Jessica Rochon from Ottawa says she has always been good with her money, so she was floored to find out she and her wife

“She and her wife.” Let me take a look at this lovely couple.

They met when pursuing their PhD’s in softball at the U of Lesbos in Greece.

so she was floored to find out she and her wife had been denied a mortgage pre-approval because of someone else’s bad credit — a woman who lives a province away in Quebec with almost the same name.

Yes that is odd. Very odd indeed. There are many people who share the same name, and yet only this lesbo is being denied credit. Methinks one of /ourgoys/ is there at Equifax and deliberately sabotaged her.

She says her pristine credit score plummeted and there was a collection added to her file at some point that isn’t clear from the report. She found out at the worst time: when she and her wife were looking to buy their first home together last August.

Yes, she and her wife got screwed out of a home. Typical of the fascist bankers that we all know and love. I know I certainly would dedicate my life to delaying the home purchases of these rug munching softball enthusiasts if I had a job at Equifax.

By the time Rochon contacted Go Public, she’d been fighting for five months to get Equifax to correct the record, having to explain the situation over and over again to different Equifax agents but getting nowhere.

Making bureaucrat gang work for you.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. [It was] incredibly frustrating. Equifax told me it would take five to 20 business days to correct errors,” Rochon said.

God I am getting hard right now just thinking about it. Oh yeah baby, then maybe make them start the entire process all over from the beginning when they’ve completed it. God that’s so hot.

Rochon is one of dozens of people contacting Go Public, who say the country’s two major credit bureaus Equifax and TransUnion — both private companies — are failing to deal with errors on credit reports, leading to serious problems for some.

Sadly this is actually just an honest fuckup by Equifax. The only reason these two taco-eaters are getting attention is because they’re lesbos, and the CBC desperately wants another excuse to shove this in our faces.

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