Ukrainian President Brings a Tear to my Trans-Vagina with Courageous Display of Selfie Taking in War Zone


KYIV, Ukraine – Yuri Shuklin has never fired a gun, not a real one at least. His war experience, he said, comes from playing video games such as “Call to Action.” “Maybe it’s funny, but in some movies and video games, they have nice [battlefield] tactics,” he said.

Call to Action is in fact a real game. It’s an obscure free to play first person multiplayer shooter. I can’t tell if this propagandist is just being sloppy, and misspelled or mistranslated “Call of Duty,” or if this one guy just randomly really loves this game nobody has ever heard of.

By Saturday, he had signed up to fight the Russian forces pressing on this capital.

A guy who admitted that he had never fired a gun before and his only military “experience,” was playing video games has now signed up to fight against professional soldiers. This is a foolproof plan.

I’m not even sure why we bother with the whole well equipped and trained infantry shenanigans. Just get some grannies together with one rifle between them all, and some guys who once played Call of Duty and you’re all set.

In Ukraine, there’s precedent for Shuklin’s screen-to-reality sense of confidence: President Volodymyr Zelensky was an actor and comedian, whose only political experience before getting elected was playing the role of Ukraine’s president in a satirical TV series. Now, those savvy communication skills, his ability to sway audiences via social media, a healthy dose of grit and defiance — and not least of all, his readiness to die if necessary — have transformed him into an unlikely champion for Ukrainians and the world.

This guy got the job as president because he LARPed as the president. As a result, this delusional 31 year old Ukrainian mechanic thinks that if he just LARPs as a professional soldier, he will magically become one. Except that actually (((Volodymyr Zelensky))) got the job because of his racial networking, and has been a complete and utter shill for Globo Homo Schlomo in office. Needless to say, he will not be LARPing alongside these poor civilians who are being lead to the slaughterhouse.

Until three days ago, when the Russians invaded, Zelensky’s political tenure was mixed, even considered by many on the decline. He was criticized for not pushing forward essential anti-corruption and judicial reforms. Ukrainians felt he was weak in his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and too quick to seek compromise with Moscow.

This is such transparent propaganda that it’s actually kind of funny to me. They put Ukrainians actual concerns, that this guy is a corrupt piece of filth, right alongside the absurdist accusation that Ukrainians were just hopping up and down to kick off WW3 by having Ukraine get leveled by nuclear fire.

Zelensky, 44, at times downplayed the threat of Russia crossing into Ukraine and at others warned of Russia seizing Ukrainian cities.

It’s almost like this guy understands that jews try to run all sides of discourse, but he got a tad confused and started doing it as a one man show. 

Then again, politicians speaking out of both sides of their mouths is nothing new.

He denounced the United States and European governments as alarmist in their repeated warnings of an impending assault. There was no meaningful effort to bolster defenses along Ukraine’s border with Russia. Nor was there preparation for evacuations and other contingencies to protect Ukrainians.

Putin when he sees that undefended border.

I have made this point before. The incompetence displayed by the Ukrainian Military is absolutely astounding. Not only did they fail to make massively redundant airbases, they weren’t even equipped with basic items such as helmets and night vision goggles.

This is because (((Zelensky))) and the other “leaders,” of Ukraine viewed the citizenry as something to exploit and abuse. Provocations against Russia were there to obedience signal to NATO, not for any valid reason otherwise. Due to the magic of WMD Liar propaganda, this gets reframed as plucky underdog Ukraine gets invaded by Evil Juggernaut Russia but Patriotic Globo Homo enjoying citizens rush to defend ZOGs strategic interests.

Note the author

As a wartime president, however, Zelensky has risen remarkably to the challenge. His messaging has been consistent and sharply directed at Moscow. In videos posted on social media he has appealed directly to Russian citizens, gracefully urging them to protest Putin’s onslaught on Ukrainian democracy.

He’s posted videos on Instagram urging Russian citizens to do whiny, impotent gestures of support for Globo Homo. Either Russia is the eebil Empyre that the WMD Liars tell is it is, and those Russians will all be rounded up and shot, or by virtue of being allowed to do an anti-war protest in the middle of a war they will have debunked their own bullshit propaganda. So maybe take a break from the Instagram posting.

In another video, wearing a green military-style pullover, he called for Ukrainians to take up arms. “We are alone in defending our state. Who else wants to fight with us? Honestly, I don’t see anyone,” he said.

Considering that his state is the jew ethnostate of occupied Palestine, I rank this mostly false. Getting citizens to take up arms won’t save Ukraine, but it does serve George Soros’ purposes when they all get killed and make for mediocre propaganda. So I guess maybe the statement was true after all.

“Right now, he’s very focused. He’s very driven. He thinks Ukraine can prevail if everyone takes the same stand he is taking.” Asked if Zelensky was prepared to die fighting, the adviser answered without hesitation: “Yes.”

I have no doubt that Zelensky would be happy for the goyim to die for Israel. Nevertheless, Ukraine cannot prevail. The war is over, and it was shown to be over on the very first day. Either the Ukrainian ZOG puppet state can magically win a war with no air support, and lacking even the most basic of items such as helmets for the soldiers, with a volunteer army of grandmothers, or Russia won. 

The war is over now, except for the killing. I’m sure Zelensky will certainly delight in that.

I really hate these people.

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