I have a habit of making these pieces far too long. So I’m going to make this intro fairly brief. And boy, it’s been a long time since our last episode on the BreadTube fags.

I’ve been getting requests to talk about “Beau of the Fifth Column.” He’s some breadtube fag, who LARPs as a Southern man despite not being from the South. He also brags about doing “Deradicalization work.” That’s when these anti-White pedos pretend that they’re getting emails from neon-natzees left, right, and center, who are leaving their KKK-Enjoying compounds in the Ohio wilderness and coming back to the Gay Disco.

Beau of the Fifth Column, real name Justin Eric King.

For his introduction, I found this poorly written piece on some site I’ve never heard of.

The Key Fact:

Thinking of politics and its activities gives me a shiver. My brother has an interest in politics. So he was showing me a guy named beau and his channel, the fifth column.

Sorry, hold on. Let’s take one more look at that again.

Thinking of politics and its activities gives me a shiver.

I have no idea who wrote this or why, just so you know. It’s just a thing that I found on the internet.

I know everyone is intrigued to know about the person. The man who bravely speaks so upfront about the political issues. Maybe some don’t even dare to talk about it. Either scared of criminal offense or the scrutinizing glare of society.

Uh, the guy is an antifa online. He’s a coddled and obedient servant of the (((privileged class))). And that’s just a regular antifa. This guy in particular was literally the front goy for what appears to be a jew mafia op, as we’ll find out in the next installment. 

Well, the actual name of beau is Justin King. He is a journalist, activist, and anarchist.

So he’s an antifa. That means boy hungry anti-White pedophile, for those curious. I get a little bit annoyed when people refer to these people as “anarchists.” Their favourite thing to do is to report normal people for violating the terms of service of trillion dollar multinational conglomerates like Google.

God I love Stonetoss

He is known to work for many digital magazines, but currently, he is working from his platform that goes by “beau of the fifth column” basically his YouTube channel.

And of course, immediately after informing us that he’s an “anarchist,” we see him signaling his obedience to decabillion pharmaceutical multinationals as well as the entire corporate-state complex. Hold on a minute, I think there’s a StoneToss for this.

God that guy’s fantastic.

How many of you know the meaning behind this word? Or the history behind it? How about I give you a little inside about it. This way, we may understand why beau chooses this particular word as the name of his platform or YouTube channel.

A fifth column is a group that destroys any larger group from the inside. They usually work as a favor for the enemy group or nation. The originality of this word came from Spain and during the early time of the Spanish Civil War. And throughout the years, it has gained more popularity in different wars and forms.

I’ve heard people say that he’s a jew LARPing as a White Southern man. That would entirely fit with his name choice of “Beau of the Fifth Column.” It would also fit with his employers for the human trafficking that he was convicted for around 2007. If anyone has any knowledge of that, let me know here or on Poast.

According to the sources, in 2007, he and three (((Russian))) conspirators were arrested by the Federal authorities. The charges against them were he brought young Eastern European girls in Florida illegally to work as a maid in the local resorts.

Due to that, he was imprisoned for 41 months in prison.

Man I have to stop it there. This writing is really killing me. We are aware that he was imprisoned in prison, that’s where the imprisoning usually happens.

Other than that, he and his fellow pals were asked to pay a fee worth $1million in assets. However, it is said that during his time in jail, he reformed and changed his view about jurisdiction and immigration. It’s good to know that he is back on track and hopefully sticks to it.

Don’t worry, we’ll be getting balls deep into his human trafficking case. It’s absurd what an evil little cunt this faggot is. How utterly evil and malicious he is, and not just in some random way.

Like, I could kind of see one of these antifa creeps raping a dog or something really fucked up and disgusting like that. Or of course, a small boy. Or maybe they do some petty crimes. 

Instead, this brave fake anti-Capitalist “deradicalizer,” who brags about “turning people away from violence,” trafficked thousands of college aged girls from Romania, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, into the US with promises of fake jobs. Then he made them live in houses shared with ten other people, forced them to work overtime without pay, paid them less than minimum wage, and kept them in line with threats of physical violence.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but these are the types of people (((Google))) promotes. And these are the types of people that Breadtube idolizes.

Justin has been arrested for illegal immigration and is also not a fan of government authorization. It is complicated to believe that he has some connection with the military. As much as bizarre it sounds, let’s see what we can find out.

It is said that he was born in Japan at Yokosuka. His father was a soldier and his mother a hipster. But later, his family was deported back to the USA.

He also has done business with the military as their contractor of some sort. I guess this explains his military background or connections. Still not believable if you ask me honestly. 

Beau of the Fifth Column, also known as Justin King, is not exactly a believable character. He’s got some highly suspicious military background that’s never really explained, and seems extremely LARPy. 

Having done some work on the guy, I can see why people kept asking me to write a few pieces on him. The guy has the most annoying fake folksy drawl in the way he speaks, and he combines that with an utterly repellent psuedo-tough guy act. Then he tops it off with his “muh deradicalization,” schtick. 

Couple all that with his generally ludicrous behaviour and his cult-like audience and you’ve got something truly special. Funny, and evil.

The rest coming soon.

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  1. TRS mocks this idiot all the time. As it should be.

    1. Can you give me show notes, because people keep saying this but I’m not going to hunt through so many hours of content with no lead.

  2. I think I stumbled upon this guy’s channel randomly several years ago and at the time he described himself as a libertarian rather than anarchist.

  3. This is my second comment on the post – but I was thinking about how seriously creepy and subversive this cretin is. I’ll bet he is a zhid; trafficking young Eastern European into (((Florida))) with promises of jobs, and then enslaving them. That’s what the kikes do in Israel.

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