Yesterday I was convinced that twatter, while still being gay, was something that we now had access to once again. Apparently I was somewhat mistaken, as was told to me in the comments section.

I’d kind of already forgotten about twatter, so I didn’t bother checking it in the morning. When I got on my account, which you can find here, I learned that I only followed two accounts.

This was news to me, as just last night I followed four accounts. To Jazzhands McFeels and Warren Balogh, I salute your service.

Of course, even if Musk actually does something, it was a bit premature to expect that he would let us back on overnight. Even if he was secretly ourguy, or at least some sort of serious free speech type, he’d have a long battle ahead of him removing the trannissaries.

I will continue using poast and telegram as my main method of reaching people. Twitter is just for telling Jeff Bezos to go fuck himself.

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  1. If Musk paid 44 billion to enable Sam Hyde to tell Bezos to go fuck himself – it was worth every penny that Musk spent.

    1. We’ve got an exclusive interview with Elon Musk. You’ll find that he’s been secretly doing 4D chess ever since he moved from “Nigger Hell,” in South Africa. His words, not mine.

  2. In addition – please put Eye Bleach warnings when posting pics of demented things like that Bickford loony! I HATE THESE NUTCASES!

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