Among the overwhelming sea of yellow and blue flags at a rally held in support of Ukraine on Sunday in London, Ont., there were a few different banners showing a red rectangle over a bar of black.

Outnumbered by the Ukrainian flag by a ratio of about 20 to one, this flag stirred concerned comments on social media, including a Facebook post that described it as a banner of “Ukrainian neo-Nazis.”

It’s almost enough to make me want to make this flag and run out their doing a protest with it. BTW, have you ever noticed that these very same people never whine about the Israeli flag? I guess no matter how many children they murder in violent racial cleansings, that flag won’t represent child murder.

In the photo, Freeland is shown holding a section of a black and red scarf bearing the words “Glory to Ukraine” written in Ukrainian. A day later the tweet was removed, but not before right-leaning media groups accused her of posing with a pro-Nazi banner. A second tweet was sent from Freeland’s account showing her without the scarf.

You’ll never guess who the CBC calls in for their expertise.

Jake Hyman, a spokesperson with the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights group based in New York, said that while the group would later end up opposing the Germans, as well as the Soviets, some UPA/OUN members took part in Ukrainian auxiliary units that killed Jews or were involved in early pogroms in the 1940s.

(((Jonathan Greenblatt))) ADL head

When the CBC needs some expertise, they bring in the organization that was founded to let a jew, Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a thirteen year old White Child, Mary Phagan, and then poorly framed two negroes for the crime. These are the people who are lecturing you for waving around the flag of Ukrainian Nationalism, which, BTW, is not the actual Ukrainian Flag. The Red and Black is the flag, the Blue and Yellow is the ghey flag of Globo Homo Schlomo. That’s the flag of the impoverishment of actual Ukrainians, to the point where they have a GDP per capita of less than $3,000 while jew billionaires get rich off of their backs.

So of course the CBC gets really angry at you for waving it around. They’d like you to be cool with Russian children getting murdered through bombing, not so much for you to actually give a shit about Ukrainians, which is why they’ve explicitly stated that they’re not interested in taking on Ukrainian Refugees

Support Ukraine goy, but don’t get too uppity about it.

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