There were many of us here that were inspired by the Ghost of Kiev, and his compatriot, the Shadow of Mariupol. We cried when he slaughtered those civilians in Bucha, and cheered when he saved the entire orphanage of Brazilian Mulattos in Mariupol. Recently we heard the tragic news, straight from the Ukraine ministry of Truth, that he passed away after racking up 40 confirmed kills.

We’re as sad about it as you are. Unfortunately Putin’s henchmen appear to have infiltrated the Ukraine Ministry Of Never Telling Lies And Being Completely Honest and are now spreading disinformation about Caspar the Friendly Fighter Pilot.

On the left we see truthtelling. On the right, we see Putin’s disinformation. 

New York Post:

The “Ghost of Kyiv” is a myth, Ukrainian officials admitted over the weekend.

Absolutely ridiculous. The Ghost of Kiev is real and if anything his killcount is downplayed.

“The ghost of Kyiv is a superhero-legend, whose character was created by Ukrainians!” Ukraine’s Air Force Command wrote on Facebook.

I can’t even continue doing the bit anymore. Imagine believing something as retarded as this?

Imagine thinking that Ukraine, which actually had their jet fighters destroyed on the ground on day 1 of the war, secretly had this one guy who downed six Russian jets. And then he continued on to down 34 more.

Pictured: Actual Ukrainian Mig-29

Look, you don’t need to have any sort of military knowledge to understand how ridiculous this is, especially with them putting out video game footage of the supposed air to air kills. But I can’t help but ask, do these retarded redditors not even think about this for one single second?

Like, what airbases were these Mig-29’s staged from? Getting a jet fighter up in the air requires tens of thousands of pounds of fuel per hour, so did he do this all in one flight? Was he the only one flying? If there were other guys, did they not get any kills? Was this close in gunfighting, or were they using missiles? If the latter, how did they confirm these kills?

But really, is there any evidence that there has been any air to air combat in this war at all? I’m not sure that there has. I’m not sure there have been six aircraft shot down by fighters in this entire war, let alone forty. 

Above is two former fighter pilots trying to stay monetized while pointing out how laughably absurd this was right from the very get go. But they also make a point I’ve been making for a while, which is that even if I supported Zelensky, I’d still hate this retarded propaganda aimed at adult-children like the people who use Reddit. 

We live in a specific reality. Understanding how wars are going is kind of the point of a real news organization. But we don’t have real news organizations, we have the WMD Liars, and they just lie and lie and lie constantly about absolutely everything, to the point where trying to even read between the lines and figure out maybe what’s kind of going on is a Herculean task of little reward.

At least incredibly stupid propaganda like this serves to discredit the WMD Liars just that little bit more, because it is so dumb that it’s actually funny. I mean it’s either that or Bad Man Putin’s henchmen really did infiltrate Zelensky’s Ministry of Truth and are disseminating disinformation. I’m sure there are still some redditors that think that.

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