At the plenary session on July 13, a draft law was unanimously adopted in the second reading  , establishing a complete ban on medical interventions aimed at gender reassignment, as well as excluding state registration of gender reassignment without operations. Almost 400 deputies from all factions headed by the Chairman of the State Duma  Vyacheslav Volodin became its authors . 

Amendments are proposed to be made to the federal laws “On acts of civil status” and “On the basics of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation.”

“Medical workers are prohibited from carrying out medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person, including the formation of a person’s primary and (or) secondary sexual characteristics of the opposite sex,” the draft law says. The use of medicines for the same purposes will also be prohibited.

The article is crudely translated by my browser from Russian to English. All that is really needed is the synopsis.

The document introduces a ban on medical workers to perform sex reassignment surgery, except in cases of treatment of congenital physiological anomalies of sex formation in children.

This is about to pass in Russia, and it’s plain common sense. No one can consent to tranny mutilation surgery, because to believe yourself to be the wrong sex is to have a mental illness. The majority of trannies kill themselves, in part because of the extreme pain that up to 30% of them go through with their mutilations, and partly because they realize that they’re just mutilated, sterilized mutants. 

I’d say that I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy. That would be a lie, but it’s a nice thing to say. Those pushing this on impressionable children should be [redacted] before being publicly [redacted].  

Russia is roughing up LGBT activists whilst we speak, and put out a new video, seen below, just four days ago. I especially enjoyed the little squeal the groomer gives out as he gets planted against the building. 


I would prefer if there was no treason involved, and they simply arrested him for spreading AIDS propaganda. About seven months ago Russia passed a law banning the Monkeypox shilling, so they wouldn’t need to accuse this man of treason to press guns into his face and put him in handcuffs.

Personally, I choose to believe that this was all about The Gay, and they’re pretending there was military treason involved for optics reasons. That would fit in with the generally terrible state of Russian propaganda, where they desperately try to be accepted by Republican Party activist types. 

I managed to get a screencap of the groomer’s backpack, which appears to have some sort of AIDS furry on it. Look, you can use whatever trumped up treason charges you want. I may not be happy about it, but I can’t pretend not to love that little smirk the cop gives as the van door closes.  

Let’s see how the war goes?


Ukraine will take a flexible approach in dealing with potential Russian collaborators in its planned liberation of Crimea, Kyiv’s representative for the occupied peninsula says, as officials plan for the potential reintegration of some 2 million people living in the areas occupied by Moscow since 2014.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians are believed to have moved to Crimea since the peninsula was seized by President Vladimir Putin‘s forces in 2014. Estimates vary, but Tasheva has said the figure is between 500,000 to 800,000 newcomers. All those Russians who have entered illegally, she said, will be subject to “forced expulsion.”

ZOGkraine does not have a snowball’s chance in hell at retaking Crimea. That none of this will happen does not diminish the evil of fantasizing about committing atrocities. 

Remember, while Israel openly declares that land owned by the Palestinian Goyim is actually Jew property, and proceeds to murder hundreds of them, generally the Judeo-Democracy Class tries its hardest to pretend that all the random migrants they shipped around the world to your neighbourhood can’t possibly be moved out. Then they go ahead and say “yeah, we’ll just forcefully expel 800,000 Russians from a place that voted to join Russia.”

“We are not talking about deportation, but ‘forced expulsion,’ which will be deployed only against non-Ukraine citizens who crossed into the country illegally since the annexation. There will be no mass deportations, but we will tackle the issue on a case-by-case basis.”

They make sure to clarify that no, you didn’t mishear them. They will be absolutely uprooting these Russian ethnics from their homes because they had the audacity to move there. They put this criminal LARP out there expecting you to be excited about it.

I have no doubt that a small percentage of reddit-tier NPC’s will throw their fists up in the air, but I doubt this lands with anything other than a wet thud with the general population. I’m baffled at the idiocy. This does extreme rhetorical damage to (((the narrative))) surrounding deportation, and Ukraine doesn’t have a hope and a prayer of implementing this. The worst possible propaganda is “here are some evil things I’d like to do, but am impotent to enact,” and yet they’re putting this in Newsweek. They’re advertising this.

Tasheva and other Ukrainian leaders are trying to win back the hearts and minds of Crimeans who have lived for nearly a decade under Russian control. Even before the annexation, polls and election results suggested more pro-Moscow sympathies than elsewhere in the country, not least due to the influence of, and Russian migration associated with, the Kremlin’s naval base in Sevastopol.

They even have the audacity to admit that Crimea was the most pro-Russia part of Ukraine before the annexation. This is simply handwaved away, or outright ignored. We can’t let the peasants decide what country they belong to. That would be real democracy, and we need to be doing fake democracy instead.

