My last piece on Anglin was ungodly long. It had to be, because I needed to show everybody how utterly unhinged he was when defending jew rapist Harvey Weinstein. And even though I wanted to just show a wall of text, I couldn’t let the absurd strawmen or ridiculous arguments pass.

After his initial oral pleasing session of Weinstein he doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on sucking Harvey Weinstein’s smelly kike peener. If you’re curious, you can find the articles I’m referencing here and here, amongst others, but I’m just going to blitz through these ones. The general gist of both articles is that:

  1. Neo-Nazi bad. This is coming from a guy who created a website called the DailyStormer
  2. Neo-Nazi’s are the REAL JEWISH FEMINISTS.

If you think that last part is me making things up just read this exchange: (the bold is his)

“Now that your own followers are revolting against you, because you are simping for women who literally had sex with the most disgusting Jew on earth.

And no, this is not bargaining time, you neo-Nazi faggots.”

The raging manlet who owns a website called the DAILY STORMER and has a little midget jew with a swastika tattoo running the tech infrastructure calls us neo-nazis as his favourite insult. As if that’s an insult, let alone one these midgets are in position to make.

“Stop being such a neo-nazi and vote republican” – guy with swastika chest tattoo.

This was March 2020, and I was active on twatter back then and remembered watching the Weinstein Defense Force getting absolutely BTFO’d by everybody in their responses. Unfortunately, since 99% of the people involved in the conversations have been completely censored let’s ignore that and focus on the wannabe-Antifa aspect of the whole piece. Originally when reading it I had a sort of uncanny-valley type experience where I became actually afraid for Anglin because I thought he’d developed some serious mental health issues. But part of his article gives away why Anglin is so emotional about the issue of poor innocent Mossad connected Jewish Rapist.

“The idea that [sex is] “transactional” is just classical liberalism

No, it isn’t. It’s classical human biology.

Women have sex with men in order to gain something from those men. Even the institution of marriage is based on women using sex to secure long-term financial support. Men, in turn, give things to women in exchange for sex.

Obviously, there is a spectrum between “I’ll give you $30 to come back to my room” and “I’ll give you financial support for the rest of your life if you marry me.” But the core concept is the same: women exchange sex for material gain.”

This is a belief that manletsphere faggots with zero physical attraction make up about women. Do you think that this guy needs to offer women anything other than his dick?

Now do you think the same for this little guy?

What about these ones?

The reality is, especially in an era of condoms, plan b, and yes, unfortunately, abortion, women are very much free to have sex with guys that they like, just because they like them. LMAO at girls refusing to fuck Brad Pitt without first getting financial remuneration.

“No Brad, I’m going to need money first.” – random lonely girl.

This is one of the oldest and most retarded Manletsphere talking points, about how “well men create value and wealth to get mates and women spend their fertility giving sex in exchange for protection and blah blah” and it’s like nah bro, people just want to fuck each other. Long before we knew that sex lead to pregnancy we had sex with each other, and I highly doubt that other mammals have figured this shit out, they just get horny.

The problem for ugly manlets like Andrew Anglin, Weev, and Matt Forney, is that you can see that they are not getting girls wet by taking a casual glance at them. Their faces are literally worse optics than Heimbach ever was, and that’s a pretty low bar.

DS contributor Matt Forney

These losers do not have access to the strategy 95+% of men have of “let’s just find a girl who is genuinely attracted to me”. There are no women who are genuinely attracted to Andrew Anglin. He is physically repulsive. He has only a few strategies for getting sex:

  1. Buy sex
  2. Get rich and established, so that he’s an eligible bachelor, and marry some girl. (this would at least be societally productive)
  3. Get in a positions of power over women and coerce sex from them through various threats. (The Weinstein Method)
  4. Just outright forcibly rape women. (The Weinstein fallback method)

From Anglin’s perspective, sex truly is transactional. And we can see now why he identifies so closely with Harvey Weinstein. He has to run cover for Weinstein, avoiding his Mossad connections, avoiding his love for potted plants, avoiding his “specifically jewy perviness”, and many other disgusting features of him, and pretend that Weinstein is merely prostituting White Women, as if that would be okay anyway. Anglin knows that he can’t defend the actual Weinstein to his audience, but since he identifies with Weinstein as the sort of king of incels, the incel that made it so to speak, he is forced to lie and metaphorically suck off Harvey Weinstein.

