I haven’t written about the Manlet Cult in quite some time now. One of their fags, IP2 Zoomer, went scorched earth on them, but that didn’t amount to anything. Although nothing they do amounts to anything, it’s a non-movement for terminally online hyper-losers.

Well that and closeted homosexuals.

Or open homosexuals who brag about secretly recording pro-White activists and then selling this information to the feds and (((Roberta Kaplan))) for the explicit purpose of fucking over White activists.

It’s a serious movement for serious guys. Which makes it all the more perplexing that Gayden TwinkNeil, the tallest member of the manlet cult, has decided to put it all in his rearview mirror.

I wonder what must have caused this. Anyway, I’m sure there won’t be too much drama. After all these guys at the manlet cult are cool, calm, collected, and –

This appears to have caused quite the tizzy in the manlet community. I, as a sort of David Attenborough-esque observer can only study this from afar, not being under 5’7 myself, but the comments left by the cultists do not appear to be calm and harmonious.

Well that’s not quite true, some of the comments left by the cultists do appear to be on point.

What has happened to cause this division amongst manlets? Well sources say that, beyond Jaden realizing that he was perhaps a bit too tall to live the rest of his life as a no-pussy manlet cultist, Faggot Fuentes left this message in response to TwinkNeil’s public resignation.

I already see some rumours flying around – I asked for Jaden’s resignation last night because it just wasn’t a great fit, professionally. No Drama!

You hear that goys, Operation NO DRAMA has commenced. Let’s take a look at those comment numbers again.

Apparently Jaden responded to this message with a clarification.

Sorry, how many comments is that?

Then Fuentes, who was quoted as saying “that BITCH,” to the boywhore interns at his residence, responded with these messages on telegram.

First there’s a message showing TwinkNeil… resigning all of his own volition?

And then, out of order, he has these catty messages where he whines about people disrespectin’ the twinkcel tradhomo saviour of the brown race.

Hold on a second, let me print out that last comment again.

I don’t deserve this level of disrespect, and nobody deserves this silly drama.


No Nick, I’m pretty sure that you deserve to be disrespected as hard as possible, you nasty little loser.

Fuentes then had the delusional arrogance to telegram this picture out.

An image which MvAgusta on KiwiFarms touched up a bit.

I have to admit, I haven’t been following the Manlet Cult very closely for a while now. That’s because I’m not a complete and utter faggot, and even though they’re great and easy content, I want to do something with my life that’s more important than this garbage.

Having said that, there is still some small political gain to be had stomping on Nick’s face as he drowns. This is the absolute most narcissistic, catty, and backstabbing faggot in all the land whining about how he doesn’t have loyal friends. This is the guy who laughed at us, literally laughed, as we got censored from twitter and YouTube and, in his stereotypically whiny faggot voice did some variation of “serves them right for being bad optics.”

This is the faggot who popularized the term “wignat,” to mean any normal heighted man who doesn’t feel like obediently voting for Sheldon Adelson’s GOP. Well him and his fellow biological failure Andrew Anglin.


This is not the first time we’ve seen the cult members break off, nor is it the first time we’ve seen this pattern of behaviour from faggot Fuentes. First he starts whining publicly about said person, then, when they leave, he starts going on about how he never liked the guy at all. 

This gets less and less believable with each time it’s done. I mean, Casey had legitimate reasons to not want to go to TwinkPAC2, or whatever, but the guy was a retard, so you could argue that the tradhomo had something of a point. Even then, he publicly praised the guy constantly, so it was a bitchmove anyway. But then he did the exact same thing for Jake Lloyd. And now he’s doing the same thing for TwinkNeil.

At this point, the implosion of the Manlet Cult isn’t just a good thing in terms of potentially getting the tiny amount of high quality men left in that movement. It’s important so that we aren’t associated with these losers in any way shape or form. I mean, imagine trying to actually win elections while being tied to this weirdo. All of which makes the below ‘gram from “Based Black Guy” JON MILLER all the more hilarious.

America First, while it may seem like fun & games at times, is a serious political movement accompanied by the gravity and consequences that come w being an actual threat to the global establishment.

Oh yeah, and about being a threat to the global establishment…

The above was Juan’s twatter account before it got ovened. In it he admitted that he’s not on the no-fly list anymore.

Remember, back when he was on the No-Fly zone, that meant that everyone who wasn’t on the No-Fly zone was a fed or something. That Striker and Mike have been put on government watchlists years before doesn’t mean anything. But now that he can fly just fine I’m sure it simply means that he’s a good optics dissident who has a courageous legal strategy or some other retarded shit.

It’s just like how him not being censored from twatter and YouTube meant he was a great optics SerIOuS GuY, but now him being censored means he’s a serious guy who Globo Homo is just absolutely terrified of. There is no consistency in the manlet cult

Like I said, I can’t tell you the details of this e-drama, because LMFAO imagine caring? But if I had to guess, I’d say that Jaden McNeil saw the writing on the wall for the stillborn “Anal First,” “movement.” The disastrous Metokur debate, coupled with Kino Casino constantly felting the guys, which is apparently important for the e-drama whores, was the last straw. He realized that he has decades of his life left to live, and doesn’t want to waste it in the Manlet Cult.

Although all of this reminded me of how Gayden TwinkNeil got his start in the Manlet Cult back in 2019.

Information Liberation:

In a statement, Jaden McNeil, the former president of the KSU chapter of TPUSA listed several reasons why he was quitting, including what he called the group’s “fair weather conservatism,” their refusal to promote social conservative values, their tone-deaf views on immigration, and the group’s “culture of censorship.”

I’d forgotten about that. Jaden McNeil was a chapter leader of TPUSA, the “campus conservative,” organization run by Charlie Kirk. TwinkNeil stepped down from that, and chose Nicky over Charlie.

Imagine making a life decision that bad.

And how does he get repaid for this by Nick?

Don’t feel too bad for Jaden though, he just hitched his wagon to the wrong grift. There may have been some tiny amount of legitimacy in him at some point, but he I’m getting Michelle Malkin flashbacks. You know, the Philippino White Nationalist married to a jew who incorrectly viewed Nick as the next big thing, so she hitched her wagon to him.

Look, it’s a clownshow out there. But the dying screams of the Manlet Cult do sound so very delicious.


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