Let’s see how the reclamation of Crimea is going.

That’s just the (((NYTimes))). Jaime, can we get a second opinion please?

AP News:

The first phase of Ukraine’s counteroffensive to recapture Russian-occupied territory began weeks ago without fanfare. Apart from claiming that its troops are edging forward, Kyiv has not offered much detail on how it’s going.

So it’s a disaster.

It’s long been known that Ukrainians are simply being used as pawns to push ZOG’s agenda. That’s been obvious to anyone with a functioning brain right from the start.  

At this point I’m starting to think it’s almost undeniable that, in addition to the goal of tiring out Russia, the war is a deliberate depopulation policy aimed at The Ukraine. Ukraine was one of the Whitest countries in the world prior to the war, and they’ve now had hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainian men murdered, while one third of the country has fled, and presumably few will return. 

Ukrainska Pravda:

Ukraine will have to attract an additional 4.5 million workers to the labour market over the next ten years to carry out its post-war recovery.

Details: The report notes that Ukraine faced a labour shortage even before the full-scale invasion. However, now that over 6 million Ukrainians have been forced to go abroad, the labour situation in the country has become even more critical.

The Ministry of Economy estimates that over the next ten years, Ukraine will need to attract an additional 4.5 million employees to the labour market.

Now the Ukrainian Government is talking about “needing” 4.5 million labourers for the post-war period. Where do you think they’ll come from? Something tells me they aren’t getting White South Africans. 

A BANG commenter sums up my feelings well.

NATO and kike Zelensky are sending some of the finest men of Europe to horrible deaths. Every decent white person should feel deep sorrow over this. In Syria and CAR and similar places it’s what it is, but with Europeans, we were all just a cosmic roll of the dice away from having our minds in the body of a Ukrainian being sent to a mine field for NATO.

Another chimes in.

I saw a video, an APC carefully moving through a field, burning hulls of friendly armored vehicles strune about. The back hatch opens, a Ukrainian soldier is being recorded by a drone above as he works up the nerve to dismount. He jumps, his feet touch, no impact, thank God, you could see the look of relief.

To avoid getting shot because he’s standing up, he drops down to one knee. That knee landed on a mine, it detonated, his right leg is blown off at the knee, I’m sure the left leg and crotch are not pristine.

The man quickly jumped into action security a tourniquet to his leg, and he pulls himself back to the APC and it goes back to where it came from.

All I could think is, what a fucking waste. It’s criminal what they had those men do and I’m on Russia’s side.

Nathan Damigo, founder if Identity Europa, had this to say on Telegram July 4th.

Ukraine is being used as a kill zone to draw in White advocates from across Europe and North America. This benefits our Judeo-Capitalist regime two ways. First, it gives them some of the best warriors to fight the regime’s enemies. Second, it gets rid of our dissidents so that the regime doesn’t have to worry about a revolution here in the West. That was the entire purpose of Azov.

This morning I discovered that it appears they are running another op to get more of our people to go out there. Understand if you go and fight with this group, you will be fighting on behalf of the Jew Zelenski who is giving the entire Ukrainian economy over to Blackrock. You will be directly responsible for handing Jews power in Ukraine, and you will likely die doing it. Why would you become the enemy of your own people for some war fantasy?

I will spit on your memory if you die, and if you survive, I will never work with you when you come back to the states and will do everything in my power to derail your ability to work with any decent organization here. Make wise decisions or suffer the consequences.

Nathan Damigo

I understand that Weimerica is an evil shithole, and that there are plenty of people who desperately want something to fight for. But at this point, come on. There are more productive ways to die.

My hatred for (((NATO))) grows each day.

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  1. I can’t imagine anyone risking life and limb and/or dying for that shitty-looking little jew dwarf. Or joining the team threatening to cluster-bomb civilian targets. Honestly, smdh.

  2. Nice pics of kikel juden rat Zelensky. The midget jew gangster is total fucking clown. Anyone dumb enough to get involved this ZOG shit-show deserves what happens to them. The last pic of juden rat Zelensky with his pedo kippa on is delightful.

  3. Damigos’ point can’t be overemphasized, anyone who buys the propaganda and goes to fight in Ukraine is a liability because they’ve got some bad actor in their ear and they’re dumb enough to believe what they hear, or compromised in some way…

    The same paranoiacs who say you’re on a list for a TRS sub, or supporting the NJP will say it’s a good idea to pick up a gun and fight with a foreign neo-nazi group… Certainly no better way to actually get on a list and get vanned as soon as you step foot back on US soil, if you ever manage to.

  4. It’s an absolutely disgusting waste of life for both sides of the war. From day one of this war I alway thought thank God I’m not over there. Pointless wars are the absolute Jewish ideal.

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