You may remember Pierre Pollievre from my takedown of his “based,” leadership race announcement speech. It was generic taxes bad, government too big. There were some extremely mild dogwhistles thrown in there about “financial elite,” but it was overall pretty low energy. Well he’s upped his game for the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre — the only declared candidate for the party’s leadership — is slamming Europe’s response to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, saying in a social media post that the continent’s leaders have been “weak” in the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

Hold on, let me go look up his speech again. I want to find out his exact words here.

Governments have gotten big and bossy.

That’s how he started his speech. Literally the first few words. But apparently the government should not simply be bossing people around, but committing to nuclear war.

Poilievre, who announced his candidacy only days after former leader Erin O’Toole was ousted by his caucus colleagues, said Europe has “cowered” to a “thug” like Putin because its countries are concerned about the flow of crucial energy supplies like oil and gas. He added that Europe’s response in the lead-up to this “tyrant’s invasion” of a sovereign country has been “shocking.”

Is he saying that these governments should not be concerned about crucial energy supplies? That seems like a pretty insane thing to say, at least on the surface. 

“While some countries have stepped up to the plate, major European players are sitting on the sidelines asking Russia nicely to stop the war,” Poilievre said in a video posted late Monday.

“The countries that have been weakest on Russia’s aggression are the ones that rely on Russian energy to heat their homes, drive their cars and power their economies.”

Let me go and look up his speech again.

They’re spending more than at any time since WW2, so they control more of what you earn, and you control less. They’ve caused inflation, by borrowing and printing a half trillion dollar which has ballooned the assets of the billionaires, the debts of our children, and the cost of living of the working class.

Nothing says “I have the back of the working class,” quite like Privileged Class foreign policy bullshit that drives up the cost of life, and lowers standards of living all for the benefit of George Soros. The people want to stay out of Ukraine.

But our (((Democracy Class))) sees things otherwise.

Supporting Rotschilds to own the libz for not being willing to murder enough goyim.

“The international community could have long ago crippled Russia’s ability to do banking and fund war by cutting it off from the all-important SWIFT messaging system,” Poilievre said, referring to the system that connects the world’s banks. “As always, petroleum is driving geopolitics.”

I’ve heard that Petroleum is the fourth most common baby name in Tel Aviv, so I guess that makes sense. And let me go and look up his announcement speech one more time.

Meanwhile a small (((financial elite))) with access to all that printed money buy up real estate and rent out to a growing class of permanent tenants. People who may never be able to afford a home.

And when people speak up the (((powerful))) clamp down. They silence and slander anyone who dares dissent. Including with laws censoring what you see and say online.

Nothing says taking it to the financial elite quite like using banking as a weapon of war. And speaking of that financial elite…

No but Pierre Pollievre is even more bloodthirsty than this LibURaL. So you really need to get excited about new cuckservative politician. And it’s hilarious to me that he LARPs like some sort of censored dissident. During this conflict my YouTube channel received it’s second strike for uploading non-gory war footage. There was no text. Not even commentary, but it was removed for disinformation, and I can’t publish anything anymore.

But you know, Pollievre is really leading the fight against censorship, or something.

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