Canada Continues Fight with The Gay

Toronto Star:

The hoisting of the Pride flag is meant to be about inclusion and acceptance, but resulted in empty desks at some Ontario schools this week.

Sarah Forrest, a mom of two children at Dr. David R. Williams Public School in Oakville, said about a quarter of her son’s class was missing on June 1, and she believes some were absent in protest of the board-wide celebration of Pride Month.

“My heart breaks for these kids,” she said, thinking about children and parents who are part of the LGBTQ community. Forrest also identifies as queer herself. In posting about the situation on social media, she said she received backlash from parents who decided to keep their children at home. “It’s been so disheartening to see all the hate — I’m tired.”

In an email to parents, the principal said the school “became aware that there was a call for parents/guardians to keep their children home from school (Thursday) in protest of Pride Month.” In the email, she confirmed the school experienced “a higher than normal absence rate” that day.

Ultimately this is just signalling. It’s being organized by the Campaign Life Coalition, which is another one of these useless online conservative groups. Having said that, reminding people that they are far from alone in opposing these groomers is somewhat productive, and it’s also nice to see these perverts seething about this.

If this were used to provide good marketing for a real political party, then this would be something I fully support, similar to the recent AfD social media push. In reality, to the extent this will be used for anything, it will be to get consubversives like Pierre Poilievre elected, who will turn around and give these very same people precisely zero victories against the groomers.

And speaking of victories, it sure would be nice if we had politicians promising to do something about the infestation of MonkeyPox through literally all of our institutions. Or even if Elon Musk would just force Government run accounts to open up their replies to everyone, instead of censoring us instead. 

Social Media is gay and a waste of time, but this is offensive on a deeper level. Even though we don’t have any social media aside from the telegram channel, it’s insulting and offensive that Government institutions are allowed to limit the responses to their channel to the people whom they choose to follow. They can’t even be exposed to the peasants talking back to them online. 

It’s even worse than that. At the very bottom we see the “other tweets may be SUPER NAUGHTY, are you sure your neo-vagina is ready to see this shit?” message. When you click on that, it pretends to be loading for a second before returning to the “click to show,” message. At no point does it show you the evil messages that your tender eyes of colour need to be shielded from. Thanks, Elon.

You can check for yourself.

One more thing. They promise that the AIDS will continue through September. That’s right, multiple months of Monkeypox, and the Royal Canadian Navy is not alone in this. Abbotsford school district, among many others, is announcing “Pride Season.” 

And you guessed it, this is going all the way through September.

Abbotsford Schools:

Pride Season is a term that refers to the wide range of Pride events that take place over the summer (June to September) when LGBTQ2 communities and allies come together to spotlight the resilience, celebrate the talent, and recognize the contributions of LGBTQ2 communities.

Jaime, can you pull up that Striker post from a while back please?

Veterans get a day. Fags and child molesters get a whole month season.

Happy Months of Monkeypox.

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  1. So glad these government employees are such accelerationists. I salute them for pushing this degeneracy further and further to bring about the day of the rope. Can’t wait to see whats next! maybe shrinking drag queens down to be injected directly into the womb.

  2. I wonder how hard it would be to convince these people that if they off themselves while cross-dressing, they’ll be reincarnated as a real girl?

    1. There have been a few tranny shooters who belived this.

  3. I hope the navy can fill its ranks up with sweaty, shirtless AIDS-Canadians. Imagine, a ship full of both ordinary and able semen!

  4. At some point maybe we will have like a pozzed version of the zodiac thing. Year of the gay, Year of the nigger, Year of the jew, Year of the Abbo

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