In my previous post on this subject, I went over what a complete and utter joke the Canadian Military is. For $22 Billion per year, you don’t even get a functional infantry. That money simply goes into the ether, never to be seen again.

Notice all the anechoic tiles falling off.

Well not quite, some of it goes into the crucially important White Fragility training.

This was funded by your taxes through the military.

But at the end of that piece I showed some pictures of the RCMP. Here, take another look at them.

This is all from the Trucker Protest in Ottawa from February of this past year.

Yes, that’s the RCMP. They didn’t call in the military. And no, they didn’t have to borrow any of the gear they’re wearing from the military, from the camoflage to the rifles.

It was news to me, quite the shock really, to see that the police were even allowed to carry around rifles, let alone already having them as standard. But as my ex-military buddy explained to me, they call them “patrol carbines,” and the conservatives let them have them, because of course they did.

Blue Line:

The RCMP has been quietly rolling out its new patrol carbine program, training instructors and preparing to issue the new kit to officers.

There was a lot of speculation about the rifle and its capabilities when the program was first announced in 2011, including thread after thread on the

We can finally –

It’s rare to see an article this sloppily written, but Blue Line just accidentally didn’t finish the sentence here. Nevertheless, they’ve given us the information that we need. This program was started in 2011, under the Conservative Party of Canada. Remember that when these faggots pretend to be libertarians in order to not give you the policy you deserve.

We can finally offer some much needed information about the new patrol carbine – it is real, and it is spectacular.

I believe them when they say that. To quote from that conversation again.

Him: The average police officer is 1000x more capable. And better funded. I’m pretty sure Victoria Police Service or their RCMP branch is better funded than their reserve regiments, which if I remember correctly, are almost NES (non-effective strength)

When I was in, the cops would sometimes drop in to train with us, and they had way better gats. Like their rifles were actually designed to do work. Ours were the outcome of some procurement schemes.

Me: Since when did the police get rifles anyway?

Him: They have PaTrOL CaRbiNeS….. Almost all of them have a Colt Canada C8, tuned up, in their vehicle.

Me: Patrol Cabines? Are you kidding me? Like we’re supposed to believe they’re just out there doing clean sweeps of the woods or something? 

Amazing how these faggots are the biggest gun control activists out there but they’ve got this going on.

Him: Look it up, bro. It will fucking make you puke

Here is the C8 rifle.

In the above picture it’s being held by a Canadian Special Operations Regiment soldier, or at least that’s what’s claimed by the uploader of the image. Someone who knows what the patch on his shoulder or markings on his helmet mean could probably confirm. 

The LE Patrol Rifle featured in our cover story on Colt Canada is similar to the one the RCMP chose. It is a semi-auto, 15.7-inch-barreled version of the Colt Canada LE Patrol IUR, complete with the solid one-piece, integrated upper receiver and full-floating, cold hammer forged barrel.

Rumour has it that it will be equipped with the combat-proven Aimpoint red dot sight, Troy folding backup sights, Vickers combat sling, quick detachable light and the same silky smooth, two-stage trigger upgrade used by many US special forces.

And according to Military Today:

The C8 can be seen as a compact version of the C7 for the troops that do not need a full-size assault rifle, such as vehicle drivers, artillery crews, airborne troops and special operation units. The C8 carbine was adopted in 1994. Currently it is used by the Canadian armed forces.

You can add Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the list of operators. I included the above just to make sure that everyone understands that this isn’t some sort of subsonic rubber bullet shooter. This is an infantry weapon, and in fact, the police version has an even longer barrel.

C8CT (Custom Tactical) is a designated marksman version of the C8 carbine. It seems that is was primarily developed for a law enforcement use as a sniper spotter weapon. It is a more accurate weapon than the baseline C8. It is fitted with a 410 mm (16″) barrel, match trigger, weightier stock, small removable bipod, accessory rail for designators under the foregrip, different pistol grip, and has some other differences. It is usually used with sound suppressor.

The typical barrel length is 368mm. They lengthened it by about two inches for the blue antifa, so it could be even better at killing people, at the expense of being more unwieldy to cart around. I’m going to repeat that because I think it’s important. The RCMP deliberately demanded a custom version of this military rifle that was more of a pain in the ass to cart around, but had a higher muzzle velocity so it was better at killing Canadians.

Back to the Blue Line article.

The RCMP didn’t just step up to the plate with this rifle; it knocked it out of the park.

They certainly went all in with your taxdollars didn’t they? Man, they certainly will spare no expense when it’s you paying. It may have cost a lot of your money, but that’s a sacrifice that they are willing to make.

But it’s not even the rifles themselves, as my colleague pointed out. Let’s take another look at those pictures.

Him: Couple images loading for you.

Each officer is wearing a uniform that cost roughly 800 CAD.

Their plate carrier is either a TYR or LOF Defence…. And was anywhere from 700 to 1,200….. Each appear to have special laser aiming devices for use with Night Vision. So we can guess that they have at least 28K on their guns and on their heads.

They’re also likely running some kind of ceramic armour plate, which would be anywhere from 800 per plate to 4k

Twenty eight thousand dollars for these cunts. Twenty eight thousand for all of the gear that they’re wearing. Twenty eight thousand dollars for the gun control activists in blue. Or in this case, the gun control activists in brown desert camo to be used in an urban environment.

Him: Coyote brown paint…..
On a police rifle…. used in an urban environment.
Very larpy, if you ask me.
Well no doubt. The RCMP is a military. They’re probably the world’s shittiest military, and if these LARPy faggots started actually dying in some sort of civil war their morale would be immediately shot. But just because they’re a shitty military, does not mean that they aren’t a real one.

It’s sort of like how Antifa is a terrorist organization. They’re the world’s shittiest and most laughable terrorist organization, filled to the brim with social rejects.But just because entry into that terrorist organization requires a couple extra chromosomes, a meth addiction, and schizophrenia doesn’t disqualify it as a terrorist organization.

But my question to the audience is, did you know that the police are allowed to have infantry rifles in their cars as they go out and about in the world? And not just allowed, encouraged to have these expensive rifles, along with other expensive infantry gear? Did you know that?

Keep all this in mind when you see this political police force acting politically. They are a military unto themselves. And also keep this in mind whenever you hear some “leftist,” LARPing like they’re fighting against the cops. They’ll never mention these gun control activists in blue being better armed than our infantry, because the point of the Jagmeet Singh’s of the world is to get out in front of normal people’s natural hatred for the Blue Antifa, and turn it super anti-White and perverted. Or, at the very least, make absolutely damn sure that it goes nowhere.

All “attacks,” on the police from the donor-left are simply good optics racial attacks on White People. They’re fine with the police. They love the police. And they love that they are a military unto themselves, with PaTRoL CArBinEs in their cars that have been modified to be better at killing the peasants, even at the expense of being harder to carry around.

They love that, they’re big fans. Which is also why, when some uppity truckers went to the capitol, these people were going full bootstomping on them and whining that the police aren’t doing enough to oppress them.

And also keep this in mind when some conservative shill like Pierre Poilievre starts bloviating about “making Canada the freest country in the world,” or whatever trite garbage his owners make him say. His owners want a militarized police armed to the teeth, and you to be completely disarmed so that you’re helpless against them and easily oppressed. 

Which is why you can’t find any anti-gun control policies on his website. But you can find him LARPing like he’s going to do something to Iran.

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