More than 7,000 kilometres away, the guest of honour sat somewhere in the middle of a war zone. Standing on the floor of the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced “our friend” Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine.

This is gonna be a hard one to sit through.

“Volodymyr, in the years I’ve known you, I’ve always thought of you as a champion for democracy,” Trudeau said. “And now democracies around the world have you as our champion.”

Kill me now.

The MPs, senators and invited guests in attendance stood and applauded for nearly a full minute.

A full minute of applause. For the jew actor with homoerotic toilet humour.

But friendship means being able to speak directly and candidly — and that is what Zelensky did in his 12-minute address.

Our Democracy Class dipshits give this disgusting zionist filth a minute long applause and he follows that up by berating them. The sheer level of entitlement of this kikel is beyond belief.

This was not Winston Churchill addressing Parliament in 1942 and mocking those who had predicted his country’s defeat. Instead of swagger and soaring rhetoric, Zelensky sought to personalize the war — to shrink the distance between his war-torn country and the relative safety of his audience.

Zelensky asked Canadians to “imagine” their own country being attacked. Addressing the prime minister as “Justin,” Zelensky asked Trudeau to imagine that it was his children hearing the impact of bombs falling on the airport in Ottawa.

What if an invading country was laying siege to Vancouver? What if the CN Tower was being bombed? What if Canadian flags were being ripped down by soldiers occupying Montreal? What if Edmonton was left undefended against aerial attacks? What if Canadian schools were the ones being bombed, Canadian children the ones being killed?

What if this invading army was burning Canadian churches down to the ground? Oh wait, that happened. Except it wasn’t an invading army it was antifa/abo activists because of a completely fake hoax about children being murdered at residential schools. No hate crime charges were laid, of course.

“Can you imagine when you call your friends and nations and you ask to please close the sky, close the air space, please stop the bombing?” Zelensky asked. “How many more cruise missiles have to fall on our cities until you make this happen? And in return, they express their deep concerns about the situation … and they say, ‘Please hold on, hold on a little longer.'”

I don’t remember any of this saccharine bullshit when our churches were being burned to the ground, such as this one pictured above, which is less than 20 km from where I am penning this piece. Nor do I remember any of this when Israel murdered 232 Palestinian Goyim when stealing their land as part of a violent racial cleansing. Turns out some people are more worthy of sympathy than others.

Zelensky still ended his remarks by saying how grateful he was to the Canadian people.

“I am confident that, together, we will overcome and we will be victorious,” he said. “Glory to Ukraine. Thank you to Canada.”

His audience in the House stood and applauded him for three minutes.

Three. Fucking. Minutes. For a guy who jailed the leader of the opposition, shut down the three largest television news companies in the country, possibly stole the election he “won”, and has done nothing, literally nothing to address the rampant corruption endemic in Ukraine that got him elected, assuming he even won in the first place. A three minute standing ovation.

War has transformed Zelensky into a folk hero.

Isn’t the point of folk heroes that they aren’t real? Or am I thinking of folk tales? Nevermind, it’s fairy tales, although Zelensky being some sort of hyper competent war president is not far removed.

As recently as February 21, the chief editor of the Kyiv Independent was suggesting that Zelensky, a former comedian and actor, was “in over his head.” Writing in the New York Times, Olga Rudenko explained how a once-inspiring candidate had become a “dispiritingly mediocre” president.

“After his nearly three years in office, it’s clear what the problem is,” she wrote. “Mr. Zelensky’s tendency to treat everything like a show.”

I have been cautioned by the wise autists at FTN to refrain from supporting Putin. He is after all essentially just a mafia boss running a country, and while I can’t put my finger on exactly how patriotic he is or is not, he certainly doesn’t mind jew oligarchs exploiting the Russian People. Having said all that, boy is it ever hard to not just straight up root for Russia to militarily crush ZOG in the most brutal and humiliating manner possible. I mean I hope that entails nobody dying, but I just can’t stand these people.

I’ve remarked on the staggering incompetence of the Ukraine Gov right from the very start. Their military is a complete failure from top to bottom. This is probably because their (((leadership))) is concerned with exploiting the Ukrainian People, and absolutely nothing else, but it could also be just plain old fashioned incompetence. Zelensky is after all, a complete clown, and there’s something really satisfying about Putin crushing the “Champion of Democracy,” and grinding him into dust. If Putin puts Zelensky on trial for war crimes and has him executed, I’m officially going full Rutin for Putin.

But in his bunker in Ukraine — from where he has now addressed the European, British and Canadian parliaments — he no doubt understands this is not a moment for triumphalism. In his speech to Canadian leaders, the Western world’s “champion” stressed the horrors of war and the limits of the allied response to date.

I simply cannot deny that I have thoroughly enjoyed the propaganda shift from “Russia is incompetent and losing,” to “here’s how Ukraine can still win,” to “get excited for new atrocity propaganda hoax,” and “Zelensky is great because he’s losing so gracefully.” 

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