Toronto Sun:

Pierre Poilievre is a populist politician — there’s that demonizing word again — and, as a result, he scares the bejeebers out of the political elite.

Pierre Poilievre is a populist dynamo? Buddy, Nick Fuentes has a more realistic shot of becoming Emperor of the Universe than Canadians have getting a single populist policy out of this career politician faggot.

Also “scares the bejeebers out of the elite,” I mean come on. Who talks like that.

He’s actually got crowds coming out.

He’s a phenomenon.

The elite — all the progressives in the media, in the Liberal Party of Canada, in the mush of the NDP, in the anointed corporations — want the populace to believe that, without its oversight and care, the world of ordinary Canadians would go to hell in a handcart.

Conservative Try Not to be a Faggot Competition: Challenge Level Impossible.

BTW, here is Mark Bonokoski, the Toronto Sun Propagandist who wrote this puff piece. Here’s some other stuff he’s said.

Veterans Today:

This brings us to our point here. In an article which has just been published by the Toronto Sun, Mark Bonokoski declares that Ernst Zundel “deserved agony, but got none.”[5]

Ernst Zundel was a lampshadocaust fact checker. So of course this limp dicked faggot is demanding that the goy suffer. How dare he get Uppity towards gods chosen?

It’s why they demonize populists. Populists make it sound so simple. So simple to fix the housing crisis. So simple to fix the high cost of living. So simple to cut taxes and still provide services, so simple to defund the CBC, so simple to audit the federal bank, Poilievre’s latest salvo.

But it’s not so simple.

Nah, it’s pretty simple to do whatever you want. But the purpose of cuckservatives is to make absolute sure that you get nothing, by getting out in front of actual populism, and channeling it into Judas’s like Pierre Poilievre. 

Also, the privileged class, not the elites you fucking faggot, hate populism because it’s what the people actually want, and they are the enemy of the people. Populism means putting the heads of the people who lie us into wars on sticks. Populism means killing bankers. Populism means no more migrants. Populism means no child trannies. 

Our parasite class fears “populism,” because they are the enemies of the people. 

Politicians like Pierre Poilievre, 42, who has been nothing but a politician (elected to six terms of office), scares the elites because he knows how the system works. He knows his way around Parliament Hill better than a tour guide. He knows how to get a piece of legislation into law, having been taught as a cabinet minister by the Stephen Harper Conservative government.

I keep thinking this is some sort of parody, but no. They are literally going with the line now that Pierre Poilievre, the career politician who’s “bravely taking on the elites,” is legitimate precisely because he’s a careerist whore in the Cuckservative Party.

They are unironically doing the whole “here’s the career politician who’s bravely fighting against the elites,” bit. I mean that’s their actual line.

This makes him formidable.

He’s got the experience. Other contenders for the Conservative leadership don’t. Leslyn Lewis doesn’t.

Jean Charest does, but Jean Charest is really a Liberal progressive elite in the clothes of a Conservative.

Do I even need to provide commentary on this garbage. This guy is literally writing this in the Toronto Sun. I mean, if the Toronto Sun is shilling you, you are automatically not an actual populist.

But then again, Poilievre himself said in his announcement speech,

And when people speak up the (((powerful))) clamp down. They silence and slander anyone who dares dissent. Including with laws censoring what you see and say online.

If you missed it, don’t worry, he’s still got this speech pinned on his twatter account. 

And in case you missed that, yes, he has a twitter account.

Oh and check this out.

Yes, the career politician who’s bravely fighting against the elites has an uncensored YouTube channel.

Contradictory Beliefs of the Pierre Poilievre Cult:

  1. When normal Canadians start speaking truth to power, they get censored.
  2. Career Politician Pierre Poilievre literally never being censored is totally fine. He’s definitely a legitimate political actor.

And about that twatter account.

Anyway, back to the puff piece.

He’s a Conservative for convenience.

The populist Poilievre isn’t.

Charest has all but signaled that the fix could be in when he stated that crowds being attracted by Poilievre didn’t matter. It was the sale of memberships — sell, sell, sell — and convention votes that matter.

This, they say, is “the way it works.”

As reader Don White put it in an email to me, “those in control have worked too hard to restore their rightful place at the top of the totem pole, gradually and patiently chipping away at our rights and freedoms, to let some populist upset their plans now.”

Don White may well be a great guy. That’s the point of Poilievre, to get out in front of whatever Don White wants, and make absolutely sure that Don White never actually gets that. Although there is one line that I’m going to take out of context that’s unintentionally hilarious.

Smart man, Don White. And to think all this content began with the premise of Pierre Poilievre being a populist.

Yes, the premise. The pretense. The con, of career politician Pierre Poilievre bravely fighting against the privileged class.

He’s got the elite’s number. And he’s the lower-taxes candidate.

I’m sorry, hold on a second. Let me go and look up another quote of Pierre’s.

Meanwhile a small (((financial elite))) with access to all that printed money buy up real estate and rent out to a growing class of permanent tenants. People who may never be able to afford a home.

Wow, nothing the (((financial elite))) fear more than low taxes, right faggot?

“Canada already has four parties — the New Democrats, Liberals, Greens and Bloc — clamoring for bigger and more powerful government,” Poilievre wrote in a recent op-ed. 

“The media believes Conservatives should become the fifth. It would not be without precedent. Past ‘conservative’ leaders have embraced higher taxes. How did that work out for them?”

Yeah, you said it Pierre. Get a load of these big government LeFTIsTs who hate freedom. Nothing like the conse-

Oh, well I mean it’s not like every single conservative, Pierre included, voted to label the Proud Boys a domestic terrorism organization.

Oh, they did? Well okay. I’m sure they’ll be real libertarians this time. Until, you know, their donors just like, don’t want them to be. Then they’ll be whatever again. But until that time Pierre Poilievre is pounding the table for freedom.

Till next time.

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