Disgusting jew with /ourgirl/ Emma Watson

Because if Anglin was put in the same position as Harvey Weinstein, he would have exactly the same behaviour. Weinstein is motivated by racial domination of goy women, while Anglin is motivated by recognizing that his one and only chance at progeny lies through the exploitation of women. Ultimately both will pursue almost identical actions in the same position of power. An attack on “sex through coercion” is a direct attack on Andrew Anglin’s reproductive fitness. When you tell him that “threatening to fire a woman unless she sleeps with you is illegal and rightfully so”, what he hears is “I want to make it illegal for you to breed Anglin lol fuck you”. This compels him to write multiple 5000+ word deranged essays defending a literal Jew Feminist who raped and sexually assaulted over 100+ white women under the guise that sending Harvey Weinstein to jail for third degree will “lower white birthrates”.

Anglin straight up hates white women. And he hates white women not because of any of the dumbass reasons that he wants you to think, he just hates them because they’ve been rejecting him his entire life. They do that because his face looks like a potato and he’s short. Anglin is the male equivalent of that 300 lbs physically hideous pink haired feminist who would like you to believe that she hates men because of 9000+ pages of feminist gender theory that “you’re too stupid to understand” but actually it’s because literally no guy wants to fuck her.

And this is what leads to the “WHITE WOMEN BAAAAAAAADDDDD” narrative running through the HarvNats. I don’t want to find them now, but Anglin himself has written multiple articles about how “white women are disgusting and filthy” and other unproductive and totally toxic attacks on white women. As a former daily DS reader I remember thinking more and more “okay that was just some satire that missed the mark, oh look another cringey article again today, I’m sure he’ll hit his stride again”, before I eventually just gave up. It’s was similar to my relationship that I had with Trump, where things suck for a while and then you give up on them.

Anglin does not give a single shit about White People, and to the extent that he has a vision of the future, it’s White Women being put in cages for him to rape and hurt as revenge for them sexually rejecting him. That also explains why Anglin has no problem promoting jew memes like “all white women just want to have sex only with black men” (that’s a quote, but I was too lazy to find the exact article), which are as untrue as they are massively harmful. He hates White Women, and he’d like you to as well.

The Manlet Cult Leader doesn’t give a shit about any actual pro-White movement. He only wants White Women having zero freedom to choose who to have sex with, even just amongst White Men, because they won’t choose to have sex with the disgusting tiny alien looking dude. Ultimately, Anglin does not want a nice White society, because in that nice White society, he’s still a loser.

I could be talked into feeling sorry for Anglin, except that he’s done plenty of harm to not simply any real pro-White political movement, but also plenty of impressionable young men who lack the life experiences to realize how full of shit he is on women. He’s the male equivalent of some hideous middle aged feminist telling some slightly awkward young woman that all men are rapists who are going to beat them if they get married. Those messages are extremely toxic for young women, and undoubtedly a great girls have had their lives ruined by believing that spite-fueled garbage and acting accordingly. The same is true here for young men. Toxic garbage pushed by an angry little manlet who wants you to be as sad and lonely as he is.

This is why, when gifted an actual White Advocates wet dream, where an anti-White, perversion pushing jew nationalist in Harvey Weinstein becomes The Most Hated Man in America, The Manlet Cult chooses to use this time to make massively unpopular and ridiculous arguments defending him. Point out jews raping White Women? Absolutely not! That would be pro-White, and being pro-White means that White Women don’t get locked in cages for the disgusting weirdo Andrew Anglin to rape and hurt as revenge for not wanting to have sex with him. Better make up some ludicrous legal theorizing coupled with accusing 99.9999% of the human population of being secret feminists while parroting Weinstein’s actual jew feminist lawyers legal arguments that “dem White Wimmenz be whores tho.”

We’d been dealing with the constant and completely bullshit attacks on TRS for years at this point. Calling them feds, slandering Jayoh and the rest, which we’ll get to in two installments from now, and many other little retarded attacks. Even still, that could have been explained as some sort of malicious infighting power play, where they tried to destroy TRS for followers, but were still a pro-White organization.

The Defense of Harvey Weinstein completely destroyed that, and the Loser Nat response to the Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre buried it six feet under. Imagine being given a disgusting rapist feminist poz-pushing Mossad connected jew who might as well have a sign above his head that says “I am here to destroy White People/Western Civilization because I’m a filthy heeb,” and you put yourself in the 0.0000001% of humanity defending him. Right next to his literally jew feminist legal team. Real great company.

Tune in next time as we cover Milo bragging about talking to the feds, which is suddenly okay in the Manlet Cult.

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  1. Anglin looks like an albino nigger from the Congo.

  2. Matt Forney isn’t a manlet. He’s a disgusting, lying whoremonger who promotes Qanon bullshit, but he’s like 6’2″.

    1. Right but in this context we’re talking about men who are extremely unattractive to women. Forney is about 6’0 right on the money, but is still a Visible Loser, which is what’s important here.

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