In my last article on Frances Widdowson I mentioned some petitions that were created in order to get her fired. Whether such petitions actually matter one tiny bit is irrelevant in this case, only the contents of them.

C2C Journal:

I’m not a big fan of Twitter because it’s such a toxic environment, but I have discovered it is a great means of satire. British comedian Andrew Doyle created a satirical Twitter feed for his character, Titania McGrath, a “radical intersectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice and armed peaceful protest.”

So I renamed my Twitter account “Frances McGrath (NOT Frances Widdowson)”. I now pose as a denouncer of myself. When the anonymous “student initiative” MRU Racial Advocacy tweeted, “Can we start asking for extensions because we are busy fighting our University?” – and then some professors liked the tweet – Frances McGrath responded that everyone should not only get an extension but also an A+.

Frances Widdowson is basically the female Jordan Peterson, except less of a fraud. In fact she explicitly states later on in that article,

My concern is that woke totalitarians are pushing Canadian nationalists towards white identity politics, as we have already seen in the United States.

Yeah. Again, unlike Juden Peterstein, she’s actually faced oppression for her actions, and has legitimately fought against Globo Homo Schlomo in her own way.

Speaking of that little faggot, I remember this video being in my YouTube recommends for years. It’s from October, 2018, and (((Google))) kept shoving it down everyones throats forever. The irony of a video where Peterson pretends to have street cred literally being promoted by the YouTube algorithm is apparently lost on Peterson.

But we’re not here to talk about Juden Peterstein today, we’re here to talk about Frances Widdowson, and the two shockingly anti-White petitions that existed to get her removed. This was from autumn of 2020, and we start with the far less openly anti-White one, which is also shorter.

Frances Widdowson is a racist professor who works at Mount Royal University. This is a call to demand that the university condemns Widdowson’s hateful actions against the BIPOC community and that she is terminated for her racist remarks.

Mount Royal University has still yet to make a statement regarding Widdowson’s racist actions and continues to employ her.

In ignoring the racist actions of people in power, we directly contribute to the systemic racism within our society.

This is basically what we would have expected from these people, and it’s barely even worth commenting on. There’s some anti-White assumptions and they’re targetting a White Woman for being Uppity of course, but again, it’s what I’ve come to expect.

The first petition has about 6,000 signatures. The second, far longer, and brazenly anti-White petition has about 1,100, and it needs to be reproduced in its entirety.

Recent events on our campus have shown us just how invested this institution is in white supremacy and the lengths it will go to in order to deflect responsibility for harm doing and stock-taking of its possessive investments in whiteness. 

You’re going to be dealing with a lot more language like this as we move through this piece. Explicitly anti-White and sort of baffling in the stupidity. This next part is all one paragraph, I promise.

In the words of George Lipsitz: “The problem with white people is not [their] whiteness, but [their] possessive investment in it. Created by politics, culture, and consciousness, [their] possessive investment in whiteness can be altered by those same processes, but only if [they] face the hard facts openly and honestly and admit that whiteness is a matter of interests as well as attitudes, that it has more to do with property than with pigment. Not all believers in white supremacy are white. All white people do not have to be white supremacists. But the possessive investment in whiteness is a matter of behavior as well as belief, it requires us to take action, not merely assert good intentions. (…) In the years ahead we will have ample opportunities to see what white people are made of, to see whether [they] can transcend [their] attachments to the mechanisms that give whiteness its force and power. We need to learn why our history has been built so consistently on racial exclusion and why we continue to generate new mechanisms to increase the value of past and present discrimination. How can we account for the ways in which white people refuse to acknowledge the possessive investment in whiteness even while working to increase its value every day?”

George Lipsitz

Above is what George Lipsitz looks like. No, I couldn’t find any Wikipedia early life, but you can go ahead and place your best guess.

We, therefore, demand that Mount Royal University prioritize harm-reduction and white divestment. We demand real action to be undertaken towards these goals, immediately.

Same energy.

We demand that MANDATORY anti-racism training for all students and faculty be crafted and put forward rapidly. The unlearning of racist behavior, ideology, folkways, and sentiments should not be the burden of BIPOC alone. Racism is first and foremost a white problem that needs to be addressed by white people, including within their most hallowed institutions. Academics in the academic milieu do not exist outside of the purview of society but are very much of it and the way they operate, the population makeup of their institutions, the voices that are consistently coddled and those that are consistently erased and excluded very much translates a hegemony of white desires, demands, violence and orders of knowledge. 

Thank goodness the people who are literally never censored even a little bit and are instead promoted by every institution in the corporate-state complex are finally getting courageous enough to call the people who face the massive censorship regime coddled voices. I don’t know how they overcame the erasure of literally being promoted by the YouTube algorithm and managed to achieve that, but somehow they did.

Look, the defining feature of these people is how utterly coddled and pandered to they are, since they serve as useful golems. But we’re not reading them to get reality based statements, are we?

