There is so much Clownworld these days that I usually collect these things into a much larger conglomeration before publishing, but this was too absurd to ignore. Below we see the actual ad that Hershey’s Canada decided to run with on International Wahmen’s Day.

My name is Fae Johnstone.

I still, to this day, do not know what the + means, and all I do is cover this garbage.

I’m the executive director of Wisdom to Action.

Let’s check out this Wisdom2Action. They seem really angry about uppity White People in… recreation.

Don’t worry, they’ve got a program, funded by you, to solve this problem.

  • Confront racism within the recreation sector.
  • Foster equitable treatment and opportunities for all accessing recreation.
  • Promote and lead conversations around diversity, equity, racism and religious discrimination on provincial, national and international levels. 
  • Contribute further research and evidence that highlights the disparities and issues faced by members of marginalized communities in recreation. 

It took me literally two minutes to find them whining about White People, although they are at least subtle about it. The servatives at the Daily Wire whined about this commercial. Place your bets now if they ever mention this.

Back to the commercial.

We can create a world where everyone is able to live in public space as their honest and authentic selves.

Honestly, you’re a man. That is an inauthentic axe wound that you are mistaking for a vagina.

Also, are these troons against censorship now? Because the entire point of censorship is to prevent people from being their honest and authentic selves in public. It’s really harming my ability to live in the public space all the censorship that these trillion dollar multinationals do to me when I authentically and honestly express myself. I could use some help over here Fae.

See the women changing how we see the future at Hershey’s Canada.

Well that was awful. Let’s see what the servatives are saying about it.

Our Jew Slaves Shabbos Goyim Chads at the Daily Wire, who most recently tried to Jew over give a fair contract to Steven “Turn Jew babies into powder” Crowder, are back with a heeelarious commercial absolutely slapping back at the Wokesters over there at International Finance Capital.

I’ve said good things about Brett Cooper, the girl on the left. Or rather, I’ve said that she’s sexy and extremely bangable, and that we ought to recruit some of these hoes for our thing. Usually having a cutiepie like that in the frame makes a man look cool, but not today. Jeremy Boreing and Michael Knowles instead make Brett Cooper look like a fag for hanging out with them. 

I was going to move on, but I really feel like this one frame perfectly sums up the servative movement. Jaime, pull that pic up again please.

To the left, and separated from them as if they are lepers, they have the lukewarm and moderately young pussy eyecandy that they paid to be there. She stands there and looks pretty without saying anything. Her job is not to have opinions.

As I said recently in my piece on figure skating, I want to see good looking pussy on the television. I just want some plausible deniability here, and the servative movement never gives that to me. For political analysis, I want MILFs instead of college sluts. Young cutiepies only works for figure skaters because I can pretend to be watching their athletic peformance.

In the middle we have a pudgy midget spiritual Jew named Jeremy. He’s using the outrage over troons infecting every aspect of our lives to sell you product. Said product is an unhealthy snack that you probably shouldn’t be eating anyway. 

Finishing up the trio we have Michael Knowles. He’s a failed child actor with ultra wealthy parents. 

His contribution is standing there and smiling, offering no insight or in this case even verbiage. He’s just there to collect a paycheck, and that smile, pasted onto his face, tells you that he truly, deeply, believes in his heart that his current job beats plumbing.

Sign up to or whatever if you want to own da libs. By Libs we mean Jews, and by own we mean Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street will still control $20 trillion in assets. Go woke get mildly amused at purposefully impotent and entirely uncensored servatives making cringey parody videos of things you do.

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  1. Wisdom2Action is sponsored by both provincial and federal governments; in particular, Nova Scotia Health, Public Health and Public Health Agency of Canada.

    W2A has also partnered with such august groups such as the Canadian Public Health Association, School Mental Health Ontario, Champlain Regional Planning Table for Gender Diverse Health Services, etc.

    So as you can see, chocolate bars and trannies are all about children, health and inclusion you f*cking stupid goyim.

  2. So shut up, already.

  3. I don’t know what the plus means, either.
    I just assume that it refers to HIV.

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