There was a bit of a debate happening on telegram over whether ZOG would accept Ukrainian refugees. Considering that they’re actually refugees, unlike Turd World economic parasites, and it would be so obviously hypocritical for them not to do so, I leaned towards them gritting their teeth and accepting them. However, I never bet all my chips at the clout casino, our Democracy Class is simply too malicious and unpredictable.

Our Democracy Class thinks you should be thrown in jail for not wanting infinity third world parasites in your country. No border, no nations, fuck deportations. They also think they have the right to go and commit mass murder against foreigners when they lie us into wars. Because apparently mass murder is fine if the murdered don’t have citizenship to the economic zone. So they’re hyper extremist globalists who are also hyper extremist nationalists. As Steve Sailor would say, Invade the World, Invite the World.

They’re also big haters of ethno-nationalism, which is why they’re so eager to defend Ukraine. But also they hate nationalists, and will find excuses to throw you in jail for being one. They’re big on anti-democratic wars that lead to the murder of hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern Goyim. But they’re really big believers in Democracy and Human Rights, as they push for laws making it illegal for you to fact-check the lampshadocaust. They hate when countries clamp down on free speech, but it’s great when they do it. They hate when China does the imaginary Uighur Genocide, but are big fans of Israel murdering Palestinian Children as part of a violent racial cleansing. They’re big on refugees, except for when they’re White, and actual refugees.

I’m starting to think that maybe these people are just completely malicious and utterly full of shit.

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  1. I totally ignored the Olympics. I found stories of white people trying to survive under ZOG much more interesting and compelling!

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