I’m trying not to do the serious take here, because we have the NJP to do that for us, but wow.


Russia announced yet another limited ceasefire and the establishment of safe corridors to allow civilians to flee some besieged Ukrainian cities Monday, but the evacuation routes led mostly to Russia and its ally Belarus, drawing withering criticism from Ukraine and others.

FFS. I mean I try to not swear very often but come the fuck on now. The entire point of encirclement is that they don’t let anything in or out. Russia letting Ukrainian civilians out through to Western Ukraine would let goods and other militarily important assets in to the cities/areas that are being encircled. The Ukrainian government doesn’t actually have any good reason to be opposed to this, unless they’re implying that the Russians are going to start mass killing the Ukrainian civilians when they leave to Russia/Belarus. That’s ridiculous, which is why they don’t just come out and say it, but they sort of let the insinuation hang in the air.

Ukrainian officials accused Moscow of resorting to “medieval siege” tactics in some places. In one of the most desperate of the encircled cities, the southern port of Mariupol, there were no immediate signs of an evacuation.

Medievil siege eh? You’re right. An encirclement is like a Medievil siege. It’s also like a siege that long predates Medievil times. It’s also like the encirclements that happened constantly in WW2, and every single other war of note.

Here’s a map of the Soviet encirclement of the German Army at Stalingrad. And there are many examples of the Germans doing this to the Soviets, the US doing this to the Japanese, etcetera. This is like, war strategy 101.

And like I said, it’s been around for as long as armies have existed. Above is a video on the Battle of Alesia, involving Julius Caesar from 52 BCE. In the Battle of Alesia, there wasn’t just one encirclement, but two, where Caesar first encircled the Gaulic Army commanded by Vercingetorix. Then, in anticipation of a Gaulic Army in the field, built a second set of walls outside of the first one, essentially besieging himself.

Efforts to set up safe corridors for civilians to leave besieged areas over the weekend fell apart. But the Russian Defence Ministry announced a new push Monday, saying civilians would be allowed to leave the capital of Kyiv, the southern port city of Mariupol and the cities of Kharkiv and Sumy.

Moving past the absurd whining done by ZOG, and we see them assmad that the Russians are trying to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, by letting them flee a war zone. Zelensky and company, not actually being Ukrainians, would like nothing more than to see as many of those goyim die as possible. What is being done here is the most cynical, calculated, and despicable act by any government in years. The Ukrainian government is trying to get as many Ukrainians killed, hoping to use this as atrocity propaganda versus Russia.

Ukrainians, whose ferocious resistance has slowed the invasion and thwarted any hopes Moscow had for a lightning victory, have been reinforcing cities across the country.

In Kyiv, soldiers and volunteers have built hundreds of checkpoints, often using sandbags, stacked tires and spiked cables.

“Every house, every street, every checkpoint, we will fight to the death if necessary,” said Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

Jew bravely sacrifices goy lives for jew racial agenda. 

In Mariupol, where an estimated 200,000 people hoping to flee were becoming increasingly desperate, Red Cross officials waited to hear when a safe humanitarian corridor would be established. The city is short on water, food and power, and mobile phone networks are down. Shops have been looted as residents search for essential goods.

Yes, the Ukrainian government is intentionally trying to stop Russia from letting Ukrainians escape a war zone. I know I already said that, but it needs to be repeated.

Luckily, they don’t really have the power to do this anyway. It’s a bit complicated, but the Russians can encircle Mariupol and other cities, while leaving a crack in the Russian side for civilians to leave through. It’s complicated, because the Ukrainian army can try to breakout through there, and I have no doubt that (((Zelensky))) will happily order that. Fighting along the area where most civilians are fleeing would cause massive civilian casualties, but that’s precisely the point.

The battle for Mariupol, in particular, is crucial because its capture could allow Moscow to establish a land corridor to Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014 in a move that most other countries considered illegal.

“Russia annexed,” is a pretty weird way of saying “There was a vote, where the people of Crimea democratically decided their futures.”

But remember goyim, when our Democracy Class says “democracy,” they most certainly do not mean the Rule of the People. What they mean is tightly controlled elections, where an international class of parasites are allowed to control your government, oppress you, and subvert the truly democratic will of the people at every turn. Which is why 96.8% of Crimeans voting to join Russia is considered illegal in Freedom Democracy land. 

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