Vivian Bercovici, Canada’s former ambassador to Israel, worked for the Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube after her diplomatic tenure ended, Radio-Canada has learned.

Black Cube is a controversial private sector company composed of ex-members of the Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies.

Messages addressed to a potential Black Cube client from Bercovici in 2019, obtained by Radio-Canada/CBC, contain references to her former occupation as an ambassador.

Black Cube made headlines in 2017 when it was discovered that Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein had hired it to dig up information on the women accusing him of sexual assault, and on the journalists pursuing the story.

But remember, you’re just a secret feminazi dooginist if you side with the 99.9% of humanity who doesn’t defend Harvey Weinstein. At least according to some little fellas.

In Canada, Black Cube has been criticized by an Ontario court for attempting to discredit a judge by trying to get him to make antisemitic comments in secretly recorded meetings.

Bercovici was appointed ambassador by then-prime minister Stephen Harper in January 2014. She was removed from her post by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in June, 2016.

Just so everybody knows, Justin Trudeau is an absolute whore for Israel. Above is a speech he gave in 2014, where he states that it is unacceptable for some parties to not support the jew ethnostate. And just recently, in May of last year, when Israel murdered 232 Palestinians, 65 of whom were children, Trudeau’s only comment was to denounce “violence on both sides.” 


“Our hearts go out to Israelis, Palestinians, for the violence that is surrounding them right now. We’ve all seen the tragic images, families, innocents, kids affected. It needs to stop. That’s why Canada is calling for a cease fire,” Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa today.

“We will work with the international community to de-escalate the situation and to move forward so there is no more loss of civilian life.”

That’s a really weird way to say “look at these jew nationalists doing a violent racial cleansing while holding up signs that say ‘Kill them All,” and ‘Death to Arabs.’ That’s pretty bad and they should stop.”

Nevertheless, she was too much of a hardcore zionist/jew supremacist that it was too much for the Israel loving Trudeau government. But this is what the Harper government was all about. Doing something, anything for White People? Absolutely not. Doing whatever jew nationalists want at the drop of a hat? Yes please!

PM Stephen Harper

In one of the messages Bercovici sent a potential Black Cube client in 2019, she says she can provide a wide range of services, such as undercover surveillance, finding hidden information about third parties’ personal lives and tracing bank accounts and assets.

In other messages, she writes that she works for Black Cube, that she would be one of the people personally supervising all operational matters and that Black Cube believes it can help the client achieve their objective. Although she was not ambassador at the time, the messages make it clear she had held that position.

(((Vivian Bercovici)))

Once again, thank goodness the Conservative Party is busy installing outright treasonous jews in high positions so they can do blackmail operations on Canadian Judges. Thank goodness for that. I think you should be really excited about voting Conservative. You get so much tangible policy.

These messages were provided to Radio-Canada/CBC as Bercovici and some of her supporters — including Sen. Linda Frum, a personal friend — were accusing Radio-Canada/CBC of antisemitism in previous reporting on the former ambassador.

Senator Linda Frum

Yes, that is the sister of David Frum, who you may remember as George W. Bush’s speechwriter, and the propagandist most responsible for lying us into Iraq. He’s also a big believer that the goyim need to be censored more online because of “disinformation.” Yes, the guy who uses lies to achieve mass murder is also a big censorship advocate, for you, goy.

This quote was from a talk in the context of demanding censorship.

Through its lawyer, Black Cube denies that Bercovici has ever worked for them.

“Black Cube has never employed Ms. Vivian Bercovici, whether directly, as an employee, contractor or consultant, or indirectly, through any subsidiary or third party,” wrote their lawyer, Jonathan Abrams, of the U.K. law firm Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors.

“Intelligence operation denies thing.”

“We would stress that Black Cube’s operations and methodologies are backed by highly respected expert legal opinions in every jurisdiction in which it operates, ensuring that Black Cube’s activities are in full compliance with applicable laws in those jurisdictions,” Abrams added.

