I clicked on CBC for content, as I am wont to do, and was greeted with a different story where they were pushing yet more pervert shit to children. Well, linked at the bottom of that story was this one.


Trans, gay teens on how ‘don’t say gay’ law and Texas order harm LGBTQ kids

Except that you have to scroll down to see that title. The first thing you see is this image.

And here is their caption.

Will Rollo, who is 16 and trans-masculine, and Brody Neville, who is 12 and gay, say that a new law in Florida and an order in Texas are harmful to LGBTQ kids. (Images submitted by Will Rollo and Leah O’Donnell)

I’m not sure that I have any words for this.

This week, some students in Canada walked out of school to protest two recent events in the United States that they say are causing harm to LGBTQ youth.

In Florida, a bill passed on Tuesday that will prevent kids in Grade 3 and younger from discussing gender identity and sexuality in class.

Meanwhile, on Feb. 22, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered state officials to start investigating parents who seek gender-affirming care for their transgender children as a form of child abuse.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is kosher-opposition, but he shows just how utterly low the bar is set. Imagine being the most populist Republican politician just by pretending to fight against pedos and child abusers.

CBC Kids News asked two LGBTQ teens to share their thoughts on what’s been happening and what they’re doing to tackle it.

First, let’s get a sense of what’s happening in the U.S. that is causing the protests and iron out some important definitions.

They include this picture of these… I don’t even know protesting the stopping of child abuse in Texas. Or rather, the pretend stopping of child abuse.

BTW, you can’t find out who the author of this piece is. It just says “CBC Kids News,” in the spot where it usually lists the author. 

What sort of person would want a job where they talk to vulnerable children all day, but not in a helping way, in a grooming way? Probably the same sort of person who wants to write anonymously so that nobody can ever find out who they are.

Florida’s new law, which comes into effect in July, has been called the “don’t say gay” bill by people who oppose it. Officially, it is called the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

The law prevents public school teachers of kindergarten to Grade 3 students from discussing gender identity or sexual orientation in their classrooms.

But we’ll shortly find out that this is completely fake.

Imagine being such a disgusting child abusing piece of shit that you are opposed to teachers grooming *checks notes* eight year olds. 

Currently, it’s unclear how the order will hold up in court, since it was not passed as law, but the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is already investigating several parents of transgender youth.

I knew this DeSantis was a shill. Remember, if Republicans seem like they’re doing something beneficial, what they’re really doing is just throwing the fight more thoroughly by building it up first.

Brody Neville, a 12-year-old from Calgary, Alberta, agreed.

Brody, who lost nearly all of his friends when he came out as gay last year,

He “came out,” as gay at age… 11. And this is simply commented on matter of fact from the multibillion dollar state propaganda agency.

said that the new laws could be harmful for gay and trans kids just looking for acceptance.

“It could make them really sad that they can’t be themselves, and some people, homophobic people, might even be happy.”

However, they do include this picture of the abused child, with an unintentionally hilarious caption.

After coming out as gay last year, none of Brody Neville’s friends came to his birthday party.
His mom put out a call on social media for people to attend a surprise birthday party, and more than 100 people showed up. (Image submitted by Leah O’Donnell)
People? Does that mean like middle aged faggots who wanted to rape Neville?

Well I mean it’s funny, but also quite concerning. A child was raped.

He also said that discussing LGBTQ lifestyles at a young age would have had a positive impact on him.

He said it could benefit kids in the U.S., too. 

“I feel like it would help them come out and help them feel supported. It could also make them feel brave.”

Look, the CBC are pedophiles. They want access to children to sexually abuse them. And this is what they’re pushing to children.

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