I don’t plan on doing a series on this character. After my last piece on this guy I thought that’d be it. After all, he’s the purest of LOLcows because he barely even produces content. I mean he’s just there to be a dumpster fire to laugh at. 

Nevertheless I did notice one thing, which is that I couldn’t find any pictures of his body. I get that he sits down to stream, but you’d think for a guy who’s been on the internet for the past 8 years there’d be a couple of bodyshots out there, right?

User neurax comes through for me on Poa.st. 

Ah, a nice picture with the guys. Except, hold on a minute, what is that?

Is, is that what I think it is?

Oh dear god.

Boy am I ever glad I never saw this guys sextape. Life can only hold so many horrors. 

I hope none of you were expecting anything longer. I certainly hope this is the last I ever write about this goof.

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