Last week, the federal Liberals invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time since its passage in 1988 to deal with an anti-vaccine mandate protest that had been occupying downtown Ottawa for weeks. The measures set out in the act have been in effect ever since.

MPs are set to vote tonight on the use of the Emergencies Act after a lengthy debate in a rare weekend sitting of the House of Commons.

If the motion fails, the invocation of the act and its extraordinary powers will be struck down. If it passes, they will remain in place until mid-March at the latest.

I’m writing this article a bit late. As of now the house voted 180-151 to extend the Emergency Powers granted to Trudeau in order to deal with the… peaceful unarmed protesters, none of whom have been arrested for assault.

Some Conservative MPs have suggested that police could freeze the bank accounts of small donors who may have given money to the protest early on.

In a statement released today, the RCMP said it has provided banks only with the names of organizers and owners of trucks who had refused to leave the protest area.

“At no time did we provide a list of donors to financial institutions,” the statement said.

And yet we’ve already got stories of people who have had their bank accounts frozen because they donated $50 to a protest. So I’m going to have to press x pretty hard to doubt on that one.

In defending their decision, Liberals have pointed repeatedly to comments made by interim Ottawa police Chief Steve Bell on Friday. Bell said the Emergencies Act allowed police to set up barriers and secure an area in the city’s downtown.

Interim Police Chief Steve Bell

In a dark way it was sort of funny watching this unfold. Ottawa had their Black, BLM supporting diversity hire police chief at the start of the protest. That’s because they wanted to do gay-ops to the police themselves. But the problem is he was too incompetent to do the oppression well, so they brought in this angry little bug creature in Steve Bell because they realized they wanted competence in oppression rather than someone who is simply anti-White. This Steve Bell character will give them whatever sound bites they need to justify the legislation they want, and vice versa. 

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