Black Cube has offices in Tel Aviv, London and Madrid.

Black Cube  also threatened to sue Radio-Canada/CBC if it published this story.

And yet, they published it anyway. Some Democracy Class infighting going on here goy. But next we get to the really juicy bits.

Black Cube has carried out controversial operations in Canada in the past.

One was an undercover sting operation to discredit a Toronto judge who had ruled against its client, Catalyst Capital Group, a private investment company. Radio-Canada/CBC has no indication that Bercovici participated in this operation.

In 2017, Catalyst hired Tamara Global Holdings, an Israeli investigation and security firm, which in turn retained the services of Black Cube and Psy Group, an Israeli intelligence firm that no longer exists.

Those companies were hired to assist Catalyst in its legal dispute with a rival company.

One of the goals of the vast undercover operation they organized was to attack the reputation of Judge Frank Newbould, who had rendered a decision against Catalyst in a commercial legal dispute.

Using a false identity, a Black Cube agent met with Judge Newbould and tried to get him to make anti-Jewish comments during secretly recorded meetings.

“Basically we’re trying to prove that he’s a racist, a depraved anti-Semite, and trying to find information that could paint him in as negative a light as possible,” wrote a Psy Group agent to a Black Cube agent, according to an Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling that was made public in March 2021.

Yossi Tanuri, former IDF commander, and director general of “Jewish Federations of Canada” from 2004-2019.

Tamara Global’s principal is Yossi Tanuri, a former commander of an elite unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, according to his biographical notes.

Tanuri was also director general of the Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA from 2004 to 2019.

If you’re wondering what this Jewish Federations of Canada is all about, it basically organizes various jew nationalist orgs with different purposes in Canada. For instance, it has a link to CIJA, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Advocacy. A quick glance at their webpage sees this.

BTW, I clicked on that “Help Stop the Spread of Online Hate,” and was greeted with the following video.

More like “help stop the spread of hilariously based TikTok videos.”

Hillel Canada:

Hillel helps students find a balance between being distinctively Jewish and universally human by encouraging them to pursue tzedek (social justice), tikkun olam (repairing the world) and Jewish learning and to support Israel and global Jewish peoplehood.

You’d sort of think that “social justice,” and “support for Israel,” would be mutually exclusive policies. After all, Israelis murder Palestinian Children as they steal their land. But since both these terms mean “what’s in the racial interest of jews,” they make it work somehow. Just like the antifa jew nationalist, former Green Party member Noah Zatzman, pictured above.

On its website, Black Cube presents itself as “a select group of veterans from the Israeli elite intelligence units that specializes in tailored solutions to complex business and litigation challenges.”

Barnea said that some of Black Cube’s activities might be permissible for a government intelligence agency — but are unacceptable for a private business.

That’s because it is an intelligence organization. Any goy who doesn’t think all this is done with the approval of the jew ethnostate is simply an idiot.

Bercovici, Sen. Frum and others, including some Jewish organizations, have criticized Radio-Canada/CBC for quoting unnamed sources in its reporting, saying the sources were smearing Bercovici with the antisemitic canard of dual-loyalty.

I would like to make it very clear that I have never once accused Black Cube, David Frum, Linda Frum, Vivian Bercovici, or pretty much any other jew named in this story as having “dual” loyalties. I think it’s pretty clear they have a singular loyalty, and that is to the jew ethnostate, and jew nationalism. 

Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel than to the interests of their own nations is one aspect of antisemitism cited in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism, which was adopted by the Government of Canada in 2019.

Anti-Semitism simply means the filthy subhuman goy cattle are getting too uppity. Pointing out the obvious here, that these jews are Israeli agents, I mean literally “ex” Mossad, is most definitely being an uppity goy. And you need to learn your place you filthy non-heebs.

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    Btw, it annoys me how they stole “social justice” from our guys an now it just literally means “gay jewish shit”. It’d be like redefining “national socialism” as “global jewish financial domination”

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