“The university is not just its administrators, but also its faculty and students, (…) far from being an ivory tower, it operates within the existing ideological terrain. (…) The administrators have been forced to accommodate a number of decolonial demands. (…) When universities do accommodate decolonial demands, they frequently do so in a way that ensures that they remain marginal and do not bring about structural change in the institution as a whole. (…) Decolonial progress in one area is often accompanied by the reassertion of coloniality in another. That some of us are free to decolonize our curricula exists in parallel with the freedom to continue to exclude Black and Indigenous thought and scholarship.“(Julie Cupples)

Thanks Julie, now do Israel.

We are tired of what Lucas Van Milders refers to as “the empty rhetoric of diversity” which only serves to further entrench racism and coloniality.

I wrote this piece over multiple days. Having come back to it at this point, it’s starting to seem ridiculous again.

We are tired of externally facing publications that exoticize and folkloricize the university’s short supply of diversity whilst changing nothing to the violent white framed status quo.

What the fuck does “folkorize and exoticize,” even mean? Oh, by the way, here’s that Lucas Van Milders fag.

Lucas Van Milders

We are tired of dominant positionalities, of the recipients of unearned privileges playing the put-upon victim.

I am just amazed that there is quite literally not one single sentence in this entire run on paragraph that I can’t bitch about. Honey, you’re not Shakespeare, you can’t just make words up and have us all go along with it.

We are tired of hate masquerading as “academic freedom” and opposition to it springboarding the manufactured “free speech” crisis. We are tired also of the performative moral superiority of white liberals incapable and unwilling to question the hegemony of white Western knowledge and practices and how they are collectively the group beneficiaries of a system of racial domination. We are tired also of non-Black minoritized peoples with privileges of proximity to whiteness monetizing their experiences and oppressions as interchangeable with those of Black folx whilst retaining their possessive investments in whiteness.

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be mad at this, because you should. I’m just saying that right now I’m in a mood that finds this all quite hilarious.

Let us be clear:  As a non-Black person, to arrogate to oneself the right to use historical scripts and brutalizing imagery of anti-Black trauma, to double down on the exploitation of plurisecular Black death in order to evade interrogations of one’s own anti-Black racist investments, to so callously invest so horrific a trope in order to gain victimization points and inhabit the sanctified space of tokenized diversity in the arena of white validation, to have white benefactors applaud and encourage and greenlight this abjection so that they may feel good and righteous is perhaps the most, the only illustration necessary of the moral constitution of acquiescent members in corporatized white academia.

Good lord, what are we reading. That was all one single sentence and I feel like it’s doing a better job parodying itself than I ever could.

No magical essence unites aggrieved victims of white supremacy and not all aggrieved communities suffer in the same ways from the possessive investment in whiteness. As dictated under capitalism, when competition for scarce resources is at play, proximity to the upper echelons of the racial hierarchy will be leveraged. 

We’re not even halfway done this. I wanted to print it all out because oh my goodness is it ever long.

We are calling for MRU to take action NOW and to work, relentlessly, towards harm reduction and white divestment before it is, altogether, too late. We demand that the administration:

  1. Acknowledge HOW this institution, overtly and covertly, perpetuates anti-Blackness and benefits from the possessive investment in whiteness and what is planned to identify and address this.
  2. Clarify what percentage of its executive leadership and full-time faculty members are BIPOC, and what is planned in addressing and redressing the shortcomings.
  3. Commit to actively understanding, addressing, dismantling, and combatting systemic racism, discrimination, and intolerance within the institution by introducing ongoing mandatory anti-racism courses for ALL ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL, FACULTY MEMBERS, AND STUDENTS. 
  4. Create an effective initiative where students can safely report racism on campus and they are provided with adequate protection and resources going forward. Furthermore, we suggest that faculty members condemn racism in their course syllabus and inform students of relevant campus-based anti-racist resources.  

In this case the bold was all theirs. Also, I might as well take this moment to point out that they refuse to capitalize the W in White People, and yet repeatedly capitalize all the other letters in various races and ethnicities. I mean it’s explicitly anti-White and easy to call out, so there’s no reason not to do so.

DISCLAIMER: To ensure that the university can validate that students and faculty are outraged by anti-Black sentiment at this university and that affirmative action can be made please include your first and last name and affiliation in the comment section (Jane Doe, BA Sociology). Otherwise, the university will have no real way to “validate” whether students are from the university or the community.

We’ve finally hit the end of the screed. Pat yourself on the back, goy, you did it.

The comments are mostly short, many with typical spelling and punctuation errors. 

However, the first comment in that screencap is from Michael Hawley. His avatar is some antifa dipshit rioting, and he linked to his Mount Royal University profile.

This is the type of people who are teaching in our Universities. Never forget this when the Pierre Poilievre’s of the world start bloviating about “Woke Corporations.” You don’t hear a peep out of them about universities, since they can’t do the whole “oh but we’re actually (fake) libertarians, so we can’t do anything,” line. 

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