I personally was amazed at how utterly evil and cynical this move was.


A total of 25,000 automatic weapons as well as 10 million cartridges have been handed out, Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky said in a video released on Saturday. Anti-tank weapons had also been handed out, he said.

Kiev will defend itself,” Monastyrsky said. He said he was proud when he saw people defending their towns, villages, streets and houses. “They are organizing themselves, there is no looting or robbery.”

Let me make something clear. Using civilians to build impromptu fortifications, such as tank traps, trenches, or whatever, is totally valid. Using them as infantry is not. Infantry are a lot more than just rifles with a bit of ammunition. Impromptu soldiers will get slaughtered by actual soldiers, even if they were actual military aged males. Giving grannies rifles and LARPing like they can take on a professional army is entirely absurd.

Rumia, 59, a member of Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces, trains close to Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022. AP

Or at least it is from the perspective of wanting to win a war. What’s really going on is the (((Ukrainian Government))) wants massive civilians deaths, which they can then use for propaganda. Remember, Globo Homo Schlomo hates Ukrainians so much they won’t accept them as refugees, even though they are actually fleeing a war zone. 

Arming random civilians will force the Russians to pick from a few different options. First, accept more losses, since urban fighting is going to be a massive clusterfuck where every apartment building is now a hostile enemy area. Second, start shelling said apartment buildings, thus murdering massive numbers of civilians. Or third, siege the city, thus murdering everybody inside through a long protracted starvation campaign. Or at least a high percentage of people, before the surrender.

This is a completely indefensible policy, utterly cynical in nature, and with zero actual concern for the wellbeing of Ukrainians. My only hope is that these volunteers turn themselves in en masse before this absurdity gets themselves and others killed. 

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