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‘Meet Me At Our Spot’ singer Willow is being met with backlash due to excerpts from her debut novel, the October 4-due ‘Black Shield Maiden,’ being deemed Islamophobic.

Black Shield Maiden. I wrote a novel with the title myself. What are the odds?

As seen in the Instagram post above (February 8), it’s been two weeks since the 21-year-old broke the news about ‘Black Shield’ – a story she co-authored with Jess Handel about a kidnapped female African warrior who was forced to live in a community of Vikings.

Something tells me there’s some weird sexual content in this novel that serves as an unasked for window into the mind of Willow.

“And then the Blonde Vikings held Shakita down as the leader unzipped his fly. He looked at her with his piercing blue eyes, as he smiled smugly at Shakita. His masculine jaw working as he explained to her what was to come.

This towering six and a half foot monument to masculinity was going to have his way with her. Then he was going to parade her around the rest of the tribe, showing her submissiveness to him. Then he was going to go take a romantic vacation with her at their villa and feed strawberries into her mouth. Then he was going to hold hands with her and form a deep bond with her, despite himself. 

Willow prepared for this horrific fate with a happy eagerness, the result of her Wakandian Warrior training.

Honestly writing weird female fantasies is always entertaining to me. I’m sorry. Getting back to what actually happened.

The excerpt read:

 “The Amazigh are dangerous on their best day. They have little regard for anyone who doesn’t worship the Muslim god — and even their own tribes are always at war with one another.”

Viking Muslims? What is going on here? Well apparently those aren’t the Vikings. Those are just another group, which happens to be an actual group of people in the real world. Predictably, they got assmad online.

“Did her wh0re mother and humiliated cuck father not provide enough content for her mediocre piece of fiction?”

Okay, if you’re going to criticize a celebrity like that, go right ahead.

I think there might be easier targets though when the above creature writes “Black Shield Maiden.” Like maybe the entire premise.

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