links to other “alt-right” figures at the bottom of the home page like David Duke, Grandpa lampshade, TRS, white rabbit radio and others, and that was cool. It gave me the impression that he was a team player and was in “this” to win “this”. At the time I preferred his site over TDS simply because i’m more of a reader than a listener. But as time went on the outside links disappeared, and the manlet cult began to form. First it was a fixation with age of consent laws, then it was all women are whores, to women need to be beaten and raped. I would take the impotent manlet rage articles with a grain of salt and a chuckle and peruse the rest of the articles. It became clear trump was a fraud after the first year of his presidency, anglin will come around, he never did. It was the last year of the trump presidency that I stopped viewing his site in earnest and more like a bum-fight, yeah its entertaining and all, but you feel dirty afterwards. So I went all in on TRS, I became a pay-chad and started listening to everything on the TRS network while at work. I don’t feel like I absorb as much but everyone on TRS seems relatable and normal. After all what do I have in common with a bitter sex tourist that looks like Johnathan Greenblat’s son? Then checked out the hyphen-report after hearing about it on FTN and it was all over, though ill still look back at Anglin for a chuckle. The articles are way better written with more nuance and all without the weird manlet cult of personality. DS is utter shit today, the articles are poorly written, trivial subject matter, and as a Christian its off putting how he drapes himself in religion to add gravitas to his bitter screeds. Its slimy like Joel Osteen. Also TRS is relevant in trying to affect IRL change whereas Anglin is completely irrelevant because he is against IRL anything, just lay low and listen to him gripe about his shortcomings with women (no pun intended). Anglin like a jewish TV series started strong but by the end of the season devolved into utter faggottry with Mexican twinks and their joke of a “political movement” that has the optics of a cringy social studies school project, his nig rapper appreciation articles, D and C articles along the lines of the vax or whatever the touchstone of division is atm, white women resentment articles, and apologetics for Epstein and Wienstien. Like WTF am I reading? No one is this off point without it being purposeful, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that imo points to him being a kike or in the employment of kikes. Can’t believe I gave that failed loser $100.

    FYI- Theres nothing inherently wrong with being short, but manlets like AA give give short guys a bad name. Like just chill out.

  14. “TRS promotes the vax” is the most common accusation from DS-bots and Jews on /pol/ every time 4chan people want to discuss (pirate) TRS shows. 🙂

    Let’s make it clear, at the very beginning of COVID “pandemic” FTN, TDS goys said something like “stay safe, we don’t know what’s going on etc” as well as Azzmador on TKR and even DailyStormer was full of memes like “Chad Panicker vs Virgin Reasoner”, articles about Mad Max style apocalypse with rape gangs (of course Anglin). I even remember article where Anglin wanted Japan to torpedo CoofBoomerCarrier (google “Diamond Princess dailystormer”), which I give him a credit was funny. At very best TRS could be accused in being pro-lockdown (during the first two weeks of “pandemic”), but they were never pro-vax.

    If gamers/stormers want this so badly, then let me “promote” the vaccine, just for lulz

    1. Vax causes infertility/impotence. Well, even if so, woman-hating gameruprisers have nothing to lose, the only two girlfriends they have are their left and right hands, in other words less time for jerking more time for vidya gaemz it’s a win-win.
    2. Vax causes heart attack. The problem is that to get a heart attack one probably have to lift something heavier than computer mouse, which is not the case for extremely online gamerincels.
    3. Vax causes autism. Pssst, guys, just between you and me, you already have autism at the terminal stage, so if minus x minus = plus, maybe, COVID vaccine eventually could cure you at least from something.
    4. Vax consist of mercury, 5G microchips, gender transforming nanorobots, George Soros’s foreskin and God knows what else. No matter, that almost all of you have smartphones and credit cards, which means that evil government already knows about you a lot, moreover, you probably willingly provided your personal data to your beloved identity thief Weev.

    Speaking seriously, imagine for a second that COVID and lockdowns are gone, what will be the next angle of Anglin? Another Christian-LARP Q-Anon tier bullshit?

  15. Can’t even make sense of what this shitty ‘writing’ is trying to say.

    First site I’ve bookmarked in 6 months or more cause I read a couple interesting articles but have obviously wasted my time.

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